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This is a group that exists to collect works set in the continuity of Dead by Sunset, an EQG Crossover with the asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight, by Behaviour Interactive.

The timeline of the stories and sidestories is as follows:

  1. Dead By Sunset - The Main Story
  2. Adagio's Lament - Between Ch.12 & 13 of DBS.
  3. Sisterhood Sonata - Between Ch.13 & 14 of DBS.
  4. After Sunset - A few weeks after Exodus Night, progresses past the Epilogue.
  5. The Crazy Girl - A few months after Exodus Night, before DBS Epilogue.
  6. Please Don't See Me - After Exodus Night, Before the Epilogue.
  7. What I Want - A few months after the Epilogue of DBS.
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I’m really liking the expanded universe you are making around the Dead by Sunset story

np, welcome!

Okay I understand now. It was just so confusing considering that Wallflower's story just says after the events and crazy girl was a couple of months after that.

Hopefully once the sequels finally out (no rush) that'll explain a lot more better the time line. Appreciate you answering as always.

I actually establish when Wallie is taken in Dead by Midnight (in the 2nd-ish chapter I think?) It does happen after Crazy Girl though.

Hey I-A-M, I just realized something, shouldn't it be Please Don't See me before The Crazy Girl, since that story happens after the E.N. and crazy girl happen few months after it?

Apologies if I got it wrong, it has been a long time since I read the main story I'm not sure which is the proper way but part of me believes that it's don't see me first then crazy girl next.

All done

Awesome, can't wait to read the proper order! :twilightsmile:

That's a good question. I'll modify the description of the group to contain a timeline!

Hey I-A-M, I got a question for you. Now that you're setting up a DBS universe, in what order do I read the stories the follow the proper timeline?

I know most of them are just Side Stories but two of them take place before the main story, plus it's been so long since I read the main story I forgot how do you order goes, mind helping me out?

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