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The divine voice calls out, "Come forth and reveal your true self", and so the puppet walks into the light. Strings burn into ash, finally he saw the true form of him and divine, one and the same.

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Project Name:???
[ ] Name the project.
[x] Create basic GUI.
[x] Release first alpha.
[x] Set down the frameworks.
[x] Finish coding event.
[x] Finish coding location.
[x] Finish coding player and items system.
[x] Finish coding skill.
[x] Finish coding map and random dungeon generation.
[x] Write more than 10 event.
[x] Get help from others.
[ ] Get more writers.
[ ] Write more than 100 event.
[x] Write more than 10 location.
[ ] Create 20 item.
[ ] Save and load system made.
[FAILED] Release second alpha that actually have some content.
[ ] Get fan art.
[ ] Release third alpha.
[ ] Get more than ten thousand download.
[ ] Slip a virus in the game
[ ] Take over the world.
[ ] Finish designing the whole SDK.
[ ] Write SDK.
[ ] Release SDK for eager fans that want to mod the game.


30 Minutes Writing Challenge · 11:05am Oct 29th, 2016

It seems like my writing's terrible, so I'm going to be trying to improve it a little. Looking back, the project seems too big for me, as my past writing skill wasn't good. But again, the current me isn't much better. So, I'll be trying to improve a little by setting time limit. For this time, I'll attempt writing something in under 30 minutes (proofreading included, but probably won't have time to do it...)

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Can you please tell me what you tried to comment on Shodowpony300's story? He deleted it before I could read it...

Thanks for the favorite

Thanks for the flattery, but I think we should stop hijacking the innocent OP's thread here ...

To your statement on my last thread...

Yes, yes it is.

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