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Long time reader, newbie writer. Hoping you all like my work. Icon art is by the awesomely amazing Foxenawolf over on FA.

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    While searching for information on his family, a young Griffon named Noah Bluecrest comes into possession of a mysterious medallion that hurls him onto the front lines of a war between light and dark. A war the wold had never known, until now.
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Chapter 5 is Up! · 3:09am Nov 28th, 2019

Title really says it all doesn't it.

I know it took a bit longer then I anticipated but let's just say there were a few things going down while I was writing that that made me focus more on RL issues for a while.

Now last time I made a promise not to keep you guys waiting. As assholeish as it might seem I won't do that again. That put me into a rush and time frame that I was not sure I was able to complete. No fault of you all, it was totally mine.

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Thought I recognised that artwork and name.

Comment posted by Thwaitesy deleted Dec 21st, 2015

My, this is a very familiar name! :moustache:

Thanks for the follow my friend! :scootangel:

You are very welcome ^_^

Thanks for the watch!!

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