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This story is a sequel to The Dresden Fillies: False Masks

It's been a while since the girls have seen their good friend Harry Dresden. Discord escaped, Luna attended her first Nightmare Night, the Royal Wedding was crashed by hordes of changelings, and Pinkie Pie threw a statistically improbable number of parties. They tried inviting Dresden, but between his new job and new apprentice, he always claimed to be too busy. The solution was obvious; if he couldn't come to his friends, they needed to go visit him. Besides, they say Earth is lovely this time of year. What could go wrong?

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And so it begins....

Let the hijinks and good times roll! :D


Welp, looks like good ol' Chicago is going down.

I'm curious. Where in the series timeline is this story set. Is it after (spoiler redacted) or when he (spoiler redacted).
In other news, I just finished Skin Game and I'm eager to get a new fix of snarky wizard. I can't wait.

Whether those other girls had always been weird or if college had just encouraged them to ‘go wild’, this one looked to be the group’s voice of reason.

Booyah. A.J. has entered the building :ajsmug:

“Right. Our car. Because we definitely have one of those, like normal humans.”

Looks like Harry has some time before ponies mess up his life again :rainbowlaugh:

...unless Little Miss Overpowered teleports them, that is :trixieshiftright:

5208832 Between books 8-9

Also yeah! New Dresden files hahahahahahahhahahaha

Hold on to your butts, humanity. The Mane 6 (and Spike) is on a roadtrip!

Ha! I knew it! I was certain this would be the next step, I was HOPE so much for it, and it is! Ah ha!

Great prologue! Really, so much! Can't wait for more.

Ohhh I am so excited, this sounds like it's going to be the best thing ever. of all time

And as I said you have no idea how much better my night is after reading even this much. Thank you, psychic :twilightsmile:

Halloween starts off with a bang!

Of course Pinkie would be the one to bankrupt the claw machine...

All of the yes. I had hoped the next would be set on Earth, and it's just as entertaining as I imagined, so far.

You made Rarity asian? Interesting choice, actually that'd be kinda hot.:raritywink: I'm so looking forward to more of this. I'm curious though, in the last story, didn't Celestia tell him to stay out of Equestria? You know cause of the hand thing. Why would they be inviting him to things if he isn't allowed to return? Or did he fix the hand thing? I'm also curious as to whether he ever warned them about Obsidian.

Interesting choice with the nationalities.

Kinda disappointing Luna wasn't in the party, what with them being pen pals and how and cover art Twilight still needs her hat, but ah well.

And I can see the meeting now...

Twilight: Hi Harry, it's us!

While Harry is torn between going "huh", or screaming in terror at all the trouble the five of them could cause and jumping into whatever part of the Nevernever his house opens up to escape it, his dog walks up to Fluttershy

Fluttershy: Oh hi Mouse, you grew up fast, huh?

Mouse: Woof.

Fluttershy: So what's Harry been up to?

Mouse: Woof Woof.

Fluttershy: Really? Vampires?

Mouse: Woof Woof Woof.

Fluttershy: Oh! Sparkling vampires.

Harry blinks and turns to Mouse. "You can talk?"

and of course once Bob hears the news...

Bob: Harry you monster! You said the girls were here, the naked pony girls. These aren't ponies, and they're NOT NAKED, you lied to me Harry!

But a nice start nonetheless, and I'm glad your back on with the Dresden fillies. While your other works were okay, alternate universe stuff just doesn't bring the same emotional attachment that the 'real' mane 6 do, and it makes it so much harder to get interested in the story.

This takes place before White Night (book 9), so Dresden still has the coin but if I remember correctly his relationship with Lasciel has changed.
Won't go further into that in case I spoil the story for those that have not read Dresden Files.

Hopefully if he bothers to bring a bunch of guns somewhere, he will bother to use them. :derpytongue2:


I would assume, while Celestia tells him to stay out, they didn't tell the rest of Harry's Equestrian friends that he was on the ban list.

So they can ask him, he can't tell them he can't because of Celestia, so he makes excuses.

I doubt Celestia would be the type to deny them pen pal status, or anything. She just doesn't want Harry inside her borders.


My brain lobes tremble with anticipation.

10 bucks on Molly accidentally catching Spike's 'attention', after all, Rarity or no Rarity, Molly is supposed to be one of the most attractive women in the series and he's a 13-14 year old boy.

This chapter is great. I enjoyed your interpretation of the girls as humans, particularly given how awkward they behave around Nancy. Your choice of nationalities was great, as I didn't expected an Asian Rarity (pun) or an African-American Dash, as it serves to give diversity to the group. Anyhow, thanks for finally publishing this story, as I think it's a great Halloween gift, and I hope the next chapter comes soon:pinkiehappy:.

Can't wait for several things: Rarity meeting Thomas, Applejack meeting Mac, Mouse and Fluttershy, Murphy and Twilight...
Though I have to ask: until now the Dresden Fillies could have taken place in conjunction with Dresden's canonical story, the fics taking place between books and only Harry knowing about Equestria. The gang meeting with Twilight and Co would change that I'd imagine, thus allowing the story to deviate from Dresden's canonical fate?

5208896 - Why bother telling them about Obsidian? He died a 'true' death at the point of a few knights of the cross. He ain't coming back this time.

5209068 Oh come on, Obsidian the Undying? Who says he died a true death, they might be wrong about that. And- HOLY CRAP IT'S YOU! IT'S OBSIDIAN! RUUUN!



Obsidian is extra special dead for good.

And Celestia's warning was not mentioned to the others.

Best MLP crossover series is back! My body is ready.

Somehow, I don't think Bob will have too many complaints beyond Harry not doing the needful (letting him use Mister to get 'closer'). Also, Bob was there for the previous story, so he's already been introduced.

Humanized black Rainbow Dash headcanon accepted.

Its back! And as insanely awesome as ever!
Rejoice world, for today is a good day.

Last book in the series just come out. Nice. I think you did a great job making the main six and Spike into humans. This is going to be great. I can't wait to read Harry's reaction to seeing them. I don't think he is going to believe it is them. Great job. Thanks for the new story.

Since Rainbow's clothing wasn't described, I'm imagining her in a blue hoodie with either jogging shorts or workout sweatpants.

I'm so excited for this story, I can't even begin to describe it! I've been waiting for this, and I'm so glad that psychicscubadiver finally let it drop. I'm hoping that he gives us the first couple chapters after this prologue soon, because I can't wait to see Harry's reaction. Or the inevitable shitstorm that will ensue when Molly and Murphy find out about this.

She was rosy-cheeked and built like a Bavarian barmaid.

So, a typical Pinkie Pie cosplayer?

I wonder where they got the clothes...

*sharpens poking stick*

I wonder if this might lead to any formal relationships between the ponies and other supernatural powers now that some of the others might become aware of them.

I have one complaint. Twilight's magic had the same effect on human technology that Dresden and other humans do. Unfortunately... this is in flagrant disregard to Dresden canon. Non-humans, even Fey, which are pretty damn close to humans, don't affect technology when they practice it unless they mean too. Twilight's abilities shouldn't be causing localized disruptions unless she actively seeks to hex or something.

Unless she turned herself into a proper human sorceress?


Well, Equestrian magic seems to have a few exceptions to the usual rules, like the Second ( transmogrification)

Oh my dearest telepathic aqualung user, you are a marvel. The naivety, the innocence, the presumptuousness, it's superb. I have a premonition of what will happen when the women in harry's life meet the mares in his life...

(Note: watch from 0:38, I still can't work out how to link to a certain time on this site)

This is one of those times where I hate myself for only wanting to read completed stories... here we wait again ._.

Well don't forget that she currently has to cast her magic in a different way than usual - it's like the way that when Harry was transformed into a unicorn, he gained the special telekinesis all unicorns have. Plus it's not clear what sort of spell Twilight cast. It could turn out that Twilight's magic is drastically less disruptive than human mages, except when she's casting fairly powerful spells.

Doesn't Twilight and pinky know Dresden's House? in the first oneshot when Pinky visit Desdren out of no where, wasn't it Tiwlight and Rainbow who apppear in his doorstep looking for her? I wonder what happend to them if they don't know, you must explain that, otherwise I'm glad this little series is goning on, I've been waiting for this since the las fic :D.

I damn near had a panic attack thinking I'd missed a Dresden release somehow. Besides, Skin Game isn't even the last book.

This is going to be fuuuuun, and I loved your description of the girls. Given Twilight's bit of a crush on Harry, it makes a lot of sense that her human form would be somewhat modeled after his own, being tall and thin. As was mentioned by others, the racial diversity is pretty cool. I've seen Twilight and Rarity depicted as black or dark-skinned in humanized art, but almost never Rainbow Dash. And I definitely approve of curvy Pinkie. Heheh... bouncy... The 'bavarian barmaid' description made me picture her as being built like Greta Gravity from Spinnerette

Aren't the one shots non canon? I'm pretty sure they are "what if?" stories.

5209297 I was talking about this fanfic. You should have known that.

...Fanfic != book. Fanfic is fanfic. Further, I tend to assume people don't state the obvious (we're here, thus this story must obviously be out).

I take no responsibility for this misunderstanding.

5209308 O.O , OH Fuck, I confused the fics, I though this was a sequel of My little Denarians, in the description it's mentioned a new apprentice of Harry, I though it was sunset shimmer, she was made apprentice of Harry in a one-shot of the fic I mentioned, but anyway, now I can focus more in this one now that have the perspective, it will be an interesting fic :D.

5209343 Fine.

I apologize, I could have done better in saying this fanfic series, not the Desden Files series. Anyway what did you think of the human mane six and Spike? I like the changes. It was interesting to think Rarity has being Asian while AppleJack as being Hispanic. I think that was a nice touch on the authors part. The problem is now if the wizard counsel finds them, all seven of them are in violation of the transformation law. Also how long do you think Twilight and the gang have before they change back into their original forms?

I had no idea that there was another Dresden Files crossover fanfic out there. That explains why I did not find a reference to what you were talking about in the Extra Stuff (was pretty confused).
Don't think I could follow two stories that share the same crossover. And Sunset Shimmer as Harry's apprentice? Yeah, I can see that. Molly has got the makings of a high school turns-into-a-she-demon villain.

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