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This is my quest. To follow that star! No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.


This story is a sequel to Brightly Lit

It's been six weeks since Equestria came to the world and a desperate battle against a creature of myth and legend was fought. Six weeks of our world coming to terms with new knowledge, new insights, and new ways of thinking about our place in the universe.

It has also been six weeks of Twilight Sparkle being in charge of Equestria. Of sitting on the throne, of hearing things secondhoof while others get to explore a strange new world full of insights and information. A world teeming with books. So many books.

Turbulent times will engulf both worlds as they are enveloped by the storm of change that seeks to swamp them all in anarchy and chaos. And in a storm, all ships seek out the brightly lit beacon of a lighthouse. Of the Pharos.

Another story from, The Canary Files.

Chapters (14)
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Now why would you bring a helicopter into an airspace known to be frequented by nocturnal fliers? Better to float in from much further away and then use the chopper for rapid evac.

But what do I know, I'm just a grumpy old dragon.

Grumpy old dragons don't assume that tech is the only away to fly.


You know what they say, "assume makes an ass of you and me." Or, in this case, gets you arrested and makes you the centerpiece of a truly nasty international incident.

Well. Current politics does give you a lot of fuel for interesting events. You are spoiled for choice, really, when it comes to stupid moves some of the involved administrations might pull in a situation like this.

After the break: ‘What does an increasingly hostile United States mean for Canada?’”

As opposed to the usual?

The long days made for impressive growth in the flora and fauna of this region of the world. This was the happy time, when food was plentiful, the days warm, and the nights cool enough to give relief. Enough relief that some chose to be active at night rather than the day.

Much to Luna's delight, I imagine.

“In Latin, which is what that transformation spell of your sister’s is sort of translated into, is where we get the word ‘Terra’ from,” Ernie said, pausing a moment for dramatic effect. “It also has a word for our moon. And that word, is ‘Luna’.”

Lame pun is lame.

Looks great so far. Though, I want to add one thing.

"But," began Sergeant Smithers, "that wasn't me."

"Then wh—"

"IT WAS ME, DIO!" blasted a tsunami of light and sound, from a revealed dark blue winged unicorn not ten feet away from the soldiers.


Luna’s eyes blazed white and her voice deepened, “Tell this to those who sent you: Nothing that occurs beneath the moon or stars is hidden from mine eyes, for I am the Princess of the Night and its powers are mine to command. Dost thou understand?”

The moment you give the Princesses godlike powers including partial omniscience (day, night, dreams, etc..) all tension in this story is gone. The pony/Canadian side has a firm "I win" button in any conflict.


She's lying through her teeth, one of the town bats saw the chopper on the way in. But spinning a yarn about all-seeing haunts may help to ward off any more incursions by heavily-armed "tourists".

EEEEEEEEEE!!! So excited to see this story continuing again! I wonder what kind of adventures are scheduled this time. Can't wait for the next chapters!

AAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes! It has returned!

Alright who's been letting Luna watch anime? :rainbowlaugh:

I left the door unlocked by accident ok?

(Jk XD)

What a start to Brightly Lit 2! I can hardly wait to see where it goes next.

As Venerable said, Luna was straight up bluffing. Far better to make an opponent think they were discovered for one reason when in reality it was a completely different one.

I mean I would Lol


:rainbowlaugh:If you're going to keep being this funny, I'm going to have to stop reading this at work. The laughter makes it hard to pretend that I'm not working.:pinkiehappy:

“And I see nothing here but men with guns. Men who are trying to decide if they can take us down. Men who want me and mine in cages. Dead men.”

I am reminded of a scene from the Star Wars comic, Vader Down. When a hundred or so of the rebellion surround him, his response is, "All I am surrounded by is fear. And dead men."

“You might know me as ‘Polaris,’ but I’m also Martin McCrae, Canadian Rangers. By the authority placed in me by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, as well as the Province of British Columbia, and the Municipality of Brightly, I hereby place you under arrest.”

“On what charge?” Salem demanded, even as the rest of his team began to put the butts of their weapons on the ground.

“Well, we can start with multiple prohibited weapons offenses,” Polaris stated, smirking. “Unless you can produce the proper F.A.C.’s or transport documents. Then we will get into the infractions for illegal hunting, because this most definitely is not hunting season and even if it was, hunting isn’t allowed at night.”

“Oh,” was all Salem could say, crestfallen. “You sure we can’t just be on our way?”

Go get 'em, Captain Carrot!

“That is not the way,” Luna growled, sweeping her wing over Foxfire’s face and blocking the contact between pony and soldier. “Back to your place, Dark One. This is not the time for your power.”

I will protect what is mine,” hissed the voice that came out of Foxfire. “My host trusts you, and so I will abide. But mark me, Princess. Should she come to harm through your counsel, I will hold you responsible.

Now this is interesting. The idea that the darkness can be bargained with, can be reasoned with, raises all sorts of possibilities about its nature...

I thought ‘Canada’ was a much more dignified name.”
“It’s a translation of a much older word,” Ernie chimed in, a wide grin on his face

For those of you who don't know, the current consensus is that "Canada" broadly means "that village over there".

A very significant percentage of the province is former native land that has not been conquered, deeded, ceded, or given away through treaty, agreement or any other means.

Yeah. I looked into it a while back, and was surprised to find out just how much of Canada was explicitly considered to be its own independent territory when Canada was formed.

“Well, we can start with multiple prohibited weapons offenses,” Polaris stated, smirking. “Unless you can produce the proper F.A.C.’s or transport documents. Then we will get into the infractions for illegal hunting, because this most definitely is not hunting season and even if it was, hunting isn’t allowed at night.”

Well, those are all minor charges—compared to transporting said weapons across international borders. Also, being in Canada themselves without valid papers issued from the Canadian government is further fuel for that fire.

Glad to see this is going again so soon. Love your work, Penalt!

10061963 You seem to be a little confused there. What she claims out loud is not exactly what is. They admit later in the chapter that it was a bat pony that spotted the soldiers' bird, and not Luna's supposed night magic that saw them.


possession of prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition
95. (1) Subject to subsection (3), every person commits an offence who, in any place, possesses a loaded prohibited firearm or restricted firearm, or an unloaded prohibited firearm or restricted firearm together with readily accessible ammunition that is capable of being discharged in the firearm, unless the person is the holder of

(a) an authorization or a licence under which the person may possess the firearm in that place; and
(b) the registration certificate for the firearm.

(2) Every person who commits an offence under subsection (1)

(a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years and to a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of
(i) in the case of a first offence, three years, and
(ii) in the case of a second or subsequent offence, five years; or
(b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year.

R.S., 1985, c. C-46, s. 95; 1991, c. 28, s. 8, c. 40, ss. 9, 37; 1993, c. 25, s. 93; 1995, c. 39, s. 139; 2008, c. 6, s. 8.

Canada gets kinda picky about weapon offenses. Ever since the Ecole Polytechnique incident.

I don't mind the adult politics one bit, I love Earth/Equestrian politics in first contact stories, more of this please!

That said:

After the break: ‘What does an increasingly hostile United States mean for Canada?’”

That America is being a dumb-dumb and treating a known ally to the new aliens with increased hostility is only going to damage your own future relations with the new aliens? I'd figure the US government would be recommending its best negotiators to help settle this problematic deal. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar and all that. Black Ops teams to harm and/or capture those close to the new alien guests is like seeing the vinegar and going "wait! We can replace that with used motor oil!"

“On what charge?” Salem demanded, even as the rest of his team began to put the butts of their weapons on the ground.

“Well, we can start with multiple prohibited weapons offenses,” Polaris stated, smirking. “Unless you can produce the proper F.A.C.’s or transport documents. Then we will get into the infractions for illegal hunting, because this most definitely is not hunting season and even if it was, hunting isn’t allowed at night.”

Also, visas. I doubt black ops wanting to go in and out secretly would have taken the time to visit to visit the embassy and customs.

Customs officer: "Purpose of your visit?"

Salem: "Work. Finding and subduing local aliens. Get some blood, skin, fur, hoof scrapes, feathers, horn scrapes, whatever we can get to take home."

Customs officer: "..." *reaches for security button*

While true, Luna being able to walk, see and communicate through dreams is very real. It's something the show only rarely uses, since it tends to take out the Princesses before anyone else, but the ability to walk dreams would be a very powerful tool.


Well on the theme of politics, if we're using *current date* then the legislative branch of the American government would be furiously attempting to undermine the efforts of the executive branch. Because politics.

And on the subject of dreams, interestingly enough I believe special forces are trained to go for extended periods of time with no sleep whatsoever. Something of a speculative corner case, but a plausible blind spot.

But to the point of sabotaging American relationships for a long time? Oh who am I kidding, they absolutely would.

And the special forces themselves, I can believe to go without sleep for a while. The executive desk officers that made and signed the plans though?


Well there's 330-something million people living in America, so finding the right dude's dream would take quite some doing. What kind of range does she have on that dream-walking?

Completely unknown, so arguments for her range can go anywhere. At the very least her range stretches across Equestria, and we've seen her able to call on specific dreamers in short order, and recognize certain dreams as nightmares out of however many inhabitants Equestria has.


I suppose we'll just have to keep reading. I am quite looking forward to this, ever since Uncommon Ground finished up I've been missing a good geopolitics story.

10064593 Heh, weapons trafficking is another 3-10 years stacked on each of those. It's to be noted judges normally only shoot for the high end of that when the guns are also restricted ones (which carbines and such are). Oh, and then there's hunting in a nature reserve without permits and with restricted firearms.

But, ultimately, they will be released (likely without any but cursory incarceration) because politics.

Agreed! I've grown very fond of geopolitical MLP stories, and this one seems to be off to a fun start.


Yes, there is a range. And yes, it is a specific number. And yes, it is strictly due to the current location in space/time.

Now to see how much the issue of cutie marks can derail things.

Hmm, I wonder if this is going to be the memetic 'Champions of Discord himself' CMC, or the more competent CMC to cross the border. So far, with the way they're written I'm leaning towards the later, which is very interesting to consider.

The CmC on earth.... things can only get worse from there. Also...why doesn't Twilight just teleport things across? In fact why not just teleport themselves? It's pretty much just teleporting through a window after all. Silly ponies trying to fit physically through all these physical barriers and not using their heads xD

Oh, Twilight. Don't you know?

"Kick reason to the curb and surpass the impossible!"

“Okay Crusaders,” Twilight replied, enfolding her three new novel champions. “Go talk to your guardians. As soon as I can make that portal bigger, I’m sending you to Earth!”

Really getting that vibe it'll go down similar to how the CMC were in "Farmer Bruener Has Some Ponies" by Georg. Running off and getting into everything. They should never be near heavy machinery.

Any story with kids is improved by the addition of CMCs.

I'm sure everything will be fine and nothing can possibly go wrong! :pinkiecrazy:

Row row fight the power

As soon as I can recover enough from my work injury to write.

Luna, you do realize that there's no way on heaven or earth that he's going to be keeping that? I'd honestly be disappointed with him if he even entertained the idea. No ranger has any business making a private deal with a foreign leader.

I was so excited to see a chapter of this length. And then so frustrated at how soon I reached the end.

I'm fairly sure Captain Rios will make a full report to his superiors

im glad your feeling better

“No doctor wants to lose a patient,” Medevac stated firmly. “Death is our enemy, and we fight it with everything we have on behalf of every patient we ever meet.”

To paraphrase from Kingdoms of Amalur, "A doctor treats a patient hoping they never have to again".

“I’ve been ruling Equestria longer than your nation has existed, and in that time I’ve become a master of ‘soft’ diplomacy,” Celestia replied, still smiling serenely as she slowly released Medevac. “I can handle a simple press interview.”

“Sure, as long as the reporter lets you hug him,” Medevac shot back, her tone acerbic.

It's a process. To quote the comment I gave to the one who holds my reins, "My injury was basically the capstone on a pyramid of hurt I've been building for some time now." It's going to take awhile to tear down that pyramid.

In the future I have to remember that just because I am physically capable of a thing, it does not mean I should do the thing.

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