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Well I'm just a casual fan of mlp but I do enjoy the show. I like to write stories about pony and human/furry interactions.


Inspired by the story "Applejack Calls Customer Service" by MythrilMoth.

Rarity is interrupted by her little sister who can't get her cable to start working. They try everything from turning the box off and on, and giving it a minute but nothing works.

Rarity must risk her time and sanity doing the only solution, calling the Cable Company customer service for help!

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Comments ( 6 )

Glad to see Comcast is branching out into new markets

Heh, customer service calls are the best. :heart:

Lot of grammatical mistakes and almost a direct carbon copy of MythrilMoth's story.

Basically, this was funny, and I liked it! :rainbowlaugh:

Good job! 8.4/10 from me!

I guess poor cable/internet services are an interdimensional constant just as humans in most worlds. There might be one or two worlds with good services, but most have bad ones.

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