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What if in Equestria Discord wasn't just some practical Jokester, but a sinister monster that spreads misery and chaos throughout the land?

What if when Discord was defeated, through a last act of chaotic defiance, released a spell to slowly destroy their world?

What if they came to our world?

But not at its technological marvel as it is today, but at an age of chivalry, religion, and War?

Chapters going through editing
Prologue: edited
Chapter 1: edited
Chapter 2-8: yet to be edited

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 119 )


Good story so far, we will wait here and see the rest.

From that response i think i watch a little too much sci-fi for the woop part. lol

ponies? in the medieval ages here on Earth? possibly war?
sign me the F:yay: up!

Personally I'm Incredibly surprised nobody thought of this in the beginning. but then.....you can be in on one condition
Protect Humanity!!!! :flutterrage:


The concept of war in the middle ages has been done to death, the thing is the fact that it's in the time of the crusades in OUR world, which is the main point of entry.

This is good. Very good. I love the idea of this so far. OMG are there going to be crusader ponys? if so we must protectect the empire of man.

The pony's wont be the ones crusading.. because why do you think i posted the pictures of Templar's. :pinkiecrazy:

nhhhhhhhh This makes me want to go play crusader kings 2.

Why, Drawdex, attempting to gain notoriety through your editing skills?:duck:

And you left me to wallows in the waste of my stories!:raritydespair:

Also, good read. I want more!:twilightoops:

IF you meant longer Drawdex and i are trying to lengthen it to the point it is worth the wait and also it gives only enough to be wanting more but i will give hints of what might happen next... personally i am sad luna is dead :raritydespair:

This chapter was a b$%ch,:fluttershbad: but a very nice one.:yay:

Joy to read! Found it very filling on the mind and love how it flows

Yeah but it is well written enough plus real interaction between humans and equestria :pinkiehappy:

Very impressive. Love the Templars reactions.

"The she witch has been speaking our tongue!"
"Our lord speak madness!"
"Kill every-"
"Shut the hell up! God damn fools!"


I did no such thing!

But you don't deny being a witch demon? BURN THE WITCH! *BLAM!* KILL THE DAEMON! *BLAM!* PURGE THE UNCLEAN! *BLAM!*

Trust me if the Templars had their way their wouldn't be an equestria anymore.

to fandom this

Fathom, not fandom.

diamond dogs, minotaur’s


you’re can’t be serious?”

You, not you're.

What did you find now, Keen Sight another turtle falling off a rock

What did you find now, Keen Sight? Another turtle falling off a rock?

think we can trick them, minotaur’s aren’t the sharpest blade in the arsenal.”

minotaurs (why do you keep putting the possessive form on the minotaurs?)

“WHERE did you get all those bits Stone Wall?”

"WHERE did you get all those bits, Stone Wall?"

When you finish a sentence with someone's name, you have to separate the sentence and the name with a comma, or weird sentence structuring can happen.

There are a few other minor errors here and there. I don't mean to be mean, but your editor is terrible at this.


Nope, not really. I saw those a while ago. We always forget to fix it because we end up talking about the making of the next chapter. And we start writing. And then the day ends and it's never fixed.

And fixing the 'Minotaur's' error would be like placing, Human's with capital every time the species is mentioned.

PPS. Drawdex if you post any 'Soon' posts your leave will be cancelled!


Worth it.


Totally worth it.

Everything good so far, really liked the changelings, but I'm still waiting for some byzantines.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

I did not turned this to Equestria daily and i doubt that they would accept something like this.
Trust me :applejackunsure:

Oooo... Crusades get to go after the big dog now.

So Discord was an intricate part of Equestria?

Similar to what I was shooting for in a way.

Nice chap man

This is around 1204-1205(we are still deciding) ad, and thus is after the sack of Constantinople by the crusaders and they want their revenge.
PS they had an alliance with the Muslims in the past and were attacked by Muslims they called 'allies', they can't trust anyone, they want revenge on all who wronged them.

no problem it was my fault for forgetting to put that up, I'll do so next chapter with a small scene summarizing why the byzantine Empire is a whole and not small kingdoms killing each other. :pinkiesmile:

Well, this is what you get when bringing extremists to a diplomatic meeting.

I guess now it's time for the byzantines to either save, or end the day. Being in isolation, the empire might see Equestria as a potential ally in their revenge, but then again, being an empire, they could also see them as a new place to expand, I guess we still need to see what will happen to the muslims to know how this will go.

Oh we had very big plans for the muslims.
Especially Asad if you remembered what happened to him:trollestia:

Lets hope the Byzantine Empire isn't antagonized here because ROME SHALL LAST FOREVER!

and also because that the Byzantine Empire is the underdog of history

but at an age of chivalry

I hope theres an anti gravity spell. :trollestia:
Warning: lower volume.

I couldn't help but think of that and laugh as hard as I could.

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