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What started out as a fairly good night only got worse, for what seemed like simple toys turned out to be so much more. And now, there's miniature ponies on the loose, flying around and using magic.

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Seriously? We're going with Indian in the Cupbord? Sure, why not?

This guy's got some cool things, but I can't help but wonder why he's the only one without a real name...

oh? i wasn't expecting anything from you for awhile.... not complaining but don't want an author I like to burn out.
also, it says you have 2 blog posts but i see no blogs when I click on your blogs.:rainbowderp:

Thought it would make for an interesting story. Next chapter is already in the works, just something to help me write for the time being.

As for the name, I've seen odd names before, such as Seaman or Butternut, even Daffy and Macarina. So it's really not as odd as people make it out to be.

The blog posts were deleted since they weren't needed anymore, it was just about asking the people that read my stuff if they'd like that NSFW oneshot a while back, forget what the other one is about. Don't use them often since I can't think of any reason to use them for.

4224220 *shrugs* well so far I only got to read 3/4th of the story before work (on my 15 minute break atm) but so far I like it. I loved the Indian in the cupboard as a kid, so this looks to be awesome! I noticed a bit of odd sentence structure but, meh it's not very bad and makes some things more amusing so it doesn't bother me. I'll finish the chapter once I get home.

I like this. Good premise, well-thought out alternate reality, a great cliffhanger at the end of the first chapter, and as far as I can tell there were very few to no misspellings.

I am definitely keeping an eye on this one. Good work so far, Havard.

“…I have to use the bathroom.”


Hahahahahahahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

If this story follows the books, then all Anon needs is the key.

Now we wait for his friends to meet the ponies and wasnt one for themselves

Not to be mean but another well-established story already uses the tiny Fluttershy pic so if you really want to stand out you might want to find another picture. :P

I see. I just wanted to use something that wasn't an image of pony toys in a pile, which was very ugly.

I dunno, there's only one other story with that picture, and it isn't hugely popular or anything, so I'd say the cover image is fine. It's cute.

4338475 Ahh. That's fine. Just figured I'd let you know.

Equestian ponies seeing Earth ponies...should be fun

"Pinkie! What did... happened to you... why are you all WHAT IS IN YOUR MANE!" :raritydespair:

"Earth ponies really like apple slices!" :pinkiehappy:

"Oh for- somepony get a hose." :ajbemused:

'Smart' Science Experiment 1
Getting Pinkie Wings:
1. With fixed cupboard, turn Pinkie and Fluttershy back into toys.
2. Carefully remove wings from Fluttershy.
3. Superglue wings to Pinkie.
4. Turn both toys back into ponies.
5. Scramble to stop the bleeding! :raritydespair:

This is really cute. I can't wait to see where it goes from here. You get bonus points if they see ponies from earth that are pooping while running. :rainbowlaugh:


4338514 You're talking about the story where the guy finds the ponies, but keeps saying he's a jew which makes me think he is Mort Goldman every time.

5041407 I don't know that story but since I've posted last I've seen a couple other stories with this pic as well.

~I am not giving you a birthday fuck~

Best morning phrase EVER!!

'Rainbow Dash frowns at that. “Are you trying to say everything we know isn’t real and it’s all made up?” She lets out a huff, looking away at him. “I don’t believe that, I just can’t!”'
The Matrix. There is no spoon!

and it was never updated again.

4505663 I was actually thinking the same thing when Pinkie said, "YOU STOLE MY WINGS!" :fluttershyouch: :pinkiegasp:

6126314 Don't joke about that man--don't even joke! :twilightangry2:

compare the date to today.
is it a year?
even the slowest update within a year
if its not updated, its dead, no matter what the author says.
even the ones that really have something in the works and work on it every day.
How many people do you really think say "it will come out eventually guiz"

I stopped reading at 'Anon'.

Seriously, show a bit of effort and think of a goddamn name.

Since when is Rarity that magically powerfully. We know she has some of the best fine control amongst unicorns but raw magical power is Twilights schtick.

If this thing are toy sized than that bat is a good 10 times their sizes and 20 times their weight. That like
Rarity tossing a dragon around.

I hope Anon ends up with Sandra. She sounds awesome

I read this comment then thought of haunted Mansion with the singing heads going "where's the , where's the key, the beautiful key"

I don’t think we’re getting an update from a story that it’s last update was in 2014

Great story, well done, great pacing and a very unique concept idea.

Sadly its dead.

I give it a thumbs up anyway.

The Monk

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