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(A Firefly/MLP crossover.)

You can’t take the sky from me.

Those are ex-Sergeant Applejack’s thoughts when she buys a fyre-flye class transport ship. For those ponies who have lost the war that unified all worlds under one benevolent tyrant, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere else to go but up. With Applejack as captain, the scavenger crew of Sereinity travels the fringes of the ‘verse, “salvaging” and selling whatever they can.

Until recently, Sereinity was able to pass under the radar of the watchful Harmony Alliance. Now, though, a certain new passenger will make that impossible.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 70 )

You get a like on principle, and for making AJ Mal. I'll read it later.

Gah, this isn't fair. You go and combine two of my favourite things, and then I have to upvote and favourite.

Could someone tell me what exactly this is a crossover of, and whether I would understand it if I just read it now? :rainbowderp:

Derpy is best Kaylee. Nice work with this one. Faving to track.

This is a Ponified riff on Firefly. I don't have the benefit of reading it without that as a reference, but this work seems basically coherent even if you don't know the source material.

Hm... alright. Might read.

Firefly cross-over time, let's do this :rainbowdetermined2:!


I saw someone already answered your question--but while writing this fic, I tried to have a balance of explaining-things-for-those-who-haven't-seen-Firefly and not hitting those who have (or haven't, for that matter) over the head with information. Firefly itself does a good job of that, I think, and reveals a lot of things over time. SO, hopefully it won't be too undecipherable for a non-Browncoat! :pinkiehappy:

But... that doesn't mean I'm not going to recommend you watch Firefly. As I do to anyone, in person or online, whenever the topic comes up. :twilightsheepish:


It was between her and Fluttershy, and Fluttershy as Jayne (or half of him anyway) was just too good to give up.

Especially because Fluttershy looks the best in hats. :yay:

Applejack= Mal
Soarin= Zoe
Rainbow= Wash
Derpy= Kaylee
Big Mac= Jayne
Rarity= Inara
The doctor looks like Book but I'm not sure.
Twilight and Octavia are interesting, Octavia was worried about luggage and Twilight is Celestia's number one assistant.
Fluttershy seems like a wildcard in this whole situation.
All in all I'm very impressed with your story so far and I can't wait for more.

I've not actually ever watched Firefly, so I was very skeptical about liking this fic. But I gave it a shot, and it was actually surprisingly interesting. The main thing that didn't let me say "meh" was the writing style - it was well paced, there were no eye-gouging grammar errors, and the perspective shifts were well placed. Keep up the good work!

One question - did the first chapter introduce all of the main characters, or are You planning to add more? Namely the CMC or Pinkie Pie (the only mane six character, who didn't appear there)?


:yay: I'm so glad non-Browncoats can enjoy this, too! Thank you for your kind words. It's hard to convert two TV shows into a fic, since the writing in print vs. film is so different. I hope that I've captured the action- and dialogue-driven elements of MLP and Firefly without it being, well, just a script.

Anyway, rambling aside, hopefully the next chapter answers some of your questions! :pinkiecrazy: But I don't think it's too spoilery to say that other characters, the CMC for instance, will appear in the story, just not as main characters.

And I must admit, this is the best Firefly/MLP cross I've ever had the pleasure to read.


My question is about Twilight. Are you going to portray her the same way Shepperd Book was? That is to say an ambiguous past life or is she really just going to be what she claims, a graduate on her gap year?
And Also I'm confused, are Fluttershy and Big Mac both supposed to be Jayne?
Oh and are you planning on doing a RariJack subplot in the same vein as Inara and Mal?


I wish I could answer those questions (at least #1 and 3) without being spoilery. I will say that you'll find out the answers soon... hopefully. The first five or so chapters will be based on "Serenity" so after that there will be more of a focus on Twi and the other characters. None of them have the exact same backstories/origins as their Firefly counterparts, just kind of a synthesis of both Firefly and MLP. Twi's backstory will be more detailed eventually, as will (hopefully) everypony's.

As for #2 though, eeyup. :eeyup: They're both "halves" of Jayne... but admittedly very different from Mr. Cobb himself, haha.


Aww thank you! :yay: There are some really good ones out there (though admittedly not long enough at the moment for my appetite, which is actually why I wrote one myself), so that makes me feel special. :pinkiehappy:


Then I bet you don't plan on doing a Jayne'stown comparison? heh-heh. I loved Jayne, he was such a great character.
Anyway that's fine, if you think it'll give thing away then feel free not to tell me. I look forward to seeing how things pan out. Though I'm guessing now that you're planning on having Gilda as the mayor.

Pinkamena as River. Did this just get 200% more epic? I think it did. :pinkiehappy:


I'm liking this very much.

I was sure The Doctor would be Book, Twi would be the Fed, and Octy would have Vinyl in a box. :facehoof: Maybe I'll guess some of the upcoming characters right.

Well, none of the others I've read actually held my attention.
And it's easy for a story to hold my attention.

you've done one better, and held my interest, too.

I'll read it in a bit. Until then, enjoy the upvote!

(I don't normally vote before reading, but this seemed too good to pass up.)


I kept waiting for River, trying to figure her out. I should have just used process of elimination, shouldn't I've?

Inasmuch as I didn't, I was delighted at the reveal. This should be good.

This is sooo close to the episode, but yet different enough to sooo interesting!
I can't wait for more!

So when are the Reavers showing up?

I do hope Mac isn't considering Octy's offer (but I hope she survives to be reunited with Vinyl)

This is a very nice piece of work, and that is before you take into account that its a pro-browncoat piece, set in an (alternate?) pony future. Bravo.
Applejack is best Browncoat.
Derpy is best Engineer.
Big Mac is best Big Mac!

998097 I know right? Part of me wants him to, but part of me doesn't... I am so conflicted!

1003249 of course (of course they could equaly be Dimond Dogs)


Thanks! :yay: Not all the chapters will follow the episodes, but what better way to start than by following "Serenity?" I do have fun converting the episodes into pony versions. :pinkiehappy:


He's got such a poker face.

well, I can't see much reason in converting them directly, because you'd have to shoe-horn characters into roles they don't fit.
The way you are doing it is simply awesome.

And I loved the Doctor reference with the Blue Box, and the set-up for Ditzy and the Doctor was simply superb. I really can't wait for the next scene/chapter to come out!

I don't know; it might make more sense if the Reavers are Discordant ponies or something along those lines...

Love the Pinkie / Doctor relationship. Equally touching as the analogue in the core property, but in a subtly different way. Gotta echo the previous commenters, I love the balance you're striking between toeing the line of the Firefly canon and going off in your own direction.

Got a good view, Mac?

I have to wonder will this deviate from the Firefly canon?

Continues excellent. Yes, here's where a sniper would come in real handy...

Please, for the love of all things holy, let this deviate from Canon...Gilda gets shot, Octavia lives, and the 'Serenity' story arc never happens! Please?


No Serenity? But everypony wants to know why Pinkie's crazy!


1057595 But if the Serenity arc happens Rainbow Dash has to die! :raritydespair:


Yes, it will. The first few chapters follow roughly the story arc of Serenity (with some changes, of course), but the next arc doesn't really follow any episode. I guess I'm following some episodes closely, blending some episodes together and writing some stuff that isn't in any episode at all.

And I hope to get more into world building soon! Just don't want to reveal everything at once. :twilightsmile:

Is the good Doctor's first name Clyde, by any chance?

Very nice, an interesting take on one of my favorite episodes. I am still eager to see how it (this arc) ends! :pinkiesmile:


Well, I suppose he could be named after his dad... Clyde Jr. :derpytongue2: I haven't really found how to bridge the Firefly/Dr. Who/MLP references with him and his name and whatnot. But I'll probably make him more of a reference to Dr. Who and less, well, Time Lord-y.


Thank you! I'm more excited about the next arc since that's what I'm working on right now, but I guess the last chapter of this arc/end of the climax/all that is fun to edit too. It's gradually starting to become more and more different from Firefly which is always fun... getting more original and such. :yay:

well, if he's named Clyde, (even Clyde Junior) then they're Inky, Blinky, Pinkie, and Clyde, the names of the Ghosts from Ms. Pac-Man (Clyde is originally Sue in Pac-Man)

That's all I was getting at.


Yeah, I just know the fan names (and the ones I like haha) for the Pie parents are already Clyde and Sue so the Doctor would have to be Clyde Jr. Which is growing on me more and more. :pinkiehappy:

1181802 I'm no doctor, that's for core-pony eggheads, but methinks that you might have a case of Multiple-Personality Disorder going on there...?

Uhrora, I'm so happy to learn that Octavia didn't die! Does this mean we might see Lyra? :pinkiesmile:

Lyra, yet another of those weird Alien conspirator-types who think there's those 'human' things out in the 'verse somewhere. What a bunch of silly ponies.

Belatedly, yay! More Fyre-Flye! I'm liking Twilight's role in this, and I find myself idly wishing there were an analogue to this plot line in the core work (although I suppose Book [appropriately enough] is analogous to Twi here, depending on how you read some of the show's more ambiguous declarations.)

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