• Published 2nd Feb 2013
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The Opera Phantom Discord - Alexandrite Ward

Fluttershy's father is captured by the villianous Discord, Phantom of the Opera! Can she save him while being pursued by the handsome and charming Prince Blueblood?

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He had heard her. In the depths of his ruined home, he had heard her sweet angelic voice, singing through the tears, calling out for her Angel of Music.

Once upon a time, Discord would not have imagined a sweet angel, like her, weeping over him. He would not have imagined that God could be merciful, and show him acceptance, belonging, and love. But Discord was not the stallion he once was; he was a stallion who knew such things now, who felt such things. And when he heard her call out for him, he moved as quickly as his injured leg would allow, struggling over jagged rocks, pushing fallen boulders away, desperate to reach his angel, desperate to ease her sadness and offer her comfort.

But it was too late.

By the time he had reached the place where he had heard her singing, she was already gone. All that remained was a lit candle, and a drying rose, lying in the dust.

Carefully, he picked up the flower, and softly blew the dust from its petals. He immediately took notice how several of those petals, including the flower's leaves, contained small beads of moisture; his angel had left her tears with her gift.

Discord was not a stallion who felt pity, at least not easily, but he pitied his angel now, and his chest tightened with emotion as he imagined the pain she was feeling. She thought him dead; she had come to this place to say goodbye.

"No," Discord growled, deep and low, his chest rumbling like thunder. He would not let her pain and sorrow consume her further. He would not lose her to grief, and he would stop her before she left.

He cursed Master over and over, as he slowly made his way back into the ruined labyrinth. Enough time had already been wasted, he had to hurry and rescue his friends before any further horrors could be inflicted upon them. But he longed to seek Fluttershy out, to take her in his arms and hold her tight, to feel her tears against his flesh, and hear her voice in his ear. He would go to her now, if it had not been for Master.

He only prayed that Madame Luna would reach her before she left…

Fluttershy carefully dabbed at her father's bruises with a warm cloth, casting an angry, hateful glare, every now and then to the hoofsome stallion who stood several feet away from her, and who was having a hushed conversation with one of the gypsies; an older stallion with long blond hair and a blue coat.

"Hush Papa, it's alright," Fluttershy whispered, gently dabbing at the cut on his lip.

"No," Time Turner gasped, his stomach throbbing with pain from the many times he had been punched. "No…y-you can not do this!"

Fluttershy's heart broke at the pain in her father's words. "I have no choice, Papa," she whispered, fighting back the tears that stung the corner of her eyes. "I must."

"Fluttershy, I am an old stallion–"

"I believe my fiancée has already made her decision," Blueblood interrupted, an arrogant grin spreading across his hoofsome face. "After all, she could not condemn those poor creatures to such a life…even if there is no other life for them," he grumbled.

Fluttershy wanted to spit on him. She did not think it was possible for her own hatred towards the Prince to grow any further, but he always had a knack for proving her wrong when it came to that particular subject. "How will I know you will keep your end of our 'business venture'?" she asked, not trusting him one bit.

"Now don't go and worry your pretty head over such matters; a mare's mind is far too delicate to comprehend such things," he cooed in his most patronizing tone.

It took every ounce of willpower for Fluttershy not to leap forward and scratch out his eyes. "I have made my choice!" Fluttershy shouted with disgust. "I am your fiancée, and I demand that you treat me with respect, and that you honor my wishes and your wedding present to me!"

The mirth in Blueblood's eyes quickly vanished. Fluttershy gasped when in one simple stride, he was in front of her, his hoof painfully holding up her chin, forcing her to look up at him. "Let us get one thing clear, my dear. I am the master of my own home…and when you are my wife, you will do as a wife is required: love, honor, and OBEY!" he released her chin with a hurtful jerk, causing Fluttershy to cry out. She lifted her hooves to rub her skin, her body trembling from Blueblood's sudden explosion. What had she condemned herself to? Truly, she had made a deal with the devil himself…

"As for your 'present'," Blueblood sneered, ignoring the fear and pain in Fluttershy's eyes. "Monsieur Master and I have an understanding. He will keep them during the opera's performance, as well as your dear father," he grinned at the old man. "After you have finished, I shall come to your dressing room, and you and I shall quickly take our leave, where we shall travel to my country château, where a priest will be waiting. Master and his men will follow us, and once there, your father can give you away, while your freakish friends can sit as witnesses, on the bride's side of course," he casually explained, "and after you say those two simple words, and the priest pronounces the blessing…Monsieur Master will release them."

Fluttershy glared up at him with disgust. "Just like that? He'll just open their cages and let them go?"

Blueblood cocked one golden brow at Fluttershy's question. "Is there something you dislike, my dear?"

"Yes, but I'm not talking about you just now," she snapped. Blueblood couldn't help but smirk at her attempts to wound him. "I want them taken someplace safe, a place where they will not have to fear about being taken and caged ever again."

Blueblood folded his arms across his chest. "And do you have any suggestions on such a place?" This ought to be interesting, he thought.

Fluttershy lifted her chin, knowing it was dangerous to attempt to even suggest such a thing, but needing to try at the very least. "Yes…I want them to stay with me."

Blueblood paled at the young mare's words. "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?"

"No!" Fluttershy shouted, rising to her feet and squaring her shoulders in defiance. "They are my friends! I will look after them! I will–"

"You will shut up and do as you are told!" Blueblood growled, shoving her back down onto the couch. "And I will not have a trio of freaks parading around my home, even as servants!"

Fluttershy's glare was venomous. "You call yourself a stallion, but you are nothing but a sniveling, wretched, disgusting–"

"FLUTTERSHY!" her father cried, when Blueblood whirled around and backhooved her across the jaw.

"You'd be wise to educate your daughter, monsieur, on how a wife should properly address her future husband," the Prince snarled, sending a threatening glance to both Fluttershy and her father. "And I have made my deal," Blueblood hissed at the pretty pink haired mare, who was rubbing her jaw from where he had struck her. Fluttershy met his gaze and glared back at him, refusing to show him one tear. "You are mine; your mind, your body, and your soul belong to me now."

Fluttershy bravely shook her head. "You're wrong," she whispered. "You may force me into this marriage…but you will never truly possess me."

Blueblood clenched his teeth, fighting the urge to beat her senseless. As tempting as it was, he knew he could not have tonight's Aminta looking black and blue. "We shall see about that," he growled, reaching out and yanking her arm forward, twisting her wrist in a hurtful grasp. "And we shall start with this!"

"NO!" Fluttershy struggled, but the more she attempted to pull away, the harder Blueblood twisted her wrist.

He pulled the gold bracelet that Discord had given her off her hoof, and flung it over his shoulder, before forcing the new bracelet that he had presented, on her hoof. "No bride of mine will be wearing anything that once belonged to a madstallion."

Fluttershy bit her lip to keep from crying as she felt Blueblood's hurtful grip squeeze her wrist, while he shoved the new bracelet on. She hated it; it was gaudy, it was extravagant, it wasn't Discord's! Oh God above, was her child to be raised by such a monster? Did she dare say anything about the child? No, Blueblood would surely find some way to destroy the babe; were she not with Discord's child, she would willingly take her life, but she had to survive for the child's sake. She vowed, then and there, that as soon as the babe was born, she would flee her tyrannical husband. She didn't care if she lived the rest of her life as a beggar on the streets, she would not allow her son or daughter to be raised by such a man.

"Somepony's here…" Master grumbled, staring out the window.

Blueblood said nothing; he immediately moved to the window and cursed as his eyes focused on the figure of Madame Luna. "What is she doing here?" he growled with annoyance.

Fluttershy couldn't see who he was talking about, but she had a good suspicion. "HELP! PLEASE! HELP US!" she screamed, before one of the burly gypsies covered her mouth with his sweaty hoof.

Blueblood glared at his future wife, but shut his mouth from saying anything when the door suddenly burst open. "Fluttershy? I heard screaming! I–"

Madame Luna gasped as she felt somepony come up from behind her and hold her fast, quickly covering her mouth before she could scream.

Blueblood had to admit it; Master's stallions were quite nice to have. "Good evening, Madame," he greeted, once the gypsy turned Madame Luna around to face him. "I'm surprised to see you here, I thought you would be helping your dear little dance troop prepare for tonight's performance."

Madame Luna glared at the Prince with pure hatred. If a dirty and horrible smelling hoof weren't covering her mouth, she would tell him exactly what she was thinking.

"I do hope the adorable Mademoiselle Twilight will not be disturbing us tonight, I don't know if I will have enough room in my carriage."

A yowl of pain escaped from the gypsy who had been covering Fluttershy's mouth. "She bit me! She bit me!"

"Oh stop your whining," Master muttered, rolling his eyes.

"Let her go!" Fluttershy spat, now free to speak. "She has done nothing to you, release her! I have already promised you that I will be your wife!"

Madame Luna's eyes widened with horror. The gypsy who had been covering her mouth quickly released it, after his friend started yowling. "Fluttershy…" the older mare gasped. "Oh Fluttershy, no, you can't…"

"Indeed, she can," Blueblood muttered. "And she made the choice by her own free will, is that not right, my dear?"

Madame Luna's eyes narrowed into cold black slits. "You bastard…you forced her to make that choice!" the dance mistress accused.

"Please Blueblood, please let her go!" Fluttershy pleaded once more. "Please…give Rarity and the others over to her, she will take care of them for me, I promise, I will not press the issue further, please…"

Blueblood tilted his head, as if considering Fluttershy's words, but she could immediately tell that he was only mocking her. "I already told you of my deal…and that is the final word on the matter. And as for our dear dance mistress, I think it would be best that we take her with us. After all, we are all going to the same place," he offered with a charming smile, fooling no one.

Madame Luna looked at Fluttershy with confusion. "What do you mean about giving Rarity and the others over to me?" she whirled her head back towards the Prince. "You have them?" she gasped.

"They're my 'wedding present'," Fluttershy spat with as much hate as she could muster. "If I marry him, he will set them free."

Madame Luna could not believe it. Discord had been right in his suspicions; the Prince was behind the explosion! She looked over at the silver-haired gypsy who had been observing this whole scene, and immediately remembered him when she had gone to the carnival with the other dance mares so long ago. Blueblood had helped Master find the others, and was using them as a means to blackmail Fluttershy into marrying him.

How despicable could a pony be?

Suddenly, Fluttershy's mind cleared, and a horrifying question burst through her head. Why was it that she had seen Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Shortround…but not Derpy? "Where's Derpy?" she gasped, her mind reeling with desperation. "Why haven't I seen her?"

"The hunchback?" Master asked. "Didn't find her…but then, I have no need for one, so it doesn't matter."

Fluttershy stared at this stallion who had said very little since he had entered the room, wondering what sort of pony could happily make money by showing off other ponies? She had her answer now, especially after the way he dismissed Derpy's gentle, caring life: a villain.

"Well," Blueblood sighed, looking at his pocket watch. "It's ten minutes after six, so there's no need to worry about your train," he said to Time Turner. "And the curtain goes up at eight, so we had best be on our way to the opera house to prepare."

Fluttershy felt so hollow. In the last 24 hours, all of her worst nightmares seemed to be coming to life. How on earth was she going to be able to sing?

"Throw the old stallion into one of the cages with the freaks," Blueblood muttered, despite the protests that came from Fluttershy and her father. "Come, my dear," he said, while yanking her up from where she sat. "We must get you to the opera house…your public awaits."

Discord cursed the Prince. He cursed Master. He even cursed himself, for his own bad luck.
He stood in the opera house stables, staring at the black carriage that had normally been his saving grace, when needing to move about the city during the daylight, but for the first time, the carriage was no good.

Any carriage was no good, when one did not have horses to pull it. It seemed that the Prince and his gypsy partners had thought of everything, even robbing the stable of its horses

He hated feeling this way: helpless. Normally, he would attempt to "borrow" somepony else's horses and carriage, however, a storm was raging outside, making his normal aloofness near impossible. He would be noticed right away, and due to the injury with his ankle, the possibility of attempting to go on foot was out of the question.

Discord leaned against one of the wooden walls of the stall, taking some weight off his leg. He always considered himself a fast healer, and was grateful that it was getting easier for him to stand and walk, despite the pain that throbbed in his ankle. Perhaps as soon as the rain let up, he could sneak out into the shadows, and take one of the carriages that belonged to one of the many fancy-dressed opera patrons–


Discord turned to Derpy's voice. The mare had been searching throughout the opera house stables, looking to see if the horses were somewhere else. Discord had little hope, but perhaps Derpy had some surprising news to share? However, the expression on her face froze Discord's blood, and in her hoof, he noticed that the hunchback carried a piece of paper.

"I f-f-found a n-note," Derpy explained, hoofing the paper over to Discord. From the look on Derpy's face, Discord could tell that his friend had already read it. Without any question, he opened it immediately, recognizing Madame Luna's hoofwriting.


I hope you can read this, I had to write as quickly as I could, so I apologize if it is difficult. I was on my way home, to stop Fluttershy from leaving, when I noticed two wagons suspiciously moving down the ally from the front of my house. I carefully followed them and learned my worst fear. Master is here, in Maris, and he has the others. But what's worse, your suspicions were correct; he is working with the Prince! I can only imagine what villainy the two of them are concocting, but I beg you, do not attempt to come to my home…I do not think that will be necessary. I believe, deep in my bones, that Blueblood has every intention of bringing Fluttershy here. I am going to go back now, and pretend as if I know nothing; hopefully Blueblood will keep me close to Fluttershy. Stand ready by the mirror in her dressing room. I hope to get the Prince to reveal his whole plan, if I can.

The note crumpled into his fists. He would make the Prince pay dearly for this…

"Master?" Derpy asked, noticing Discord's angry reaction to the letter. "D-d-do you t-think t-they will b-bring Rarity a-and the others h-here too?"

"I don't know," Discord growled, his voice a dangerously low depth. "We can only hope."

Derpy swallowed the nervous lump in her throat. "W-w-what a-are we going to do?"

"We're going to follow Madame Luna's instructions and wait by the mirror," he growled once more. "And I vow Derpy, I vow to you and to God…it will all end…tonight."

Fluttershy felt sick. Sick for several reasons.
She was sick with worry for her friends; she did not trust Blueblood to keep his word. The way he and Master spoke in hushed whispers earlier, the way the gypsy seemed so cool and confident, as Blueblood explained how he would release Shortround, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity if she married him; everything about the situation. She just could not trust him.

She was also feeling quite nervous, which caused her stomach to unpleasantly churn. She remembered seeing the many elegant carriages pulling up in front of the Maris Opera House, which had never looked more beautiful. Blueblood, never letting go of her arm, dragged her down a side hallway towards her dressing room, while his coachcolt dragged Madame Luna.

She didn't see much of the grand foyer, but what she did see caused Fluttershy's stomach to flip flop.

So many ponies! Men and mares elegantly dressed, laughing and greeting one another, despite the storm that raged outside, all talking at once, murmuring their questions as to who the new star was, what the opera was about, why the performance dates had been changed; she could only imagine how the auditorium would look once all those ponies entered its majestic doors.

But the excitement she wanted to feel for such a night had died in that explosion, when Discord's world had collapsed beneath her feet.

The final reason to why she felt sick, and the reason that ruled over all others, was due to the horrid, lecherous smile, that Blueblood was giving her, as she got dressed for the evening's performance.

"It's bad luck, to see the bride before the wedding," Madame Luna grumbled, as she pulled at the laces on Fluttershy's corset.

"It would be even worse luck leaving you two alone to plot against me," Blueblood muttered back, his eyes moving over Fluttershy's luscious skin.

Once Blueblood had made it clear that he would be going into the dressing room along with Fluttershy, Madame Luna insisted that she help the young mare dress, trying her best to shield Fluttershy's body with her own.

Fluttershy was grateful for Madame Luna's presence, but chose to try and ignore the arrogant Prince, keeping her back to him, pretending she didn't care if he caught sight of her in her undergarments.

"I must say, Fluttershy," he murmured, "from what I have seen so far…I must confess I am looking forward to our wedding night."

Fluttershy paled at the thought of Blueblood touching her, of his body covering hers, of him forcing himself inside her…

Madame Luna thrust a glass of cool water into Fluttershy's hoof. "Drink this, my dear," she murmured, her eyes focusing on the Prince's. "It will ease your stomach."

Blueblood only grinned, catching every meaning behind the dance mistress' words. "You know, my dear madam, I happened upon your charming daughter earlier today…"

Madame Luna froze at the pony's words. Her black eyes captured his, and a deep, venomous hiss, escaped her lips. "You stay away from Twilight."

Blueblood feigned disappointment. "You do not approve? Surely, I would have thought that you would be overjoyed, upon learning that I wished to make the darling dancer my mistress."

"Stop it!" Fluttershy snapped, her eyes locked with Blueblood's and her hooves gripping the older mare's shoulders; she looked ready to scratch the noblecolt's eyes out, if she had the chance. And Fluttershy knew there was no other reason for Blueblood's cruel words other than to goad Madame Luna.

"Do you not approve?" Blueblood asked, flashing a charming smile in Fluttershy's direction.

She returned his smile with a cold glare. "A pony should not talk about such things in front of his wife," she muttered, turning her attention back to the dressing table mirror to finish applying her make-up.

Madame Luna took a deep breath and felt her calmness return. She knew he had only done that to annoy her, but she also knew he was capable of making it happen, if he so wished.

The older mare's eyes drifted over to the mirror at the other side of the room. As far as she was aware, Blueblood did not know the mirror's secrets. She only prayed that Discord had received her message. "How did you do it?" she casually asked, finishing the laces on Fluttershy's corset.

Blueblood was surprised she was actually talking to him. "Do what?"

"Arrange all this," she explained, taking the first costume Fluttershy would be wearing, and helping the young mare put it on. "How did you know about the others? How did you learn where to find them?"

Fluttershy froze momentarily after hearing Madame Luna's questions. She too, was quite curious how this had all come to be.

Blueblood couldn't help but smile, quite smugly. "Much of the credit goes to Fluttershy, herself," he explained. "After her gallant rescue of the hunchback, I realized that there was only one place where she could have met such a monster…and so I had some men follow her on the night she brought him back–"

"You had ponies follow me?" Fluttershy gasped, whirling her head around to stare at the pony she was going to be marrying, unfortunately.

"You brought it upon yourself, my dear," he defended, waving his hoof as if he were done with her. Fluttershy was fuming, but Madame Luna's gentle, reassuring hoof on her back, helped her to stay calm.

"So through these stallions, you discovered a way inside. Quite clever, I must say," she added, feeding his over-sized ego even more. "But how did you meet Master? How did you learn that he was connected to all this?"

"Learning that Master had a history with the Phantom was pure coincidence. But I remembered hearing about a gypsy carnival just outside Paris that displayed a variety of monsters. I thought that Monsieur Master would be interested in what I had discovered, and perhaps with his help, my 'Phantom' problem, could be solved."

Fluttershy gripped the edge of her dressing table, feeling the anger fuel her body. "You bastard," she hissed. "YOU ORGANIZED THAT EXPLOSION! I KNEW YOU HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT!"

"Fluttershy!" Madame Luna hushed, gripping the young mare's shoulders, forcing her to stay where she was. She understood the mare's anger very well, but now was not the time to lose one's head. "Hush my dear, hush," she soothed, her hooves holding the mare's arms, feeling the muscles tremble with rage. "It will all be alright, I promise," she whispered, continuing her work with lacing up the costume.

Blueblood's smirk only continued to grow at Fluttershy's outburst. "I see no reason why I should hide the truth…and even if you did try to accuse me in public, it wouldn't stand; there's no evidence you can hold against me, and who would believe you? I am the Prince, after all. Why would I risk sabotaging a theater that I have invested so much money in?

Fluttershy hated him. She hated him so passionately, and she hated him even more because she knew he was right.

"Every pony has his price, as does Master. Once he and his men were inside, they took the monsters they could find, and went about lacing the tunnels with gun powder."

Fluttershy was trembling, trying to keep control of her emotions. "Why?" she gasped through the sobs that threatened to break forth. "Why?"

The amusement that had lit Blueblood's eyes earlier, faded away, and without another thought or word, his hoof reached inside the pocket of his suit jacket, and pulled out the leather glove that Marguerite had revealed to him several days ago. "Perhaps you can explain why you keep this under your pillow at night!" he spat with anger, throwing the glove onto the dressing table before her.

Fluttershy stared in horror at the glove he had revealed, the glove that she had taken from Discord's realm the night he forced her to leave. "How…where…?"

"I have many loyal servants," Blueblood answered. "And you have already confirmed my suspicions about you and that monster," he grumbled with disgust.

"Yes, which asks the question, why you're still marrying her?"

Both Fluttershy and Blueblood turned to Madame Luna, confusion lit in both their eyes. "I beg your pardon?" Blueblood asked, trying to hold back his irritation.

"What is your reasoning for wishing to marry Fluttershy?" the dance mistress asked, adjusting the final lace on Fluttershy's costume. "After all, she is 'used goods' so to speak, and even if you have killed your enemy, you still have to live with the knowledge that you are not the first pony to bed her."

Fluttershy couldn't believe what Madame Luna was saying! She was turning beet red as she listened to the mare's crude words. But one look at Blueblood, and Fluttershy quickly realized what the older mare was doing.

Blueblood was gripping his walking stick so tightly, that his knuckles were turning a ghostly shade of white. His jaw was clenched so tightly that both mares could hear his teeth grinding together. But he closed his eyes, counted to five, before opening them and taking a deep breath. "I have been with countless mares, madam, and many of them were not virgins when I bedded them. It shall make no difference."

Madame Luna cocked a dark brow at the noblecolt's words. "True, but those other mares never bedded a creature who hid his disfigured features beneath a mask."

Blueblood's calm smile disappeared and a low, dangerous growl, erupted from his chest.

"After all, Fluttershy gave herself to the Phantom freely; you had to blackmail her into even accepting your marriage proposal. Surely that must sting one's ego," she sighed, running a comb through Fluttershy's hair. "And isn't she the first mare to truly 'reject' your advances?"

Fluttershy watched Blueblood closely from her dressing table mirror. She bit her lip nervously, wondering if the dance mistress truly knew what she was doing.

"Oh! And we mustn't forget her pregnancy," Madame Luna added, after placing a crimson rose in Fluttershy's waves

Fluttershy paled at the mare's words, and her eyes quickly darted to Blueblood's face, fearing his reaction. Her hooves instantly fell to her stomach, as if that alone would protect her unborn child.

Blueblood had been fuming as Madame Luna spoke, but her final words took him completely off guard.

He was speechless!

He opened his mouth, wanting to shout, wanting to roar…and couldn't!

His face turned such a dark shade of red that it looked purple!

"You're…you're pregnant?" he hissed, forcing himself to keep his voice down so no one outside would hear.

"Are you surprised?" Madame Luna answered for Fluttershy. "That is often the result when a stallion and mare couple together. Surely you are an expert with such things," she muttered, turning and facing the Prince with her head held high.

Blueblood had never felt such outrage. Damn the Phantom! Would he ever find peace? Would that masked fiend forever haunt him, even after he was dead?

He glared at Fluttershy with demon-like eyes; the thought of that creature's spawn, growing in the belly of his soon-to-be-wife–

"Ten minutes to curtain, Mademoiselle Fluttershy!" shouted a voice on the other side of the dressing room door.

Fluttershy let out a gasp from the sudden knock on her door. "I'll be r-r-right out!" she answered back, her voice trembling slightly.

Blueblood continued to glare at her, his anger only kindling the more and more he looked at her. "I'll be in my box," he growled, before picking up his walking stick and stomping towards the door, yanking it open so harshly, that his coachcolt, who was standing on the other side, practically fell in. "Escort my bride to the stage!" he barked at the trembling coachcolt. "And you!" he growled, turning and facing Madame Luna. "Don't try anything…there are police everywhere, and one nod from me, and I will see to it that you are arrested!"

Madame Luna said nothing; she simply curtsied in a mocking fashion.

Blueblood clenched his jaw and turned his focus on Fluttershy. "Master and his stallions are just outside, with your father and those freaks, so keep that in mind during the performance," he growled. "And remember…I will be watching…closely," he warned, before turning on his heel and leaving them there.

"Oh God…" Fluttershy gasped, letting out a worried sigh. "What have I done? What kind of life have I condemned myself to?"

Madame Luna was too busy trying to look busy, so as to fool the coachcolt. "I just need to put in a few more pins!" she informed the wary looking stallions who stood in the doorway, before going to work with Fluttershy's hair.

"Why did you say that?" the younger mare whispered, her eyes looking to the dance mistress from the mirror. "Why did you tell him about the child?"

Madame Luna watched the coachcolt out of the corner of her eye, and continued looking busy. "Every stallion has his weakness," she whispered into Fluttershy's ear. "The Prince's happens to be his ego. And what I needed was to get him angry enough that he would leave."

Fluttershy understood what the older mare was saying, and with trembling hooves, applied a dark shade of scarlet to her lips, hoping to also look busy in front of the suspicious coachcolt. "Yes, but…what about after the performance? What if he tries–"

"Hush, child," Madame Luna whispered, her eyes quickly darting to the mirror on the other wall. "All will be well; I wish I could give you more details, but do not lose faith, my dear…do not lose faith."

"She's ready, come on!" the coachcolt grumbled, coming forward and grabbing Fluttershy by the elbow.

Fluttershy glared at the pony and jerked her arm away. "I am not a child! I can take myself to the stage!" she spat, before rising, giving herself one last look, and exiting the dressing room on her own.

The coachcolt tried to protest, but Fluttershy pushed right past him. So instead, he turned to Madame Luna, and tried to look tougher than he was, when in truth, the mare dressed in black frightened him more than the Prince, himself. "C-c-come on, now," he ordered, trying to suppress the nervous stammer in his voice.

Madame Luna cocked a brow at the coachcolt's words, and the stallion immediately began to shrink beneath her cold gaze. "As you wish," she sighed, surprising the coachcolt with her obedience. She glanced one last time at the mirror, before turning and leaving the dressing room.

It was in his hooves now.

Discord was growling, his whole body trembling with fury from everything that he had witnessed and heard.

Both he and Derpy had been hiding behind the mirror, just as Madame Luna's letter had instructed, and never…never in his whole wretched life, had Discord felt such rage.

Derpy had to literally hold him back when the Prince stood there, leering at Fluttershy, while she undressed. He wanted to burst through the glass, he wanted to take something and ram it down the stallion's throat!

But all in good time.

The element of surprise was extremely important, and thanks to Madame Luna's clever foresight, he now knew most, if not all, of the Prince's plans.

Blueblood was responsible for Master stealing his friends. Blueblood was responsible for the explosion beneath the opera house. And Blueblood had used villainous means to coax Fluttershy into marrying him. But what Blueblood didn't know was that the Phantom was very much alive...and was going to ruin everything he had worked so hard to claim.

"Come," Discord murmured to Derpy, before turning and stalking down the tunnel.

Derpy quickly followed, taking notice of how Discord moved with more and more ease, barely limping at all. The hunchback knew his master all too well; it was the rage that gave him strength to overcome his weaknesses. "W-w-what a-are we going to do?" she asked, wanting to help more than anything.

Discord paused, and turned down another tunnel, the one that led to the opera house's carriage stalls and horse stables, where they had been earlier that day. "Keep quiet, now," Discord whispered, slowing his steps as they got closer and closer to the stables. They kept close to the shadows, and peeked over a stone ledge that overlooked the stables below.

Just as he had suspected; Master and his stallions stood, huddled around two wagons, each holding an iron cage, and each cage, holding two prisoners.

"Rarity!" Derpy gasped.

"Quiet!" Discord hissed, ducking low as one of the gypsies glanced their way. As soon as the gypsy turned his back, Discord glanced once more at the cages. In one sat Rarity and Rainbow Dash, in the other, lay Shortround and Fluttershy's father. Several gypsies were taunting them, calling them names and rattling sticks against the bars. Horrible memories flooded Discord's brain as he took in the terrible scene before him. He had promised to never allow such things to ever happen again, to any of them. And while he had failed this much, he would see to it that they would never be put on display for an audience.


"I'm trying to think of a plan, Derpy," Discord softly hushed.

"And I h-h-have one."

Discord froze and turned to gaze at the hunchback beside him. Derpy's words had surprised him, but he quickly felt shame for even having a moment's doubt, for the determined look in Derpy's eyes spoke more than words ever could.

"What is your plan?" he softly asked, admiring the bravery of his friend.

"I w-will s-s-s-stay here, and h-help the others," she explained. "And y-you g-g-go and s-s-save Fluttershy."

Discord frowned at Derpy's plan. It wasn't the most detailed plan he had ever heard, but he did not question it. He saw the determination, the courage, and the stubbornness in the mare's eyes. And Discord knew, without a doubt, that Derpy could do this.

"You have proven yourself in more ways than one," Discord murmured with awe. "Be careful."

Derpy grinned and nodded her head. "I w-w-will…and y-you b-be careful t-to."

Discord nodded, his hoof rubbing Derpy's shoulder with pride, before carefully slipping back through the shadows and down the tunnel that had led him to the stables.

However, instead of going back towards Fluttershy's dressing room, he chose a different route, one that led him backstage, one that led him to the catwalks.

Even with a sprained ankle, Discord could move with ease through the many ropes that hung overhead. He listened to the orchestra's overture, and had to pause for a moment, his chest swelling with pride and wonder, as he realized that it was his music, being performed before an audience.

Right on cue, he heard Fancypants burst into song, the audience clapping for the Italian as he walked out onto the stage. Discord finally reached the catwalk that overlooked the entire stage, and felt his breath catch in his throat as he took in the sight of the packed auditorium.

This was his opera, his masterpiece! After years of struggle, it was finally being performed.

And then…he heard her sweet voice fill the room.

"Think of me…think of me fondly, when we've said goodbye…"

A gasp escaped the audience as Fluttershy's bell-like tone echoed off the walls. He could not help but smile with love and pride, knowing that they too had fallen in love with her voice, just as he had.

He watched Fluttershy from the catwalk, entranced at the sight of her, standing in the beautiful costume he had designed, her hair sparkling in the candlelight, her face glowing as she sung. A long, shaky breath, escaped his lungs; never, had he seen or heard anything so beautiful…

He would have been lost in her performance, had he not noticed her sudden flinch.

It was not overly noticeable; indeed most of the audience seemed enraptured by her voice that they had not seen anything out of the ordinary. But Discord had seen it, and his eyes traveled to what may have caused the sudden motion.

His jaw clenched as he took in the sight of the Prince, sitting in Box 5, looking smug and at ease. Every now and then, he would blow kisses at Fluttershy, and Discord immediately noticed her flinch once more. No, he would not let this stallion ruin his opera, or his life any longer!

He turned on his heel and disappeared down the catwalk, his black cape billowing behind. He had taken notice of the many police that littered the auditorium, each holding a loaded gun, but he cared not.

A plan was forming, a plan that would not only surprise Fluttershy, but also give the audience a performance they would never forget!

"She is extraordinary!" Flam whispered to Flim as the audience burst into applause after the beginning of the Act III. "The ponies love her!"
Flim only grinned. "I knew we could rely on the Prince," he whispered back. "Just look at this place! Full house! Imagine the reviews tomorrow!"

"Imagine the money!" Flam added, causing both managers to chuckle. They grinned across the auditorium at Blueblood, who simply nodded his head politely, although he too shared a knowing grin.

Indeed, everything was going to plan. So what if Fluttershy was pregnant with the Phantom's child. He'd get rid of the monster somehow; he could do anything once they were married! A satisfied sigh escaped his lips as he took in the sight of the crowded auditorium below. Celestia could never fill an opera house like this. Perhaps he would continue to have Fluttershy perform even after they were married? After all, he was a patron of the arts, and that way he could be closer to Madame Luna's charming little dancer.

He grinned as he imagined all the money the opera house would receive after tonight…and his grin only spread further as he imagined all the money he would inherit from his bride's dying grandfather.

Down on stage, off in the wings, Fluttershy fought the urge to cry, despite how painful her heart ached with every note the chorus sung.

The audience was laughing as Celestia emerged with the chorus, singing a simple chorus number, nothing grand, nothing outstanding, nothing worthy of her name. Celestia barked the notes, hatred boiling in her veins from the audience's laughter. Every now and then she would send deadly glares up towards the managers, knowing it was their fault for forcing her out of the lead, and putting Fluttershy back in.

Much of the company had been shocked at seeing Fluttershy return that evening. The managers had already mentioned, on Blueblood's behalf, that she had had a "change of heart", and would be performing that evening. Twilight was extremely happy at seeing Fluttershy once more, but realized something was amiss, when a strange looking pony continued to follow her everywhere backstage, keeping her away from others, especially Madame Luna.

Fluttershy lifted her eyes to the wings on the other side of the stage, watching as Madame Luna whispered some last instructions to her dancers. She could not get over how calm the older mare seemed! Did the dance mistress know something that she did not?

"Passarino, faithful friend! Once again, recite the plan."

Fluttershy's thoughts were interrupted by Fancypants's voice. She knew her entrance was coming up, and she squared her shoulders, trying to be brave despite the dread that filled her at the thought of singing the opera's most seductive song without her beloved.

She glanced one last time at the opposite wings, and caught Madame Luna's gaze. The mare softly smiled at her, a smile that possessed hope and anticipation. Fluttershy wanted to question the mare's smile, but heard her cue from the orchestra, and with a deep breath, stepped back out onto the stage.

"No thoughts within her head, but thoughts of joy!
No dreams within her heart, but dreams of love!"

She settled herself down on the stage as rehearsed, and pulled a thin rose out from the prop basket she had been carrying. This was the scene when Don Juan fools Aminta, disguising himself as another, and seducing her into his bed, before killing her for her betrayal.

Indeed, she felt as if she were betraying Discord for accepting Blueblood's proposal.

"Passarino–go away! For the trap is set…and waits for its prey…"

Fluttershy's brow furrowed slightly as she listened to Fancypants singing behind her. Strange–it sounded as if something had happened to his voice!

"You have come here…
in pursuit of your deepest urge,
in pursuit of that wish, which till now has been silent…"

Fluttershy froze as the voice grew clearer and clearer behind her.

No…it wasn't possible!

She turned her head, her eyes wide and her face pale as the impact of the reality overcame her.

At least, she thought it was Discord, his voice was the same, but his body, his body was that of a pony!

Discords same golden eyes peered at her from behind his mask and held hers for a long moment, before he continued singing, lifting a hoof to his lips. "…silent…"

Fluttershy quickly turned her head away, realizing exactly what he was trying to convey. She may not recognize his disguise, but she knew it was her Discord. She was overjoyed at seeing him there, learning he was alive and had come to her…but he depended upon her now not to lose her senses, to maintain a professional air, to continue staying in character…and to not cause any suspicion.

"I have brought you,
that our passions may fuse and merge–"

A soft rumble went up from around the audience as it suddenly dawned on them that Signor Fancypants was not singing the lead anymore. It seemed that when he had disappeared behind that curtain, Don Juan had truly changed form.

Up in his box, Blueblood was frowning. What was going on? Who was this stallion? He had not been aware that Fancypants had an understudy! He glanced across the auditorium at the box the managers occupied, but they looked just as puzzled.

"In your mind, you've already succumbed to me,
dropped all defenses, completely succumbed to me–"

Fluttershy could not help it, the power of Discord's voice caused her insides to melt as he sang of promised passion.

Indeed, she was not the only mare in the opera house who was affected. Several mares began to suddenly fan themselves as the new Don Juan continued to sing.

"Now you are here with me:
no second thoughts,
you've decided,

Fluttershy looked up at him once more, a warm, loving hope, filling her being for the first time since she last felt Discord holding her.

"Past the point of no return–
no backward glances:
the games we've played till now, are at an end…"

Fluttershy slowly rose to her feet and gazed at him with longing, but kept it all in her eyes, not wanting to arouse any suspicions from Blueblood or the managers.

"Past all thought of 'if' or 'when'–
no use resisting:
abandon thought, and let the dream descend…"

The audience gasped when Don Juan moved in quickly, behind Aminta, his large hooves gripping her neck, as if to strangle her, but gently moving over her skin in a lover's seductive caress.

"What raging fire shall flood the soul?
What rich desire unlocks its door?
What sweet seduction lies before us…?"

Several mares began to swoon; a great flapping sound could be heard as many ladies fans began to move more and more rapidly.

Discord himself could not deny how caught up he was becoming in the song. He knew his movements and motions had shocked Fluttershy, but he could not help but groan inwardly as he felt her respond to his caress, to his song.

Taking her arm, he ran his hooves down her skin, all the way to her hoof, before planting a kiss upon the knuckles, his eyes holding hers, their amber depths twinkling with promise.

"Past the point of no return,
the final threshold–
what warm, unspoken secrets will we learn?"

He released her hoof and stepped away from her, his eyes never leaving hers as he finished his song.

"Beyond the point of no return…"

Blueblood's hooves were pressing down on the arms of his chair, fury filling his eyes as the mysterious Don Juan practically made love to his fiancée on the stage. Who was that stallion? He leaned forward and scanned the wings as best he could from where he was sitting. Where was Madame Luna? Where was his coachcolt who was supposed to be watching everything? What the hell was going on?

"You have brought me…"

Fluttershy's voice interrupted his search and drew his attention back to the stage. She was facing the audience once more, singing out to them while she shyly kept her back on her seducer.

"…to that moment where words runs dry,
to that moment where speech disappears into silence…"

She briefly, only briefly, lifted her eyes up to Blueblood's box, to see how he was reacting to all this.


Did he know that it was Discord?

"I have come here,
hardly knowing the reason why…"

Like her, Discord also lifted his eyes up to Box 5, however his gaze was not brief, nor did he intend it to be. He wanted to catch the Prince's gaze, to confirm his suspicions.

He wanted Blueblood to know that he had failed at killing him.

"In my mind,
I've already imagined
our bodies entwining,
defenseless and silent–"

Discord's eyes were drawn once more to the mare who was singing to him, the mare who was now becoming the seducer to his Don Juan.

"Now I am here with you:
no second thoughts,
I've decided…"

She smiled, and nodded her head, her eyes reflecting unending love for the masked pony before her.


For the longest time, Blueblood had been frozen in his seat.

No, it was not possible…it could NOT be possible!

And yet he knew it was, the second his eyes clashed with that dark amber gaze.

With one quick nod of his head in the direction of the managers, Blueblood motioned for them to get one of the policecolts in their box and be ready to shoot on his signal.

Below, Fluttershy continued singing, and the audience remained enraptured, watching as both she and Don Juan began to climb their individual spiral staircases, leading up to a small, wooden bridge.

"Past the point of no return–
no going back now:
our passion play has now, at last, begun…"

Blueblood clenched his teeth as he watched the way Fluttershy sang to the Phantom.

"Past all thought of right or wrong–
one final question:
how long should we two wait, before we're one…?"

Something startled the Prince. Something wet against his cheek. He reached up to touch the wetness that he felt…and to his horror, realized it was his own tears!

"When will the blood begin to race?
The sleeping bud burst into bloom?
When will the flames at last, consume us…?"

Discord felt his chest swell with such pride for his angel as she sang with all her passion, and boldly faced him as the two of them reached the top of their staircases, and began to walk towards one another across the wooden bridge, their voices joining together in song.

"Past the point of no return,
the final threshold–"

The audience, and much of the company that watched from the wings, gasped as Don Juan passionately took Aminta into his arms, and twirled her around, until she was pressed tightly against him, his hooves, covering hers, running across her body in a most arousing and erotic display.

"The bridge is crossed,
so stand and watch it burn…"

Blueblood swallowed the lump in his throat, and tried to look away, his eyes stinging with hateful tears at the sight before him, but found that he could not tear himself away from the passionate display on stage.

Softly, so softly, Discord and Fluttershy sang their last few notes, still holding each other passionately.

"We've past the point of no return…"

The orchestra continued its playing, although Madam Octavia remained looking just as stunned as everyone else. The music slowly faded, and everyone held their breath, lost in the passion of the couple before them.

Blueblood's hoof shook as he brought it to his face, finally turning away, and letting his angry tears flow freely as the Phantom mocked him from on stage, holding the mare Blueblood had longed to possess, against his somehow changed body, running his filthy hooves across her coat, over her curves, and into her hair. And Fluttershy…she leaned against the broad body of the masked fiend, a content smile spread across her face as she felt the Phantom's hooves caress her neck and move into her hair.

Damn them both!

A soft gasp went out from the audience, as suddenly, without the aid of music, Don Juan began to sing, oh so softly, but quite clearly, into Aminta's ear.

"Say you'll share with me one love…one lifetime…"

Fluttershy was lost in the trance of Discord's voice, her eyes closed, her lips curved into a happy smile, a contented purr escaping her throat as she felt his strong fingers run across her chin, her cheeks, her neck…

"Lead me, save me from my solitude…"

Her eyes suddenly fluttered open as she realized the words he was singing.

Don Juan's love song to Aminta! The song that both she and Discord had composed together, the song that marked the different ending to the opera. He was singing it to her, stating his love, asking for her hoof, once more, before all these ponies…

"Say you'll want me with you, here beside you…"

He took her hoof in his and gently turned her to face him, as the passion in his voice erupted into a full crescendo. He was no longer Don Juan, but himself…singing to her.

"Anywhere you go, let me go too!"

Blueblood watched in horror as the audience leaned forward just as Fluttershy was leaning up, on the tips of her toes, her hooves rising to hold the Phantom's masked face, her lips parted, awaiting his kiss…

He couldn't take this anymore!

"Fluttershy, that's all I ask of–"

Without a second thought, Blueblood reached for the pistol in the holster of the policecolt that occupied his box, leapt to his feet, and fired at the couple.

Author's Note: