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Well I'm just a casual fan of mlp but I do enjoy the show. I like to write stories about pony and human/furry interactions.


Once upon a time over a thousand years ago, two sisters controlled the pony occupied kingdom of Equestria. To keep harmony throughout the land, the eldest was in charge of the daytime. Everyone morning, she would rise to the sky with the morning sun and shine her light amongst her subjects while her youngest sister rose with the evening moon. However, while the subjects praises and basked in the glory of the eldest sister, the younger sister’s night was left ignored and forgotten. Angered with jealously, she turned against her sister and attempted to dethrone her. Understanding that she needed an army, she looked to an interesting choice; the humans and anthros who had occupied Equestria. Because they lived far from the normal ponies and were considered social outcasts and were discriminated and shunned by the general populace, they agreed to fight for the youngest princess. There was a short, but great war between the two sisters and their armies and when the eldest won using the Elements of Harmony, she banished her sister to the moon and the humans and anthros were left to the mercy of the ponies. Their leaders tried to negotiate a peace, but the ponies would have none of it and they convinced the eldest that they should face the same punishment as the youngest princess. The eldest then exiled the humans and the anthros to a long forgotten continent on the other side of the word; the continent of Carthage. For a thousand years, the people of Carthage lived in complete misery and suffering as Carthage was ravaged by chaos and violence driven even further by a seemingly never ended succession of madman, kings, and tyrants. Little did the ponies know that banishing man and furry kind, they left humanity with a burning desire to vengeance and retribution. And little did they soon realize that Carthage would rise again….

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3702307 That was kinda of the point. Although, I largely modeled him after Scolar Visari from Killzone.

Hmmmm, you know I kind of like this so far:heart::rainbowkiss:. Please another update.:twilightsmile:

3702564 But the Carthage are the good guys right? I mean in the description it said thet ponys where massive jerks to them befour there banishment.

3703998 Yes and no. The point of the Equestrian wars story is that yeah, what the humans are doing is bad, but you understand why they are doing it. Kinda like the Helghast from Killzone.

3704482 War is always bad and there is no good or bad sides in it I know thet. I only asked becouse I don't whant the humans and antros to be the bad guys bringing the apocalypse on ponys becouse they are the evil overlords of hell.

3710647 Still thinking about that one. Although, Luna will display some sympathies with the Carthaginians.

3702976 Thank you. Although, don't expect any action until chapter three. That's when the Carthaginians launch their attack.

Hmm. This is getting interesting.

3712081 Your welcome. I'm a little bit confuse on what's going on.

3712142 Oh? What are you confused about? I'd love to hear what you have to say and how I can improve on it.

3712184 Well. Is Luna going to help the Carthage?

3712192 I'm still thinking about that idea. I do plan to make Luna's feelings towards the upcoming human/pony war conflicted.

Who the fuck is this guy, Hitler?

3712488 If you've ever played a Killzone game, you should know that the 'bad guys' are pretty much space Nazis. Since the coverart seemingly depicts something from the Killzone universe then the fact that this guy acts like Hitler is appropriate.

Ha humans need no help we did it fine on our own well do it again!

3712659 Actually, the cover art is of the Kerberos Panzer cops from the Kerberos series.

3712488 Actually I named him after Belgian politician and Waffen SS commander and Nazi collaborator Leon Degrelle.

3716980 Never played Killzone Liberation. I've only played Killzone's 1-3.

3716987 Was that Liberation? And nobody played Liberation.

3717010 Yep. that was killzone liberation.

3717010 And this is what the Kerberos soldiers look like. i76.servimg.com/u/f76/12/26/63/89/jin0ro10.jpg

It's a very good manga.

3717019 You should just give them the Sta-5x Irradiated petrusite cannon or the Arc Cannon as it's also called. It was truly amazing using that gun in Killzone 3.

3717037 Well this is a Dieselpunk setting so they only really have Cold War and WW2 weapons. But Degrelle's scientists are working on a few toys.

3717607 Humans should totally betray the Anthros or Furys just because us humans are far more superior and would make for an interesting twist and Drama!

Im just curious, and dont take this the wrong way, but why furries?

3722378 A combination of I am both a furry and a brony and I like the concept of humans and furries uniting together for a common goal.

3722855 Furrys deserve to burn...humans can stay of course :scootangel:

3724139 Why? By definition, the ponies in MLP FIM was technically "furry". Seriously, what's with all the furry hate?

3724256 Humans are superior. That is why. Seriously though good story, I hope to see another update soon.

Duno why people hate furries, despite the fact were on a site about fucking ponies but meh.

Besides furries are like humans mixed with various animals, so they're like half awesome or some shit...

3724646 I agree on this subject. I mean look at Disney they have furries that everyone loves, but when it comes to someone else furries they all of a sudden hate it. I mean that being a massive hypocrite and is stupid.

3725207 Even if your not a fan of furries you could easily just picture them as humans instead.

3728666 And you can't do that with non-Disney furries?

3728666 No, I am a fan of furries it just that when it come to Disney furies everyone loves them. I just don't get it at all. Someone else furries whether it be comics, movie, or cartoon receive lots of hate from the masses. It just doesn't make much sense.

3729140 Oh I'm terribly sorry! I'm so used to getting hate mail for being a furry that I misread your comment as anti-furry. I'm sorry.
Forgive me?

3729148 It's okay it happen!!! I just wanted to make sure that you now I wasn't sending any hate to your story. Anyway keep to coming, if they hate it let them. If they love it then let them. Just know that okay, it's your story and you can change it if you want. It's your power not theirs.:pinkiehappy:

3729148 Also yes I forgive you. No harmed done. :scootangel:

To put you in the mood for when the first shots of war begin listen to the command and conquer red alert series soundtrack to set the mood

3731148 And speaking of music, it was actually a Sabaton song that inspired me to write this.

This is by far better than I thought.
Only one tip:
Get rid of that Wall-Of-Text... This can ruin the mood of many people and this being in the first chapter can ruin your chances of having many followers.

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