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The Opera Phantom Discord - Alexandrite Ward

Fluttershy's father is captured by the villianous Discord, Phantom of the Opera! Can she save him while being pursued by the handsome and charming Prince Blueblood?

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She had returned to him, the angel of his dreams. She beckoned him close, her arms outstretched, promising warmth in his darkness, and love in his loneliness. As he approached her, he noticed the golden gown that she wore, and her hair sparkled with golden jewels. He was transfixed, he could not deny either of them, and he went willingly into her arms, losing himself within her, moaning her name as her softness enveloped him…

Discord awoke from the dazzling dream then, gulping in air as if he had been underwater. His body was trembling and the air was cold. His skin was slick with perspiration, no doubt from his dream. He closed his eyes briefly, groaning as he once again came crashing back to reality. Gone was his angel…once more he was awake, once more he was alone…

Wait. Something was different.

There was an unusual weight upon his right arm…in fact he could not even move the arm! And something…something tickled his chin…

He looked down and saw several pink waves that appeared to be the source. How on earth did they…

A sleepy groan arose from the chamber and Discord knew it did not belong to him. His eyes went wide as he looked down at his side where his arm was outstretched. There, snuggled in the crook of his arm, her beautiful head pillowed against him, lay his angel, sleeping peacefully with a lovely smile.

Discord's face paled at the sight. He lay frozen as Fluttershy sleepily moaned again, shifting her body this time, moving in closer to him.

What was she doing here?

He felt his breath catch as he realized…the two of them were naked, her body curled into a ball beside his. Good God…had…had they…?

He remembered. It wasn't a dream…she was here, sleeping beside him, beautiful and naked. He didn't know if he should rejoice with happiness or run with dread. What had he done?

Fluttershy shivered and once again he felt the cold air hit his flesh. He gently lifted her head, gazing in wonder at her beautiful sleeping face, before carefully removing his arm. He then reached down and pulled a warm thick blanket over her body, watching as she buried her face into the pillow, drawing the blanket's warmth around her.

At least she will not freeze, he thought. He quickly rose from the bed, his eyes spying the remnants of their clothes on the floor. Instead, he reached for a black and gold dressing gown that he had strewn across the back of a chair in the corner of the room. He quickly put it on and retreated to his music chamber, stumbling as he went, his legs barely carrying him.

It had happened. The memories came crashing back like a great tidal wave. He remembered the ball, he remembered her arriving in a golden gown, and he remembered the two of them dancing. He also remembered being extremely annoyed with her arrival, and the two of them having a most passionate argument. However…the argument changed; somewhere in the middle of their shouting, they began to give in to their overriding desires. Somewhere in the midst of their argument…she confessed her feelings for him.

"She loves me…" he whispered, the word causing his voice to tremble. Was it possible? Could such a creature love…love him? HIM? "So many things happened last night," he groaned, collapsing upon the organ stool, his head falling into his paw and claw. He remembered running from her, retreating into the night and searching for something. He remembered with great disgust the prostitute he had found, thinking that she was the thing he was searching for, a moment's pleasure to take away his frustrations, to make him forget Fluttershy's blue eyes, Fluttershy's voice, Fluttershy's spirit! He needed to escape…

"But I couldn't do it…" he groaned softly, his head lifting to stare at a piece of parchment he had been writing notes upon for the last several days. "I'm doomed," he groaned. "I…I can't stop thinking about her, I can't stop dreaming about her…" his paw and claw braced himself against the organ, his eyes burning the parchment with his gaze.

Written at the top were the simple words "Fluttershy's Song".

"She has bewitched me," he whispered. "I will never want for another, but…but she's so beautiful! How...how...?" his voice growled, the beast within rising. "Damn her! Damn her eyes!" he growled, visions of passion-filled sapphires filling his head. "Damn her sweetness! Damn her beauty! Damn her angelic soul!" he growled loudly, pushing himself away from the organ and pacing like a crazed caged tiger across the chamber.

"It's impossible! She's so pure–well, was pure until I stole that from her!" he cursed. "She's so lovely…and I'm…I'm…" his gaze caught something in the corner of the chamber. Discord made it a habit to not keep mirrors; he despised them, there was no purpose for them whatsoever. But his reflection was caught in the glass case of an old clock that he had near the piano at the far side of his music chamber. Even though he wore a mask to conceal his horrific face it still reminded him of his marred flesh, of the murderous monster within. "AAAAAAAAAHHH!" he roared, filling the cavern with the sound as he grabbed hold of a marble bust with both paw and claw, lifted it over his head and hurled it as far as he could against the clock, shattering the glass as well as breaking the mechanisms.

Fluttershy awoke with a start at the sound of the noise. Where was she? This wasn't her chamber! She looked frantically around, and then…she remembered.

She was naked. She was in the Phantom's chamber, in his bed! And…she was alone.

"Oh God…" she whispered, blushing brightly as memories from the previous night flooded back.

"Yes, you may wish to begin offering up prayers of repentance," Discord growled from the entryway. "Sorry to wake you, my dear," he added, before stepping fully into the chamber.

Fluttershy stared at him, her mind still overcoming the shock of the situation. They had…truly, they had…

The blush of her cheeks spread so far that Discord swore she would glow if he blew out the candles in his chamber.

He couldn't help but chuckle with amusement at the way she was behaving, clutching the blanket tightly around her body, pulling it all the way up to her chin. She watched him with large wary eyes, her skin burning to the touch, as Discord crossed the room to a corner where he proceeded to pour himself a drink. "Well, I think it's safe to say that we've entered what is known as the 'awkward morning after' moment. Care for anything?" he asked as he put the stopper back onto the bottle. "I don't believe it's too early in the day to get drunk, do you?" he asked before downing the contents of his glass.

Fluttershy's eyes narrowed at his behavior. "That is your answer…to get drunk?"

Discord poured himself another glass. "Perhaps…what is the question exactly?"

Fluttershy scowled at him. "Why are you acting like this?" she asked, a part of her wanting to rise from the bed and remove the glass from his fist, but the other part of her reminding her once more that she was naked.

Discord couldn't help but chuckle, a sound that made Fluttershy's scowl grow even further. "How should I act Fluttershy? Tell me please…perhaps your novels can help us find an answer."

"Don't patronize me Discord," she hissed.

"On the contrary my dear, I'm treating you like an equal! I figured since you're well versed in romance due to the content of your books, not to mention the simple fact that you don't look like this," he indicated to his masked face, "that you would know the proper things a mare and stallion should say or how they should behave after a night of passion."

Fluttershy blushed deeply at his words, but she did not like his tone. "Do not mock what we did!" she hissed. What had happened to him? Last night he had been so tender, so loving when they were in each other's arms. Why was he being so sarcastic? So dispassionate now?

"I'm not mocking it," he said with extreme seriousness, his paw placing the recently poured drink down, not being able to finish it out of respect for her. "I'm merely curious as to why you're looking to me for answers on what happens next. After all, I won't deny that this is an entirely new experience for me as well."

Fluttershy blushed and clutched the blankets even closer. "But…but I thought…" her words trailed off as she remembered how they had made love, the way he guided her, the way he touched her, the way he showed her passion.

Discord saw the confusion written across her face and sighed heavily. "I'm not a eunuch Fluttershy; I am a normal creature, despite my face."

Hot jealousy suddenly boiled through her. "Well, I'm glad I was able to help you with your…'needs'," she muttered sarcastically. "Forgive me for misjudging your masculinity, after all, what do I know, I'm just a simple-minded country chit!" she spat angrily, sniffing back the hot tears that threatened to fall. "Now if you will please give me my clothes, I will be gone from your presence–"

Fluttershy had every intention of leaving, even if it meant she left with the blanket wrapped around her and her clothes remaining on his chamber floor! However, before she could even put one foot on the floor, Discord was there on the bed, his muscular paw and claw seizing her by the shoulders. Fluttershy gasped as she stared up at him, the wild look in his eyes causing her heart to stop.

"You are not going anywhere until you explain yourself, mademoiselle," he growled. The confused expression on her face only caused his frustration to grow. "You must however forgive me, my dear, if the situation does strike me as…surreal, shall we say."

Fluttershy's brow furrowed with even more confusion. "Surreal?"

"Yes!" Discord growled loudly, his paw and claw loosening somewhat on her shoulders, not ever wanting to hurt her, but his eyes continuing to burn into hers. "After all, you did give yourself freely and willingly to the infamous Phantom of the Opera…are you sure you weren't drunk on champagne last night?"

Fluttershy let out an exasperated cry, wriggling against his grip for one of the pillows that lay beside her, wanting to beat him over the head with it! "Have you so easily forgotten?" she shouted. "Or is it that you refuse to believe me when I tell you that I lo–"

"STOP!" he shouted, his claws moving over her mouth. "Don't say it…" he growled, dangerously deep.

Fluttershy's eyes widened as realization came to her and she pushed his paw away. "This isn't about me…it's about you," she whispered. Discord stared at her with confusion, but before he could speak she quickly continued. "You refuse to believe that anypony could love you…that you're unworthy of love, that you're incapable of it."

"Am I?" he demanded, moving away from her and holding his arms out from his body. "Honestly Fluttershy…you know of the things that I've done, you've SEEN me do them! Do you honestly believe it is capable for a stallion one minute to murder somepony in cold blood…and then swear undying everlasting love…?" he was staring deeply into her eyes, his chest rising and falling heavily. Despite the coldness in his voice, Fluttershy could read his eyes and see desperation within them, a longing for acceptance, for compassion, and for love.

"I believe that anypony can be forgiven if they honestly repent and work to do good," she strongly stated. "And you have done good Discord…I've seen the good that you've done, I've felt it."

"Save me your sermons," he grumbled, pushing himself off the bed and away from her. Fluttershy stared at his back with great puzzlement. She opened her mouth to speak, but Discord stopped her with his words. "I don't understand how you can even…say such a thing?" He turned on her then and Fluttershy gasped when she saw tears glistening in his eyes.

"It's true," she implored.

"Like hell!" he spat. "You of all ponies know the evil I do! You've been prey to it!" he turned his head, ashamed to look into her angelic eyes. Gone was the cynicism; his barriers were falling and a great vulnerability surfacing. "I've had the opportunities to show mercy, and I chose murder instead. I pay mares to satisfy my carnal lusts! I have purposely caused stallions to go mad! And now, I seem to have developed a new sinful habit…kidnapping innocent fillies and stealing their virginity!"

"You also protect those who are helpless!" Fluttershy shouted, her hoof stretched in the direction of the chamber that the others occupied. "And you saved my life! You stopped those stallions from–"

"Have you forgotten the cruelty I inflicted upon your father?"

"OF COURSE NOT! I REMEMBER IT EVERY DAY!" Fluttershy screamed in frustration, gasping and covering her mouth with her hoof after the words echoed off the chamber walls.

Discord sighed, a sad painful sigh, however he appeared satisfied that his point had been made. "I told you once Fluttershy…this is no fairy tale. Just because you've kissed the beast and told him that you love him…he still remains what he is. I am no prince and never will be." He turned then, as if to leave, but Fluttershy, who was trembling with a new found rage, rose from the bed, not caring that she was naked, and threw a pillow at his head as hard as she could.

Discord whirled around after the pillow struck him, his eyes wide both at her reaction, as well as the fact that she stood before him, glorious and naked, scowling most disdainfully. "What you did to my father was horrible, I will not deny that," she hissed. "Every day I wonder what has become of him…is he alive? Is he hurt? Is he getting enough to eat?" the tears were pouring down her cheeks and Fluttershy's arms moved to wrap around her naked form. Discord felt his heart breaking at the sight. "But…" she whimpered. "You were not the creature you are now…"

Discord barely breathed. "What am I then?"

"A good stallion!" she declared. "A stallion who provides, protects, and cares for his family. You didn't have to save them when you saved yourself, but you did! And the night you saved my life…you may have only pursued me in order to protect the others, but you did save my life, you did stop those stallions from raping me! And…and you taught me to sing…" Fluttershy whispered, coming towards him, her hoof extended to touch his unmasked cheek. "You believed in my talents, you gave me courage to see my dreams take flight, you showed me your world, you gave me your trust, and you shared yourself in every way with me–"

Discord stopped her hoof mere inches from touching his face, but his eyes no longer held any cruel humor or disdainful cynicism. Instead, she saw hope within them, hope that yearned for freedom behind a cloud of disbelief. "Why Fluttershy…?" his voice was barely above a whisper, and Fluttershy felt his hoof tremble against hers. His disbelief was crackling. "After everything…w-w-why…?"

Fluttershy felt the cold air hit her tear-stained face but she did not flinch from it, and rather than retreat, she moved her hoof behind his grip and softly made contact with his face. He groaned as he felt her feather light caress against his unmarred skin, his own eyes betraying him as tears began to seep from their brim. Fluttershy gave a soft smile through her tears at the sound, and then, as she had done on that magical Christmas, leaned up on the tips of her toes, both her hooves lovingly holding his face, to brush her lips against his…

"Wait," Discord stopped her, his paw and claw going to her shoulders and gently pushing her back. Fluttershy gazed up at him, fear written across her face that he would reject her again, but much to her shock, Discord scooped her up and quickly carried her to the bed, hastily placing her under the lush warm Persian blankets that adorned it. A happy smile was lit across her face as she thought perhaps he was rejoining her, but it was quickly erased by another look of confusion as he moved away, only a few inches, pacing slightly, glancing at her now and then and looking rather nervous.

"Discord, w-w-what is it?" she asked, concern etched across her lovely features.

"There's something you should know," he muttered, his pacing finally coming to a stop before facing her. He swore his heart stood still as he saw the worry in her beautiful blue eyes. "Please," he pleaded, coming to her side on bended knee, his masked face looking up at hers. "Do not fret, it's nothing bad, it's just…" he sighed, turning his eyes away. "I do not wish to raise your hopes, but…I need to tell you...that I've been trying to discover the whereabouts of your father."

Fluttershy's world came to a halt. She stared at the creature who knelt before her, his black hair the only thing she could see of him, and yet in that very moment she could be blind, it would not matter. It was the words he had spoken to her that were ringing over and over in her head. "W-w-w-what?" she stammered softly.

Discord turned and looked up at her, his eyes locking with hers, the tears in their beautiful blue depths reflecting the ocean after a storm. "The others, as well as myself…have been trying to find out all we can on where your father might be. I'm sorry to say that we haven't learned anything, but…after that night on the rooftops…after seeing you cry…I…I had to do something, if anything, it's the most I can do for you Fluttershy, perhaps the only thing I can give you, but–"

His speech was cut off by the sudden impact of Fluttershy's lips upon his.

She literally took his breath away, her small soft hooves clasping his face, and her even softer, sweet lips, locking against his own. For several blind moments Discord knew not what to do! This was the last reaction he had expected, he thought surely she would be reminded of the horror he had inflicted upon both she and her father, that she would want to be as far from him as possible, but this?

However,Fluttershy's kiss was extremely intoxicating and Discord quickly found himself kissing her back. It wasn't until he realized she was practically falling out of the bed that he drew away from her.

"Silly mare, you'll catch your death!" he scolded, pushing her back into the bed and tightly wrapping the blankets around her. However Fluttershy kept trying to catch him, trying to pull him against her, trying to kiss him! What had he done to deserve such affection? What had he done to deserve such an angel?

"Oh Discord," Fluttershy sobbed, although she was crying out of pure happiness at his news. "How…how…" she choked between sobs. "How can you even…even think that…that you possess no goodness…after this?" she smiled up at him through her tears.

He wanted to believe her, so desperately, but even now as his heart warmed at her words and at the happiness he could see in her tear filled eyes, he doubted himself. "It is all I can give you Fluttershy," he whispered, forcing himself to look away from his angel's face. "I wish I could do more…I wish I could give you your father–"

"You've given me hope, Discord," Fluttershy exclaimed, grasping his paw with her hoof in another attempt to draw him to her.

"Have I? If it is false hope, will you still look at me as you do now?" he asked, his eyes locking once more with hers. "Will you still love me?" this question was barely a whisper, and Discord was not sure he wanted to know the answer. She loved him. SHE LOVED HIM! But after everything…did he deserve it?

Fluttershy took his paw and placed it over her heart. Discord groaned softly as he felt the beat beneath his paw, and he stopped breathing as her other hoof reached up and touched his masked cheek. "I will always love you…" she vowed, before leaning up, and pressing her silken lips to the cold shield that hid his disfigurement from the world. "Always."

Discord could not stop the tears; they flowed freely from his eyes. The icy reserve that encased his heart had truly melted, and with a mighty cry, his arms enfolded her body and he crushed her against him. "Oh God…Oh God…" he groaned, his face buried within the curls of her hair. "God I love you…I love you…" he sobbed, his arms clutching her even tighter, rocking himself against her as he felt her soft tiny hooves thread through his black mane.

Fluttershy's heart leapt with joy at the sound of the words she longed to hear, the words she had dreamt about him saying to her for weeks, perhaps months now. Her love for him had been growing with each passing day, she wasn't sure when it had begun, but she knew without any doubt that this stallion, this wonderful stallion who had saved her life countless times, who had shared with her his deepest secrets, and who now, without her asking, was seeking out her father…she could not imagine her life with any other.

"Discord," she whimpered, gasping with happiness, but which he mistook as squeezing her too hard, for he instantly loosened his grip on her.

"Did I hurt you, angel?" he asked, his eyes filled with worry as he looked upon her lovely face.

But Fluttershy's smile told him it wasn't so. He had never seen her face glow more radiantly than this very morning. He had been wrong; when he saw her the night before, dressed in gold, he thought she couldn't be more beautiful. But now…adorned only in a Persian blanket and a loving glow…she had surpassed that gown ten times.

"Say it again," she whispered, her hooves clutching at the shoulders of his dressing gown as she drew him down atop her, her mouth open and her heart racing with excitement.

Discord smiled and felt the passion within his body rise again. "I love you, Fluttershy," he growled. "I love you more than music."

Fluttershy gave a cry of happiness before lifting her head off the pillow to meet his hungry mouth, which eagerly kissed her back, his tongue diving once more into her sweet depths while his paw and claw slid over her writhing body, eager once more to feel the softness of her skin and to lose himself in the damp heat between her thighs. Fluttershy pushed the dressing gown away from his shoulders, and Discord quickly shrugged it off before diving under the blankets with her, his body instantly entwining with hers, yearning once more to be encased in the silk of her body.

"Fluttershy…" he growled against her mouth, groaning as he felt her body arching up against his. "Oh God…God how I want you…"

"Yes," She wrapped her legs around his waist. "Please…please make love to me Discord…please…I need you so much…"

"Yes…yes…YES!" he cried out.

Others may think him a monster, and even he felt he looked like a demon from hell, but by becoming one with the mare he loved…nothing could be closer to heaven.

Together they soared through the pleasure their love had created; they soared past the world around them, beyond the opera house, beyond heaven, to a place where the sweetest music was played, where masks were not needed. As they trembled in the beautiful aftermath, they clung to one another, never wanting to let go, never wanting the dream to end.


Blueblood pushed through the doors of the police station with a stern and unpleasant look upon his handsome features.
Inspector Silverstar was surprised at the Prince's arrival, thinking the handsome noblecolt would be "recovering" from a night of New Year's festivities. "Monsieur!" he greeted warmly, although the warmth quickly faded by the deadly glare the Prince shot at him. "H-h-how may I…be of service?"

Blueblood's stare never left Silverstar's face. "Take me to Time Turner…now."

The coldness of Blueblood's voice chilled Silverstar's heart, but he did not stop to question the noblecolt, he quickly took his keys and led Blueblood to where Time Turner's cell lay. The old stallion was sleeping on his cot, the thin blanket wrapped tightly around his body. "Time Turner!" Silverstar bellowed, rattling his keys against the iron bars of the cell, causing the poor stallion to awake with a start. "The Prince is here to see you," he reported sternly.

"Thank you, Chief Inspector," Blueblood said. "Now, kindly leave us."

Silverstar glanced back and forth between the Prince and the old stallion, not sure if leaving would be a wise choice given the Prince's present state. However, he bowed his head and left the two to speak in private.
Time Turner was still getting over the shock of being woken up, but as soon as his old eyes focused on the handsome face of Blueblood, he felt a smile spread across his grizzled face. "Oh monsieur…you're back! Oh I pray that you bring good news!"

"I'm afraid not," Blueblood said through clipped lips. "I have seen your daughter, Monsieur Time Turner," Blueblood explained, ignoring the hope that lit the old stallion's face. "But it is as we feared…she is still in the clutches of the villainous Phantom."

Like that, Time Turner's face fell and he gripped the hard iron bars of his cell to keep him steady. "Oh God above have mercy," he whispered, crossing himself.

Blueblood rolled his eyes. "I believe she was trying to escape him," Blueblood quickly explained. "Last night there was a great masquerade ball at the Opera House. It was meant to be a trap to lure the Phantom, however…" he grimaced as he recalled the events of the previous night and the way the Phantom had humiliated him in front of all of Maris. "…I was not prepared to see your daughter there," he continued. "Like everyone else, she too was masked, a disguise so that she could escape his evil clutches, and escape she would, if I had been able to get her away before…" his jaw clenched at the memory of the Phantom pulling Fluttershy from him and dancing with her. "The cursed monster spotted her through the throng and carried her off."

"Oh my poor filly!" Time Turner wailed, one hoof clamping over his mouth in shock. "Oh curse that fiend! Oh my poor Fluttershy…" he whimpered, the tears already spilling down his cheeks.

"Please!" Blueblood snapped, slamming his hoof against the bars, the sound of Time Turner's dog-like whimpers fraying his last nerve. Time Turner jumped at the action, but Blueblood quickly composed himself. "Forgive me…I too am angered by this masked villain."

Time Turner nodded his head, however he moved away from the cell, his eyes warily watching the Prince. "I thank you for all that you have done and are doing, monsieur," he whispered.

Blueblood however was nowhere near ready to part ways yet. "Listen to me monsieur, and listen closely," he hissed, leaning close to the cell bars. "I need you to tell me everything you can about the Phantom from the brief time you were in his presence."

Time Turner stared up at the Prince with both shock and confusion. "I…I have already told you everything I can remember monsieur…"

"Tell me more!" Blueblood demanded. "Everything! I need details, Monsieur Time Turner, every last detail! What was it like when you went through the trap door? Where did he take you? Tell me about these 'minions' you say he has? What was he wearing? Tell me about his face–YES HIS FACE!" Blueblood practically roared when Time Turner shuddered at the memory. "I need to know everything, I can't make this clear enough!"

Time Turner stared up at the Prince, the noblecolt's eyes glowing with an odd madness in their blue depths. "F-f-forgive me," he stuttered before swallowing the uncomfortable lump in his throat. "But…how…how will this help?"

Blueblood straightened himself and smoothed his hooves over his coat. "You were right, Monsieur Time Turner; the Phantom of the Opera is no ghost, despite what he wants others to believe. Evil he may be, but when you strip away the demonic layers, he is what he is. And that, monsieur, is a great advantage to us."

"How?" Time Turner whispered.

Blueblood sighed and looked at the shadows that filled one corner of Time Turner's small prison cell. "When you know everything you can about your enemy, you gain an upper hoof. The Phantom of the Opera is a stallion…and all stallions have weaknesses."

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed it!

Edited: 2/8/2016