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This is where volunteering for things gets you.

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Not sure if I want to read...

couldn't be worse than me picking up quibids.

That was interesting. Have the following:

1) A favourite.
2) A thumbs up.
3) One of these --> :moustache:

No matter how sorry you are, you aren't sorry enough. ;)

Reading this I was more disturbed about how nonchalant they were about basically creating and killing a new Twilight personality every so often than I was entertained by the scenario. Even if it was all just a dream in the end. :pinkiesad2:

nice story dude, you sir get big thumbs up.:pinkiehappy: by the way if i may ask, why are you sorry?:rainbowhuh:


All that for a joke, that;s awesome.

You should totally rent the cult classic A Boy and His Dog.

The movie is bad but the last line makes it all worth while.

Is it just me, or does twilight look better with a shorter mane? :rainbowhuh:

to sum up: Lolwut :derpyderp1:

Twi thninks she's dreaming about controlling a pegasus on earth, and the dreams are actually true.What the hell? is this some kind of offspring between discord and Pinkie pie :pinkiecrazy:

... wat? When and why did you write this?

And only Blueshift could possibly write a shipfic involving ships.

Lol. Beat you to it.

Why would Twilight volunteer for the marine, don't the royal equestrian navy have enough ponies already, as far as I know there is a draft on stallions (that is why the stallion/mare ratio is so low)

A new type of shipfic.


Damn it. So many stories, so little time.

... I'm not sure if I can describe my reaction to this fic, but for the most part it was a mixture of "What? :rainbowhuh:" and "LOL! :rainbowlaugh:"

French Foreign Legion, all the way!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

This made me wan't to watch Jarhead again. You should do other stories like this with Twilight. I'm liking the Idea of Cockney Twilight, or mafia Twilight.

Somehow, this makes me want to see PSTwi 3.


As a navy boy, I find this fucking hilarious

Sir this is brilliant., Ill have another!

As a member of the Army, I think you perfectly summed up off-duty jarheads:rainbowlaugh:
Sadly I can see this being continued.

1528384 Don't be. It was glorious. :heart:


"We're technically a part of the Navy and sometimes ride around on their ships, but truthfully we're the most badass fighting force in the world, we know it, we'll tell everyone who will listen, and skullfuck the ones who don't.” The others nodded in agreement, murmoring something that sounded like oorah."

As a former grunt with two pumps to my name, this made me CRY with laughter.

This... for some reason, while I want more of it, the fact that it stops is a good thing. :twilightblush:

1528384>>1529066 you say "That was interesting. Have the following:
1) A favourite.
2) A thumbs up.
3) One of these --> :moustache:"

I say That was interesting. Have the following:
1) A favourite.
2) A thumbs up.
3) Five of these --> :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

1529118 I love that fanfic, I was about to mention it untill I saw your coment

It's hard to say much about that story much more than "...what?"

I like how you played the situation completely straight as if there nothing out of the ordinary about a pony in the army. Got a good laugh out of me at the end.

And after she was a marine, she went to kill the demons.

"No, Twilight! You are the demons!" said Rarity.

And then Twilight was a zombie. :trollestia:

1529094 (note that I'm not trying to call you out; I just gotta bring this up every time someone references that movie)
For anyone who knows about that movie, but not the story it's based on or the opinions of it's author, here's his thoughts on that last line:

that moronic, hateful chauvinist last line, which I despise, and which I urge audiences to ignore, the line I could never get LQ Jones to delete, because when he tested the film at colleges, that line was the biggest applause-getter from all the frat boys and jocks and asshole college wimps

If anyone wants to read the rest of his argument (and don't mind spoilers), go to this page and do a search for the text "- Sunday, December 2 2001 11:57:57z".

While I disagree with Ellison that he made his point well (the story wasn't particularly well written), I would say that his point was worth making, and is worth defending. Even though almost everyone has completely forgotten the story, and most have forgotten the movie.


LOL that whole movie was chauvinistic, hateful, and moronic.

But sometimes that's okay.

Every character except the dog was a bad person, none of them dieing would have been either a bad or a good thing, just another thing.

But man, that dog was awesome. And in the end the boy chose the dog, someone who was funny, loyal, smart, kinda kind, and well, not quite pony quality as a friend but a damn lot closer than any other character I have really scene.

Also big props for knowing about that obscure pile of :yay:

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