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Have you ever had a problem or something that you really need to talk about, but you can't bring yourself to go to your family or teachers or real life friends because you feel like they'll mock you because they'll see your big issue as a minor problem; because they'll tell you to just get over it because "it's all in your head"?

And you have to keep it pent up inside because of it?

Have you ever been stressed out and needed to rant about that one little thing that's bothering you so much, you have no idea why, you just need to get it off your chest?

Have you ever needed advice?

Have you ever just needed to talk to someone?

That's exactly what this group exists for.

Feel free to drop a forum thread to rant or ask for advice.

If you'd rather keep your feelings private, PM an admin, all of which are sworn to secrecy, and they will do everything they can to help you, whether you need advice about how to confront the girl in your French class who's been bullying you, or if you just need to rant about how annoying that one kid is.

We're here to help you.

The rules can be found here.

Skye Mist
Midnight Musashy

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I have found where I belong. :pinkiesad2:

409802 I know this is most likely a joke, but I'll reply in a serious manner anyway. Yes, you are allowed on here.

im i allowed on here? you know being a Trump supporter in all.

This seems like a really good idea for a group! I support :heart:

I'd like to request to be added as an admin, please

Request to be admin.

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