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Relationships: For Jacob, it was something he thought coming to Equestria would have robbed him of. For Spitfire, it was something she thought her job would have robbed from her. Yet, after celebrating their third year anniversary of being together, they both come to a conclusion about what they want in life, and each other.


This was a commission by Doomgooey, which helped pay for gas. Thanks!

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Thanks for the com. Turned out wonderful.

WHEAT PENNY!!!:rainbowkiss:

Nice to see you're still writing stories. But your first one will always be the best of them all

Garbage premise. But bestiality isn't looked at with as much disgust as paedophilia, I guess.

1 the story is quite cheesy BUT good!:trollestia:

2 spitfire's lines sounds like it was rainbow dash was talking, not too spitfire like on the convo's there.:facehoof:

id give this a πŸ‘ though for cheesiness!:rainbowlaugh:

what a great moment. but that hyper link took me on a journey for about two hours about printing presses and processes used in china and the Renaissance.

To be fair, I do imagine Spitfire's personality is much like Rainbow's, only she's older and a bit more mature. Still childish though, can't ever take the kid out of someone.

Great fic... A nice short slice of life. I'm glad I gave it a try.


Yes you can. It's called birth. :V

Oh, I liked this story. A bit too much, in fact. Now I want to see them earlier in their relationship. Later in their relationship. I want more.

(And yes, I know there's a sequel. I'll read that tomorrow.)

So yeah. This was good. Good job, ROBCakeran53.

Upvote for the wheat penny, I'm an avid coin collector.

I read this a while back and neglected to comment! For shame!

Wonderful! Such pulpy believability! What a penny!

β€œPenny for your thoughts?”

Oh, I understand the picture of the penny now. Thank you for clearing that up at the very beginning. This story was adorable. I'm used to viewing Spitfire as a bit of a hardass, for lack of a better term. Seeing your depiction of her softer side was nice. Great job on this.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Author Interviewer

No time for desert! We're in the love jungle now! >:V

Also there's a "baren" in there which... I have no idea what that's supposed to be. :B

WHAT YEAR IS THAT PENNY?! :pinkiecrazy:

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