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This story is a sequel to My Little Denarians

A year has passed since Harry Dresden, wizard-for-hire and Winter Knight, rescued Equestria and the Elements of Harmony from the clutch of the Denarians. Why wouldn't he jump at the chance to return to Equestria to visit his (very) colorful friends in a totally peaceful and uneventful vacation?

Because he's Harry Dresden, and life rarely lets things go so smoothly for him, when it's not killing him to death. And when things go wrong this time, Harry finds himself in a realm far, far more terrifying than Arctis Tor, Discord's realm, or the Outside:

High school.

Follow-up to "My Little Denarians."

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Oh, Harry, it's been too long since you've graced our screens.

Yeah, might as well face it. I’m doomed.

Truer words were never spoken. Welcome back to the world of suffering for our amusement.

Awesome story! It put a smile on my face time and again. Every scene had something that made it super entertaining, and it was a joy to help edit for.

This story felt very Side Stories-ish in a good way. Nice to see every Dresden story isn't an epic end of the world scenario.

So I haven't read any Dresden before this...

Please excuse me while I re-evaluate my life.

2849077 Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.

You're missing out, especially if you like snark and urban fantasy.

A few of the early installments are somewhat iffy, though not horrible. I usually recommend starting with the first or the third book.


To the bookstore, awaaaaaaaaaaay!!


I just looked up the books.

Sweet Celestia, there is quite a lot. Which one is the first? :twilightoops:

Well, at least I'll have good reading material this Summer.

Harry Dresden is an interesting character. For all his snarks, I get the impression he's the resident butt monkey in the main series, right?

In any case, was definitely interesting working on a story that crosses over with another I've never read and know very little about.

I should probably also give your other story a read...


Ooo, thank you very much! :pinkiehappy:

I shrugged. “I guess in a pinch, gunfire makes an acceptable substitute for the magic of friendship.”

Best. Moral. Ever.

Ok I haven't seen EqG yet but I really do like Harry's approach to getting the crown back over Twiligth's, but that wouldn't give them a movie length plot line. Very well done

2849229 couldn't agree more



Sunset shot a decidedly malicious smile my way, then said a few choice words to Rainbow Dash. The pegasus’ jaw dropped. “He did WHAT?!”
Yeah, might as well face it. I’m doomed.

I fear non even Harry´s powers as Winter Knight would save his jimmies to be put out of commision by RD.
And he cannot even outrun her.

P.E: Little metaphysical question: how many ponies in Equestria have a soul , besides the Mare Six and Derpy? Will Sunset get a soul, as part of the perks of being Harry´s pupil?

A sequel to My Little Denarians, written by Chengar Qordath? As Rainbow Dash would say: OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!

I cannot wait (well, technically, I have to) for the next chapter. I love the writing style, I love how well you've pulled off the personality of Dresden, and I love where you're going with this story.



Where exactly are you planning on taking this? How will Sunset Shimmer react to returning to an Equestria where Discord no longer has an eternal hard-on? How often can we expect these lovely, lovely chapters?

Leaving me with no answers.
Not cool, Cheng. Not cool.

You know you've read something great when you're sad to see it end.

Bravo once again.

Now I just needed to come up with a way to either discourage her from participating without pushing things hard enough to make her get mad and stubborn about participating.

or what? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

2849678 Considering he said that it dragged Equestria through the Outer Gates entirely I get the impression that once the others got back to Equestria proper and settled in, it started to spread. Probably all of them have souls now, with the possible exception of the Alicorns who might be like Fae or gods.

Oh hey, Chengar, if Equestria isn't an Outer Plane anymore, what is it? A detour off the NeverNever?

Honestly, I was going to avoid ever watching the Equestria girls movie. Not because it would be bad or anything, but because I don't give the real show any more stock than any fanfiction, and I wouldn't read a fanfiction with that description.

However, with this existing, I have to consider it.

On the other hand/hoof/thing. I might just read this anyway, and not worry about spoilers.


Very much so, yes.

I'm convinced that when the author is writing a new Dresden book, the question he asks himself when he needs ideas is "Okay, how can I make Harry's life worse?"

Well, that is a commonly done thing with many authors. "Think of the worse possible thing you could do to your character, and do it."
The only difference between normal drama and a butt monkey is that the latter, we find it funny.

More Dresden from Chengar? You sir, have made the Internet 20% better!

Harry Dresden, the very definition of a Badass Wizard.

Yes! :pinkiehappy: What a great way to start off Harry's misadventures again. I hope you get more time to do this because I love the way you characterize Harry and the stories you make with him. Also I like that you gave Sunny the apprentice role, and with the way she acted in the last few lines got my hopes up for her. All and all, this was just some awesome work. :rainbowdetermined2:

Also nice job with the pacing in the story. Glad to see you can do all of this in one chapter.

For fucks sake, Dresden. You've dimension hopped more than Rashid and yet you still kiss Human RD. Did you learn NOTHING?!

Now Pony RD is going to be giving you the evil eye, you're going to be having bad dreams about both of them doing...stuff and we are going to be in ICU with ribs broken from laughing!

God damnit Dresden!

I'm not even going to start on you taking Sunset Shimmer on as apprentice! Are you trying to create your own damn harem of young magical girls? For crying out loud you're almost an anime protagonist!

Seriously though, love it Chengar. More please!


I would say that using a gun to not only stop a villain mid-monologue but to also threaten them should they not immediately surrender cheating if it weren't for the fact that I would do the same thing.


But, considering most of Harry´s work (leaving aside his role as Winter Knight) is in the human world, how can Sunny go with him? Don´t forget the Second Law.

Hmm... considering that Sombra was the closest thing Equestria ever had to an actual warlock, I'd expect Harry to take him a bit more seriously.

I wonder - now that Equestria is a nevernever realm, does it still adhere to the script? Were the changelings their own villains or have they been created by the authors of the story?

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I gave Sunny the most innocent grin I could manage while I had a smoking gun in my hands. “Did I break your concentration? I didn’t mean to do that. Please, continue. I believe you were working your way up to telling us how once you had the Element of Magic, you would finally be able to take over Equestria?”

This needs a sequel. Badly.

Well we already know now that Equestria has become connected to the Harry's realm. So the only thing to determine now is if the powers at be in Harry's realm will allow trans-dimensional passage between the two planes. And knowing Dresden's lucky streak, it's as possible as an elephant riding a unicycle.

As for the Laws of Magic, he already broke the 7th law and got away with it in this timeline. So was is it to him if one more rule gets bent a bit. Hell for all we know, the mirror could have rubbed some magical juju residue on Sunset, and whenever she enters a human dominate world she too becomes human. So technically in that prospect, Harry wouldn't get in trouble. But then again, the universe seems to enjoy putting Harry in as much danger as possible. Hope that clears up any speculation you had.

2854155 Actually, the Mane 6 were using their abilities on Earth in My Little Denarians, so there's some connection.
Maybe the Power of Imagination? Very heady and dangerous stuff, imagination. You write about snarky wizards and colorful ponies, if you're not careful, and make everyone around you suspicious that you're really Jim Butcher, or something... :facehoof: :raritycry: :fluttershbad:


I´m doubting between him and psychicscubadiver (Dresden Fillies) :trixieshiftleft:

You know, if you were to write a sequel involving Harry training Sunset Shimmer, I'd read it. I read the books where Harry did that with Molly. Hope SS likes cold showers.

I would probably sh:pinkiegasp:t myself in (somewhat pleased) surprise should Jim Butcher ever take the time to write pony fan fiction.


Maybe Mr. Chengar wants to wait to season 4 before sending Dresden to save Equestria again.
Besides, he needs time to shape Sunset into a badass apprendice. Someone who pisses him/herself because a guy with a gun don´t survive too long in the Dresdenverse.

As always really entertaining stuff, even if I haven't seen, and probably never will see Equestria Girls. Harry's attraction to Rainbow Dash came out of left field, and the payoff was hilarious.

SS's apprenticeship to Harry at the end seems a little forced to me, but it does make for a really nice sequel hook. I hope we do get a sequel story after season 4, there's just too much potential for it. Can't you hear the words calling to you? There whispering Write us, Write us!:pinkiehappy:

2858172 Yeah, he's the other one. That's why we're all so suspicious. The writing's that good.

2849169 storm front we got two real book and most of the audio books best books in the world
Dresden: i hate my life

2856768 maybe jim is a brony and he's the author of the story:pinkiegasp:

2863392That would be truly epic. Keep an eye out for any pony references in any new Dresden books.

2863859 alright matey ? waves a hook

Something I just noticed...
In the cover, it displays a teenage Dresden with his mother's amulet.
Didn't he give that to his daughter, or am I missing something here (again)?

I haven't seen EqG, but I love how you just immediately short-circuit the entire plot (as I understand it) through Harry deciding to just cut straight to the heart of everything.

That’s fine though, it just means you’re my kinda stupid.” She grinned at again.

"Harry swore on his power that whoever this 'again' person was, he wouldn't get between himself and his true love Rainbow Dash"

Dammit, why did I have to have a thing for spunky tomboys with a devil-may-care attitude back when I was a teenager?

Yeah, Harry. 'When you were a teenager'. Keep telling yourself that.

“It’s not the end of the world, though.

You'd think in his line of work, this would be the equivalent of "What could possibly go wrong?"

I really wasn’t in the mood to listen to a bunch of evil gloating, so I decided to cut right to the chase. I pulled my .44 and put a bullet in the ground between Sunset Shimmer’s feet.

The eight year olds that stumble into this particular showing are getting the Best. Show. Ever

I kinda kissed Rainbow Dash.

Harry Dresden: Selfless protector of the multiverse.

Then she kicked me in the balls. Hard.

Well, that followed the usual 'Harry Dresden and a woman' romance arc much more quickly than usual.

I shrugged. “I guess in a pinch, gunfire makes an acceptable substitute for the magic of friendship.”
Twilight frowned at me. “That doesn’t sound like a very good lesson.”

You're right, Twilight. It sounds like a great lesson.

“I am sure I can come to a reasonable agreement with the Queen of Winter to prevent any unwelcome involvement on her part.

This scene NEEDS to happen.

Good setup for future stories, I do hope you come back to this 'verse again, it's always a blast.

Also, I fully expect that back on Earth, Sunset Shimmer turns out to be a ridiculously hot, fully adult woman. Just to make things a little more confusing for our resident wizard.

Wheel of Morality turn turn turn. Tell us the Lesson we should learn.

In a pinch, gunfire makes an acceptable substitute for the magic of friendship.

It has so much wisdom.

Sir and/or madame you have made my day. My only complaint is that Harry didn't meet the rest of the humanized mane six and be awkward around them too. Other than that good job!

The lord of Chaos, Discord

2870107 Also Pinkies reaction to this knowledge of RD kissary.

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