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"Gold for the merchant, silver for the maid / Copper for the craftsman, cunning in his trade / 'Good', laughed the Baron, sitting in his hall / But iron - cold iron - shall be the master of them all."


Collected here are the various omakes, bonus chapters and any other extra content from the Dresden Fillies series.

All of the following are non-canon to the Dresden Fillies series, except 'Ditzy Dream' and 'Obsidian Journeys' which are companion pieces to 'The Dresden Fillies: False Masks'. All stories containing spoilers will include a disclaimer.

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so sad, very touching, much feels, wow.

The Mostly Silent Inter-planar Order Of Macs... This is truly glorious.

I have a vision of Mouse doing the doge thing now.

3847801 such cider, much flavor, very yum?

Now all they need is for a McLeod to walk into the tavern and order some cider.

hehehehehe, they're a pair those two :twilightsmile:


These were all great. Bob is such an epic troll and the double-Mac scene makes it almost seem like one of the characters may have been inspired by the other. It is probably coincidence, but the similarities are rather amusing.

How does Mac manage to get all the way across the planes to Mac's bar.

Don't answer I already know how. With the power of alcohol! With the power of alcohol anything is possible.

Im wonderng just how rapidly the Way evils are evolving round there, given if they are dumb enough to attack Mac, they dont propagate the dumbness.

Wouldnt Dresden recognise things, from Mouse behaviour, flavour of drink, Way resonance?

Im glad theres non alcoholic cider. Realities far too broken for me already. :pinkiecrazy:

3847853 If they are, I'm willing to say Apple-Mac is based off of Beer-Mac, 'cause Beer-Mac came first.


3848026 Yeah, that was what I was thinking as well, although it seems like a bit of an odd direction for things to travel all things considered.


I've said as much before, and I'll say it again: Bob is the greatest character in the history of the universe. :pinkiehappy:

The feels strike deep man.

Can't believe I, having read False Masks with such enjoyment, that I never considered how perfect the interaction between, well, two Macs would be. Awesome.

I bet she made him cite his sources during a research session.

I have to think Rarity would be extremely miffed at Twilight for interrupting, if it hadn't been Bob playing a prank. 'The best sex I've ever had' means it's not her first rodeo, to put it mildly, so it's her business who she lets in her business.

If it is the only sex she'd ever had, it would still be the best sex she'd ever had. And also the worst, but Rarity would hardly say that.

I love his (RL) origin story.

>Jim, talking with Debbie (writing teacher) about maybe designing a character whose fundamental function was to have conversations with Harry about the nature of magic
>Debbie: "Sounds fine, but whatever you do, don't create some kind of talking head."
> Jim: :trollestia:


That was my hands going crazy over what to actually type, psychic. Why?! WHY!? WHY ARE THESE BOTH ENTERTAINING AS HELL, AND YET ALSO FIT PERFECTLY INTO CANON?! WHY?!


>Debbie: "Sounds fine, but whatever you do, don't create some kind of talking head."

Jim: Challenge accepted.

fucking feelings! now i want her to show up in the story!

Nothing here seems off. I am both confused and filled with glee.

3849081 Somehow I believe that "Origin of Bob" story completely it seems like something Jim would do.

Big Mac stepped out of the Way onto the fresh green grass of Sweet Apple Acres. He paused for a moment to wipe the ichor stains and flecks of exoskeleton off his hooves.

Those poor eldritch abominations... surely he could have gone just a tad easier on them?

Oh, please. They've been having a grand ol' time each year, waking up from their nap to wrestle. After all, exoskeletons grow back. For them, at least.

The occasional interloper that ruins the fun every couple of years, though, they don't get the friendly beatdown. They get the angry beatdown.


Hey now, Twi, if Rares wants to bang Dresden that's her decision :P

Very rude to interrupt what you thought was going on.

Mac, and Big Mac... I see what you did there xD. Greatest use of silent humor ever.

Bob, you are such a troll.:facehoof:

Is anyone going to comment on the giant pony and wizard pile cover art?

Nope, too adorable...
Just D'awww and move on.

Well hey, Twi's a young mare in love. It's only natural that she'd try to stop her future husband from being stolen. ^_^

...Are you entirely certain you aren't Jim Butcher?

Twilight, quit being a bitch: if Rarity and Pinkie want to get it on with Hotty Dresden that's their decision and Dresden shouldn't be treated like a scoundrel for it.


Ssssh. You'll ruin the magic and scare him off!


Also, Mac/Mac crossover was good crossover.

That... was freaking amazing.

Took me WAY to long to figure out what was going on though, was stuck in Pony mode, and had to shift to Dresden mode to get it. But, holy shit.. that was perfect and, yeah could actually see Mac doing that. Both of them.

Alcohol? Nope, Mac just bucks down the walls between dimensions and leaves the universe to fix the damage.

Like I said, that story has been sitting around in my computer for a long time. The moment I thought about how similar the two Macs were, I had to write it.

:raritydespair: T-that lecherous brute tries to convince Twilight that I would just immediately hop in bed with a stallion I fancied like a... a cheap broodmare, pardon my Fancy, and you would call him the greatest character in the history of the universe?!
:raritycry: Spike! Fetch me some ice cream and tell me I'm pretty!

Because reasons.

That would be a bit difficult as A) Harry doesn't know she exists until Book 12, and B) She's only about 2-3 years old at the time of False Masks. That said, I understand your feeling, bro.

You just did.

3848503 3850695 3853169
To be fair, doing it under Twi's roof while she right outside the door is kind of rude as well.:twilightangry2:



What was it that "He Who Walks Before" called Mac in Cold Days? Watcher, I think. And when questioned he just says "I'm Out". Maybe this is it, he is out and Big Mac is in.
As a matter of my own canon, I would like to imagine they all work in alcohol to one extent or another, and operate in a Masonic manner, their rank being determined by exactly how influential they are concerning alcohol. A big Mac for instance would be a part time supplier of weaker alcohol, whilst a large Mac would be a full time supplier and somewhere there is a Most Grand Worshipful Mac who runs the whole of Scotland and heads the order. Ah, to dream damn silly dreams, there is no better way to waste time....

Only if they actually knew she was there, though. Otherwise, it's Spike's home too - and it's not like Twilight's paying rent any more than he is.

:applecry::fluttercry::raritycry: THIS NEEDS TO BE CANON AND HAPPEN!!!!!!

3850917 Yes, and it is hilarious!!!!!!

This actually makes lots of sense to me... I can totally see it. I can also imagine some little girl being up early enough to spot Big Mac and running outside to hug him.

that STILL got me to tear up a bit:fluttercry:

Amusing but meh. Like eating a sachet of sugar instead of a few gumdrops.

Well you OFFERED the place to stay. I mean, yeah, they SHOULD be doing it HER place, where they're not intruding, but if it's "the best sex I've ever had" I think you can wait to tell them to wash the sheets themselves and do it at her place from now on until AFTER she's gotten it.

The thing I think is so weird here is that Twilight is so offended that her friends might enjoy a good fuck with a handsome unicorn stallion like Mr Dresden. It's as if she thinks he's doing something wrong by having sex with a mare, or maybe she means a mare that isn't TWILIGHT SPARKLE!

If you ask me, someone might need to be transferred to Jelly-School the next time they have an opening...

Glorious! I've been following this series on fanfiction.net for the most part, and seeing omakes for it over here brightened my day. A solid dose of assorted emotions in the first chapter, entirely-deserved Bob-torture in the second, and an appropriate meeting of Macs in the third were all cracking stuff to read.

3854183 :moustache:: *Fetches ice cream with Pinkie-like speed* You're beautiful.

The pure beauty of a child's dream.:heart:

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