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Well I'm just a casual fan of mlp but I do enjoy the show. I like to write stories about pony and human/furry interactions.


I've always been a fan of Applejack and she is one of my favorite ponies of the mane six. I always wanted to do a story around her and this idea has been going in my head for awhile now. this will be a small three part romance series I will be working on where AJ meets a human soldier who is alone and in need of help. So she agrees to let him stay but soon begins to become more than just friends with him.
Enjoy all you AJ fans.

Chapters (3)
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Comment posted by BogPill deleted Jan 4th, 2014

.........................I........like this:ajsmug:

3729022 Uh, a self insert love story? Uh no. the inspiration for this story came from the song The Traveling Soldier.
Besides, it's a just a romance story. Don't take it so seriously.

3729032 Thank you! Sadly, everyone else is just forming an opinion without reading it.

I couldn't really read it. You need whitespace between each paragraph or it turns into one massive wall of text.

I'll put it into my read later pile and read it once it's edited.

3729036 Im use too that....I kinda started out with no support....just an idea......KEEP YER CHIN UP...x3...

3729044 Okay thanks. I did edit it as best as I could.

3729062 I also think part of the reason is because I did come out as a furry and this one guy below me accused it of being a "self insert" love story. I've gotten quite some backlash just because furries play a role in one of my stories.

3729022 I'm for constructive criticism but comments like that are unacceptable!

3729079 ....Turn a flank to them ^~^

In my case as Lowell...a blank flank! FEAR MY ...rump xD

Sorry...Im a random fella

Let Granny Smith dun whack Ryan with her cane

3729074 your a brony and a furry.....FLUFFY BROHOOF :pinkiehappy:

3729149 Yep. I sometimes post my stories on furry sites but sadly they almost never get viewed. Probably because they are non pornographic.

3729134 Thanks. Glad to see some people can appreciate a simple love story.

3729154 hehe I know.....my stories mostly are romance...comady and adventure :heart:

Sorry, I had to post again upon reading it for the second time.

It is better, but there's still big chunks. It should be like this:

“Man today’s applebuck’s harvest sure was excellent!” Applejack exclaimed with excitement as she carried her saddle sacks full of her juicy sweet apples and bags of her Granny Smith’s famous home cooked apple pastries. The sacks were filled to the brim with bright shiny apples freshly bucked from the farm. Golden delicious, granny smith, red delicious, and many different types were shining and just waiting to be sold.

Applejack was heading to her stand in Ponyville’s market block, arriving a little early so she could set up shop early and get ready for the customers. She just happily trotted along the path whistling a little tune to herself and admiring the beautiful early morning sights

The two paragraphs are seperate because they have two seperate subjects. The first is describing the apples in the sacks and the second is about applejack travelling to set up shop.

Also there are multiple spelling errors throughout. I'd suggest at least using something like ms word to spell check. But if you don't want to, find an editor to check the work before publishing.

I'll upvote because I like the premise.

Good job there, man. Just a quick detail: remember AJ's accent.

3729349 Okay thanks. I try my best to proofread and edit but that's always been a weakspot of mine.

I haven't read a chapter yet, but I must say, this is the first time I've seen a description being made like this. You know what most would say, 'first impression counts'.

Give a bit more... "juicy" stuff, and I will bet it will attract more readers.

3732590 cause canes fricking hurt:applejackconfused:

why...i dun know old people are dangerous with those things

3733800 But Granny Smith and the sweetest elderly pony in Ponyville! She's only crazy around zap apple harvest season.

3735020 ..........im onto her ....old ponies are crafty :rainbowderp:

3737971 .......I KNEW SHE HAD A ROLE......in the case of the broken jar.....they called me crazy

3738482 .....now i can see why AJ liked looking into his eyes. O-O

Dude, I'm straight, and even I find that man attractive.

3747391 thank you. :twilightsmile:
in all honesty, i was just looking up random male models on google to help me get an idea of what Ryan looked like.

ONLY SOME DOUBTS:derpytongue2:


CELESTIA THE HATE (JUST CURIOUS)??:trixieshiftright:


OK GREETINGS:twilightsmile:

3762951 Well yeah that does happen. Just because two companies have good diplomatic relations doesn't mean the citizens themselves like each other.

Three words Ryan...... Stupid....Sexy...Applejack

quoted from Rainbow Dash I thinks >wx

3851583 I agreed with the comment below lime stupid sexy applejack

3851676 She's not stupid, she just has feelings for Ryan and has conflicting emotions about them.

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