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The Opera Phantom Discord - Alexandrite Ward

Fluttershy's father is captured by the villianous Discord, Phantom of the Opera! Can she save him while being pursued by the handsome and charming Prince Blueblood?

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"Past the point of no return…no backward glances," Discord softly sang in Fluttershy's ear, his lips teasing the delicate lobe. "The games we've played till now are at an end…"

Fluttershy whimpered as she felt his paw and claw play along her body, stroking the fires of desire once more. "Past all thought of 'if' or 'when'–no use resisting," he growled, before moving his weight over her body. "Abandon thought, and let the dream descend…" he growled.

"What raging fire shall flood the soul?" he groaned, his paw and claw gripping her to wrap around his body. "What rich desire unlocks its door? What sweet seduction lies before us…?" Fluttershy's head thrown back in pleasure as they continued to passionately make love.


The young mare jumped as her day dreams were interrupted by the sound of Rarity's voice.

Fluttershy's face was extremely flushed, her chest was rising and falling at a somewhat rapid pace, and she bit her lip with worry at the perspiration that one may notice on her brow. "My dear…are you all right?" Rarity asked, lifting one purple brow in speculation. "You do seem to be breathing rather hard…"

"I'm fine!" Fluttershy practically squeaked, quickly clearing her throat and giving Rarity a rather nervous smile. "I'm fine, thank you," she murmured, before looking away from the other mare's questioning eyes and focusing once more on the knitting in her lap.

Rarity's brow furrowed at Fluttershy's change in behavior. All week the mare had been behaving strangely. Ever since the night Fluttershy had gone above, things were different. Rarity could not forget how the two of them had returned, Fluttershy screaming at the Master while he carried her over his shoulder. She was worried for Fluttershy, not that she believed the Master would harm the mare, but she knew of Fluttershy's feelings for the Master, and worried that the poor mare's heart would be torn in two.

However, as the days passed since that night, Rarity did not see much of Fluttershy. And when she did come upon the mare, Fluttershy was always humming or smiling, her eyes looking far off in the distance. Something was on the mare's mind, and that same something was still there.

"So are you going to tell me?" Rarity asked, calmly threading her needle and eyeing Fluttershy closely.

Fluttershy practically jumped at the question. "T-t-tell?" she stuttered, before coughing, as if she were clearing her throat.

Rarity could not help but grin slightly. "Yes my dear, after all, we haven't had much of an opportunity to talk since…well, since New Year's Eve."

Fluttershy blushed slightly but continued to look down at her knitting. "Yes, I'm sorry…I've been very…busy, with…rehearsals."

Fluttershy inwardly groaned at herself. She was the worst liar in the world.

"Rehearsals?" Rarity repeated, the tone of her voice obvious and disbelieving, however she didn't press the issue further.

For a long while the two sat in a rather uncomfortable silence, at least uncomfortable for Fluttershy. She knew Rarity was examining her and trying to put the puzzle pieces together. A part of Fluttershy didn't know why she hadn't told the others. After all, it was no secret about her feelings for Discord; they all knew that she was head over heels in love with their master. However, Fluttershy could not help but grin. She rather liked having a secret that was hers and Discord's alone. She believed that the others would be happy for her, especially Rarity, however Fluttershy was unsure exactly how to announce it. Perhaps Discord should be the one to tell them? Perhaps he preferred that they not know? Fluttershy deeply blushed; there was no need to tell them the details, of course. She could only imagine the scolding she would receive from Shortround if knew what was going on in the Phantom's chamber.


Fluttershy glanced up from her knitting and felt her face flush again as she realized that, once more, she had not been listening. Rarity smiled tenderly, but did look somewhat concerned. "You do seem to be daydreaming more frequently than before," she said with a cluck of the tongue. "What is it that consumes your thoughts so?"

Fluttershy's red cheeks only turned redder. "I…w-well…that is…" what should she say? It was silly keeping this a secret, she should tell the others!

"Is it about that night?" Rarity further inquired, watching Fluttershy's face closely.

"W-w-w-what?" Fluttershy practically choked on the nervous lump in her throat.

"The night you and the Master returned! I must say…I've never seen him more infuriated," Rarity shivered. "What did he say? What happened?"

Fluttershy opened her mouth but no words came out. Should she tell her? Tell Rarity that both she and Discord had confessed their feelings for one another and that Discord was as much in love with her as she was with him? She wanted to shout to the world her love! And felt she could freely do so now that he knew and had not turned her away! But it didn't feel right to reveal everything without Discord present. After all, these people were his family long before they became a part of hers.

"Well?" Rarity asked, leaning close and looking into Fluttershy's eyes for answers. Fluttershy continued to stare back at the mare with flushed cheeks and an open mouth, unsure what to say or do–

"You're late."

Fluttershy's mouth closed and both she and Rarity turned their heads to see Discord standing before them, wrapped in shadow, his amber eyes fixed on Fluttershy's face.

"Your lesson began ten minutes ago."

Everything he did, even standing as still as he was and looking at her the way he was…everything he did was predatory. It was easy to see how the Phantom had received his reputation for being a menacing spirit. Yet for Fluttershy, she felt her blood boil and her heart race at the sensual sight of him. Lord, what he did to her.

Rarity was alarmed at Discord's sudden presence, and even more so at his cool crisp tone. "Oh Master, do not be hard on her, she was helping me as you see, with the mending–"

"She knows better than to be late for a music lesson," Discord cut in, his tone unchanging, his eyes never leaving Fluttershy's.

Rarity bit her lip and began to wonder if the two of them were still fighting since the night of the ball. However, as she glanced at Fluttershy and then back at Discord, she could have sworn lightning was passing between the two the way they gazed at one another. What was going on between them?

"Are you going to sit there and waste more of our time?" Discord sighed, folding his arms across his chest and cocking his head to one side, his gaze never faltering.

Fluttershy blushed deeply at his words, her eyes narrowing somewhat, but she rose to her feet and gently placed the mending down. "I'll return to help later, Rarity," she promised the mare, before turning towards Discord and walking passed him with her head held high. Discord could not help but give a wry grin at her behavior.

He turned to follow, but Rarity rushed towards him, her hoof grasping him. "Please be kind, Master," she pleaded. "She's a good mare, you know that." Indeed, he did. However the way he knew Fluttershy was far different than the way Rarity was referring. "One should never be punished for displaying kindness."

Discord cocked an eyebrow at her words. "Even when kindness interferes with punctuality?"

Rarity released his paw as if she had been burnt, however it was more from the cold shock of his words. "What has happened to you Master? You are so…different…" the mare was backing away, hugging the thin shawl she wore about her shoulders even tighter.

Discord sighed and knelt before his friend. "I am still the creature I have always been…" he lied. "And you know of my strictness when it comes to music," to this he was telling the truth. "But rest assured, I will be…kind…to Mademoiselle Fluttershy." He never realized how many meanings the word "kind" could have till now. Without another word, he rose to his full height and exited the chamber, vanishing into the shadows after Fluttershy.

Rarity stared at the Master's retreating figure, her brow furrowed in confusion. "Strange," she muttered to herself.

"What's strange?" Rainbow Dash barked, emerging from the other entrance to the chamber at the opposite end. Shortround and Derpy followed, the hunchback giggling as Carmen, the black kitten, mewed from her shoulder.

"Derpy you shouldn't tease her like that," Rarity scolded as she eyed the tiny ball of black fur scrambling to stay aloft on Derpy's shoulder.

"She l-l-l-likes it!" Derpy defended, scooping the kitten up and placing her on the ground, to which she immediately leapt at her leg, holding fast to the fabric of his trousers in an attempt to climb back onto her shoulder. "S-s-see?"

Rarity rolled her eyes. "I'm going to be mending more holes in your clothes than ever before."

Rainbow Dash, who had collapsed upon the heap of old mattresses that was her bed, asked again, "what's strange?"

Rarity sighed and returned to her mending. "Just…the Master's behavior, that's all."

Shortround's brow furrowed at her words. "I haven't noticed anything different…other than his renewed enthusiasm towards teaching."

Rarity shook her head. "No, it's more than that. Fluttershy's different too. She daydreams more…"

"She's a young mare," Shortrounf reasoned. "They are prone to daydream."

"How would you know?" Rainbow Dash groaned. "You grew up with monks! She's the first young mare you've ever been in close proximity with!"

Rarity cut in before the two of them could begin an argument. "The point is something has changed! Ever since the night they returned from the ball…something's different," she sighed, knowing she would not be able to concentrate on her sewing.

Derpy's head rose as she said this. "W-w-w-what's that do you think?"

Rarity glanced at Derpy and felt color invade her cheeks as her imagination began to run away from her. "I'll tell you when you're older."


Fluttershy's steps quickened as she heard Discord's swift stride come up from behind her. She could only imagine how he looked at that moment; she could feel his eyes burning through her, as well as hear his breathing. She wondered if he could hear the pounding of her heart as she quickened her pace even more.
Finally, they arrived at the music chamber, but Fluttershy did not stop till she reached the piano. Dare she turn around and look into those molten eyes? She could only imagine the darkness of his expression, which would freeze anyone from its coldness…yet for her, it made her blood run hotter. "I am ready maestro," Fluttershy softly murmured, however she let out a great gasp as she felt a very strong claw and paw grab her by the shoulders and swing her around.

"As am I," Discord growled, before crushing his mouth over hers in a hungry desperate kiss that spoke of intense longing and need.

"Discord…" she whimpered, her hooves tangling in his hair.

Discord could only groan, his desire would forever remain ravenous for this extraordinary mare.

He would have it no other way…


Blueblood angrily thumped his hoof along the wooden arm of the uncomfortable chair in which he was seated, his other hoof softly massaging the bridge of his nose, as if trying to call upon some ancient meditation to calm his irritated nerves.
He had once more returned to the police, only this time to see Chief Inspector Silverstar. Silverstar was seated across from him, looking rather befuddled. This expression had been on the inspector's face ever since Blueblood had mentioned the words "Phantom".

"So…you're telling me that…the old stallion's ravings are in fact…true?" Silverstar slowly asked, as if trying to piece together a giant puzzle.

"YES, DAMN IT!" Blueblood roared, the last string of his patience snapping. Silverstar practically fell backwards from his chair.

Blueblood bolted up, the hard discomfort of the chair becoming more than he could bear, and it took every ounce of will power to not pick the chair up and fling it across the room in rage. He pressed his hooves on the small table between himself and Silverstar and leaned across, a dark menacing shadow falling across his face. "The Phantom is real…I saw him with my own eyes on the night of the New Year's Eve masquerade. He was there…he is not a myth, he is not a specter, he is a flesh and blood stallion…and he lives somewhere in the Maris Opera House."

Silverstar swallowed the large nervous lump in his throat, his body shrinking back into his chair. "B-b-but, forgive me monsieur…b-b-but how can you be sure it was indeed the Phantom? It was a masquerade–"

"I KNOW WHAT IT BLOODY WAS!" Blueblood shouted, slamming his fist upon the table. "But that was NO guest, that…was…the PHANTOM!" he said through thin clipped lips. "His costume was red from head to toe, he wore a mask that looked like a skull…trust me…it was him."

Silverstar wasn't exactly sure how to respond. After all, he had always believed that the ghost stories about the Phantom of the Opera were simply that: ghost stories! Yet now, the Prince, the Maris Opera House's greatest patron, was telling him the stories were true! He was so confused; he was not sure what exactly to believe. The only thing he was sure about was that he did not wish to anger the Princefurther.

"Forgive me for asking, monsieur," Silverstar said very carefully. "But…why do you think the Phantom would show himself…now? I thought he relied upon notes to make his presence known…why suddenly reveal himself?"

Blueblood leaned away from the table, straightening his suit jacket and pulling a cigar from his the left breast pocket just inside. "I invited him," he simply said as he lit the cigar.

Silverstar's eyes widened with even more confusion. "I beg your pardon?"

Blueblood sighed and inhaled the smoke deeply. "The whole purpose of the masquerade was to bring him forth. Or, as I had suspected at the time, to reveal who the prankster was that was playing the part of 'the Phantom'," he explained. "Along with the countless notes the managers had been receiving, arrived a score…a score for a new opera."

Silverstar's brow furrowed. His wife was the opera lover, not him. However, he knew that his wife would have told him if something like a new opera was going to be performed. And as he recalled, he had received no such news. "It was believed that this score came from the Phantom then?" he asked, still being careful with his words.

"It WAS from the Phantom," Blueblood growled, exhaling a thick gray cloud of smoke in Silverstar's face. "It was the Phantom's opera! He wrote an opera that he demands to be performed before the end of the opera season," he took another long puff on the cigar. "So I set the trap, using the score as bait to draw him in. I had the managers arrange for a grand masquerade ball to take place on New Year's Eve, and at the stroke of midnight, an announcement would be made in regards to a change in the opera season," he exhaled the smoke, his eyes fixed on an invisible object, his voice sounding far off. "It seemed clever at the time…the perfect trap," he sighed and sat back down into the hard wooden chair across from Silverstar. "But the tables were turned; instead of him calling my bluff, I discovered that I, and everypony else, were calling his. He made the announcement himself about his own opera, and more or less…introduced himself to the whole world."

Silverstar was still coughing from the smoke that had been blown in his face. "So…" he paused to cough. "He told everypony that he was in fact…the Phantom?"

"NO!" Blueblood growled, turning his head away in disgust. "But he did announce that it was he that had written the opera; that the opera was going to be performed, and the rest of the season was canceled." Blueblood groaned at the memory of all the ponies he had been speaking with over the last few days; all were demanding to know what was going on and who the creature dressed as Red Death was. He had been so busy making excuses over the last few days that he had been unable to speak with Silverstar till now, practically a week after the incident.

Silverstar's brow was furrowed with confusion once more. "Monsieur, please know that I hold your opinion in highest regard," he hastily said. "I just struggle with understanding how you know that this masked stallion, who did not reveal himself as the Phantom…is in fact, the Phantom?"

Blueblood's first reaction was to shout at the stallion, to grab him by the collar of his suit and throw him against the wall before spitting the truth in his face.

But he restrained himself.

Instead, he gripped the end of the chair very tightly, while taking another long puff on the cigar, inhaling a large cloud of gray smoke before breathing it all out. "I am not a superstitious stallion…I do not fall prey to ghost stories, I do not believe in fate, and I certainly question everything I'm told, as well as everything I see," he said simply, his voice clear and even, but also low and menacing. "Since my father's time, I recall hearing tales about the so-called 'Phantom'…and I never believed them. Even after I began receiving notes signed 'O.G.', I still held to the understanding that it was someone's ill attempt at having fun. Trust me Silverstar, when I say that I am the last stallion in this world to ever believe that the Phantom of the Opera exists…and yet I have seen the damn beast with my own eyes!" he growled, throwing his cigar against the wall.

Silverstar cringed at the motion, unsure what to say or do. Calming the Prince was perhaps the best thing. "Alright, alright, this creature that you saw is the Phantom, the Phantom does exist," he reasoned. "But, forgive me," he cringed somewhat further. "I am unsure what exactly I can do…"

Blueblood's face paled; his eyes went wide with disbelief at what Silverstar had said. "You're the chief inspector! Rally your officers together and arrest him!"

"How?" Silverstar argued. "Where do I go? I know, I know, you said he lives in the opera house," he quickly cut in. "But where do I begin to look? That building is huge! I can't have my officers looking under every nook and cranny for the Phantom…why, he may not even live in the opera house! We don't truly know for sure, monsieur, and further more," he added before Blueblood could interrupt. "On what charges can I arrest him if I do find him?"

These words were almost too much. "What charges…? WHAT CHARGES?" he rose from his chair causing it to fall backward with a loud thud. "MURDER! THEFT! KIDNAPPING! ARE THOSE CHARGES WORTHY ENOUGH?" he pounded his hooves hard onto the table.

Silverstar raised his hooves, both as a sign to calm the Prince down, as well as to defend himself should the stallion become violent. "I don't know of such charges, monsieur! I mean, I have heard of…of accidents that have occurred over the years there, and the old stallion claims his daughter–"


Silverstar lifted his hooves higher, praying he could bring reason back to this situation. "Monsieur, you told me this when you arrived! You told me that at the time you didn't know it was Time Turner's daughter until the Phantom took her! She was costumed, she wore a mask, and no one else has mentioned anything about the incident until now, and it's been a week since! It is not enough evidence for me to conduct a proper investigation, I am sorry!"

Blueblood was seething. He glared at the chief inspector from across the table, his eyes wild with green fire, his palms flat on the table, his jaw set and the muscles under his eyes twitching. "Mark my words, Silverstar," he hissed. "You will regret this day…" he pointed a hoof at the stallion, and then, in a great rage, grabbed the wooden table between the two of them and threw it hard against the wall, causing it to shatter into several large pieces. "REGRET IT!" he roared, before turning on his heel and stalking out.

Silverstar did not move; even after the Prince left, he remained in his chair, afraid to move.

Blueblood pushed passed anypony who was in his way and marched directly to his carriage. "Take me to the Opera House!" he barked at his driver.

The carriage driver cringed at the Prince's voice, knowing from the tone that things had not gone well. "Inspector Silverstar will not be able to help?" he carefully asked.

Blueblood simply sat back and stared ahead at an invisible target, the muscles under his eyes still twitching with anger. "Oh he'll help, I'll see to that," he vowed. "He just needs a little…persuasion…evidence to convince him to look into this matter."

The carriage driver shivered at his master's words; however it was what he said afterward that made his blood run cold. "If evidence is what he wants…I'll make sure that is what he gets…now DRIVE ON!" Blueblood roared, the carriage driver quickly scrambling to his seat and urging the horses at a quick pace to head to the Prince's destination.

Blueblood stared out the window of his carriage at the citizens of Maris; however his gaze was a thousand miles away. He was concocting a plan, a plan that would rid him of this Phantom once and for all, as well as return the beautiful Fluttershy to him once more.

He would have that Mare; she would be his in every sense of the word, she and the fortune that was going to be left to her once the Marquis Filthy Rich finally died. Nothing was going to stop him, he had never failed in a conquest before, and he wasn't going to start now.

Yes, he thought, a devious smile spreading across his hoofsome features. She would be his bride…and on their wedding day…he would have them dance on the Phantom's grave.

Author's Note:

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