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The Opera Phantom Discord - Alexandrite Ward

Fluttershy's father is captured by the villianous Discord, Phantom of the Opera! Can she save him while being pursued by the handsome and charming Prince Blueblood?

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Fluttershy awoke that morning feeling energized and happy, a feeling she had not had in a long time. She stretched her arms over her head and yawned before she realized what day it was.

Today she would begin singing again.

One week ago Discord had told her she needed to rest her voice. Originally it was for a day, but he later informed her that a week would truly be more suitable and thus gave her strict instructions on how to take care of her voice, from drinking Rarity's special tea to doing breathing exercises that would help her draw upon the strength of her diaphragm for support rather than her throat.

Fluttershy had to admit, when he informed her of this, she was somewhat disappointed.

Truth was, her voice and throat felt much better; however she followed her tutor's instructions, although she was saddened by the simple fact that it would be a while before she could rehearse with him again.

She didn't know why she was eager to rehearse with him, after all, the other times had been grueling and stressful; yet now…after he came and apologized to her, she found that she couldn't wait to see him…and be alone with him again.

She liked how her voice pleased him. She tried to not let his praises go to her head, but now and then she couldn't help but feel like a star, a prima donna in the making. She just hoped and prayed that if she ever got her chance to perform on stage in a leading role, she would not become like Fleur De Lis.

The days that passed during her resting period were long and rather dull. She tried to pass her time by doing specific activities, such as helping Rarity repair holes and sew new clothes for the others, to being an audience for Derpy who was so excited at her progress with learning to read. Shortround showed her how to get around the tunnels of Discord's labyrinth, and what to watch out for if she ever got lost. Fluttershy was adapting more and more to her underground home; her eyesight was growing keener in the darkness, and her ability to know what time it was despite the shadows that surrounded them was improving as well. Even Rainbow Dash was beginning to become comfortable with her presence, even though he continued to keep his distance. She recalled how earlier in the week the three came to her chamber announcing that they had specific instructions from Discord to build Fluttershy a fireplace. They set to work right away, Rainbow Dash supervising for the most part, demanding that it be perfect. Several hours later, their work was complete, and Fluttershy had a cozy little fireplace to keep her chamber warm as the late autumn nights grew colder and colder. She thanked all of them and it was Raindow Dash who replied a simple, and somewhat gruff, "you're welcome", before turning and leaving. Fluttershy could have sworn she saw the hint of a smile on her lips, but she knew that she would never admit it.

The week went on slowly, and while she was grateful for the company of Rarity, Derpy, Shortround, and yes, even Rainbow Dash…the creature she longed to be with most kept himself hidden away in his chamber, composing.

Sometimes late at night, Fluttershy would lie in bed and listen to him playing his organ. She had never realized what a beautiful instrument the organ was until she heard him play it. Sometimes he would play sonatas by the great composers, other times he would play what she assumed were his own creations. But all of them were beautiful, and she would be lulled to sleep by their haunting lullaby.

It was two days before the end of her resting period when she finally saw Discord again. She was in her chamber, sewing a patch onto one of the dresses he had given her which she had accidentally ripped, when he announced his dark presence by silently standing in her entryway, not saying a word until she noticed his form casting a dark shadow upon the ground.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, his voice deep and rich, yet filled with genuine concern.

Fluttershy couldn't help but smile, and quickly rose from the chair she was sitting at, patting out the crinkles in her skirt, and walking towards him, her hooves folded in front of her. "Much better, thank you," she said brightly, blushing as she realized how silly she must sound.

Discord however smiled at her cheery tone, his own posture relaxing as well. "I'm glad to hear it…but we will wait till the week is over before we begin again," he instructed. Fluttershy nodded her head, knowing that was what he would say, however she couldn't help but feel disappointed.

"Are you practicing those exercises like I taught you?" he inquired, fully entering the chamber now and pacing around the small space. Discord couldn't help but feel somewhat out of place. The chamber was small and lovely, with lace and velvet and silk to decorate it and the smell of lavender and rose petals perfuming the air. Basically, it was everything he wasn't. He feared that if he turned too abruptly he may break something!

Fluttershy smiled and blushed a little more. "Yes, every morning and evening for twenty minutes at a time."

Discord turned and smiled at her, feeling pride for his young pupil. Things were different now; her eyes seemed brighter and her face seemed to have this beautiful glow that radiated off her skin despite the darkness that surrounded her. He too felt the difference; once upon a time he feared that being close to her would cause him to lose control…yet now, he had resorted to not only be strictly "professional", but…somewhat friendly as well. He was sure that by behaving in such a manner, he would be able to keep his emotions in check, and not stress so much about their next encounter. Plus, his compositions were being inspired with new intensity and life! Indeed…he was glad things were changing.

"Good, keep it up. When we next meet to rehearse, your diaphragm will be able to help you with those higher notes, as well as perfecting your breath control for the longer sets." Fluttershy nodded her head, a small sad frown forming on her lips as she saw him turn and head out of the chamber. "Oh!" he turned around and pulled something out of the pocket of his jacket. "I thought…perhaps you would appreciate these to pass the time?" Discord felt somewhat foolish as he held out a bulky paper package, imagining what he must look like.

Fluttershy was surprised by the gesture, and noticing his embarrassment, quickly took the package from his paw, blushing as her hoof and his paw brushed for a moment, and then quickly unwrapping it. Discord winced. "You really don't need to do that now…" but it was too late, she had unwrapped it and gasped.

"The Bronte sisters…the poems of Lord Byron…and a collection of gothic short stories!" Discord was not expecting the reaction to which she had. Her face lit up like a star, her eyes glowed with happiness, and she actually began to jump up and down! "Oh thank you so much! I have missed reading, especially books like these!" Suddenly, without warning, Fluttershy threw herself around him and hugged him tightly. Discord did not know what to do! He was surprised to say the least! Before he had a chance to react, Fluttershy suddenly released him, her cheeks aflame as she realized what she had done.

In that brief moment, Discord caught the smell of her hair, which reminded him of fresh cut roses and jasmine. He felt the smoothness of her coat against his neck as she stood on her tips to hug him, and he felt the gentleness of her body against his chest, which caused his body to stir with passionate awakening.

As for Fluttershy, she had felt the strength of his muscles beneath his finely made clothes, and there was a pleasant fragrance about him…the smell of candle wax from the long nights he stayed up composing, and incense that he had burning in his chamber. It was a sweet masculine smell; she blushed for she did not know what stallions should smell like…but she believed that they should smell the way Discord smelt. "T-t-t-thank you," she stuttered, blushing furiously for her boldness. "How…how did you know?"

Discord straightened his jacket and shirt, his posture going stiff again. "I had the book of Byron's poems…sometimes I look to them for inspiration while composing…and as for the others, I…well, I found them…above…" In truth, the previous night Discord had gone above to the streets of Maris, keeping himself hidden in the shadows. There was an old bookshop near the Opera House that Madame Luna had gathered many of the books for himself and the others. Not being on present speaking terms with her was not making life easy for all of them, but Discord saw a colt in the same ally he occupied, looking very hungry. With his hat tipped low and the collar of his cape lifted high, he promised the colt several gold coins for food if he would fetch some books for him in the shop ahead. The colt eagerly took the list of books Discord had given him and set about on his task. Pleased with what the colt was able to get, Discord kept his promise and awarded the colt with enough money to not only feed himself and his family for that night, but for a whole week.

"Derpy had told me how much you love to read…" he rambled on. "And…she also explained the type of books you liked. I just thought that perhaps…these would help, with passing the time…" he could kill himself for how foolish he sounded.

But Fluttershy was more than happy. Books like these were childhood friends to her, and more than that; they reminded her of her mother and of the nights they would stay up late finishing the chapter they were currently reading, and then having to read the next for fear of what would happen to the heroine and her lover. "Thank you so much…" Fluttershy whispered, so moved by his kindness that she felt some tears behind her lashes. She quickly blinked them away.

Discord gave her a soft smile before bowing, as he seemed to do whenever they were together, which made her feel like a princess. Before he turned to go, he glanced at her fireplace, seeing the small but warm glowing embers burning in its center. "Are you warm at night?" he asked, once again showing her some genuine caring and concern. "Is the fireplace doing its duty?"

Fluttershy smiled and nodded her head. "Yes, thank you, it's very lovely."

Discord smiled and bowed once more, before retreating into the shadows beyond her chamber. Fluttershy listened as his steps faded away into the distance before leaping with joy once more and jumping onto her bed with a large flop. She grinned as she picked up one of the books, settling back for a wonderful adventure of gothic mystery and romance.

And that was how she spent her last few days of resting. Now the morning had come when she would begin again. A part of her was somewhat worried; had things truly changed between her and Discord? True, they seemed to be friendlier now, and he was showing her more kindness than before…but what would happen when she started singing again? Would the task-master resurface? She knew that he would still be demanding and strict, but would he be considerate and caring as well?

She shook her worries away, feeling that today was the beginning of something new. Today she would sing for him not because she had to, but because she wanted to. She loved music just as much as she loved her books. And she would show him the same passion he had for music, and perhaps then they could truly grow into what she hoped for, more than anything…friends.


"And again…" Discord commanded, his paw and claw brushing over the keys of the piano with both delicacy and precision.
Fluttershy nodded her head and took a deep breath, singing the familiar cords once more.

"Think of me…
Think of me fondly
When we've said goodbye…
Remember me,
Once in a while
Please promise me, you'll try.
When you find,
That once again you long,
To take your heart back and be free…
If you ever find a moment,
Spare a thought for me."

Discord stopped playing and Fluttershy bit her lip. What had she done wrong now? They had been rehearsing for about two hours now, and for the last hour they had been working on Don Juan Triumphant.

When she first arrived, Fluttershy decided to wear a purple gown with lace ruffles that she remembered Discord admiring once in the past. When he first caught sight of her entering his music chamber, his breath caught in his throat. She looked beautiful; beyond lovely, and it wasn't the dress, for he had seen her wear that dress before. It was the way her hair fell about her face, the way her blue eyes sparkled in the candlelight, the way her smile spread across her fine features. Discord rose from the piano bench and bowed, to which she gave a gentle curtsy. "Monsieur Discord," she greeted, with a warm smile.

"Mademoiselle Fluttershy," he greeted back, feeling a smile break across his own hard features. She approached the piano with confidence, ready to sing, but before they began, Discord had her go through a few breathing exercises once more, just to be sure she was ready. He cursed himself when he realized that his eyes had drifted over her body while she went through the exercises. A professional instructor does not leer at his student, Discord inwardly reprimanded. He then began to play some scales on the piano, to which Fluttershy sang back to him.

After the scales, Discord chose to play some Italian arias for Fluttershy to sing. "On 'la'," he instructed, and she followed his lead. "You need to support yourself more during this bar; sneak a breath in if you must, although you need to try and get to a point when you can fully rely on your breath support to get you through." Fluttershy nodded her head and did as he instructed, going over the arias several times before Discord felt she was finally gaining confidence in her breath support to get her through. At this point, he felt it was time to move to Don Juan.

For the last hour they had been practicing various songs that Aminta sung in the opera, and for the last twenty minutes, they had been working meticulously on one of Aminta's main songs, "Think of Me." If Fluttershy had to pick, she would have to admit that this was her favorite song of Aminta's. However, there were little things that caused Discord to moan and groan over; she needed to carry the notes further, she needed to remember her cut off, she needed to save her breath for this bar, not that one. Yet Discord's suggestions were not like before; yes, it was obvious that he was demanding perfection, but now, instead of dreading to sing, Fluttershy felt encouraged, even empowered, to do better. She too wanted it to be perfect, and so each time he asked her to sing it again, she did, with new confidence that she was going to get it better.

She looked at him after he had her stop, wondering what she had done wrong and what she needed to do better. She waited for his instructions, but instead, he was staring at her, a small smile slowly spreading across his face. "That…was perfect," he whispered.

Fluttershy stared back at him. "A-a-are you sure? Because…I thought that perhaps I stumbled a little there with those notes around the second measure-"

Discord found himself chuckling. "Good God, I've created a monster," he laughed, grinning up at her and smiling as he saw her smile back. "You sang that beautifully…and I would like it very much if you could sing the whole thing now, no stopping, and with as much confidence that I know you possess. Let your spirit shine through Fluttershy," he instructed, his voice dark and sensuous, causing shivers to run up and down her spine. She nodded her head and listened as the introduction to the song began again.

"Think of me…
Think of me fondly
When we've said goodbye…
Remember me,
Once in a while
Please promise me, you'll try.
When you find,
That once again you long,
To take your heart back and be free…
If you ever find a moment,
Spare a thought for me."

He continued playing, conducting her with nods of his head, and Fluttershy continued singing, closing her eyes and pouring her heart into the song.

"We never said,
Our love was evergreen,
Or as unchanging as the sea–
But if you can still remember,
Stop and think of me…"

"Think of all the things we've shared and seen–
Don't think about the things which might have been…"

She opened her eyes then and looked directly at Discord.

"Think of me,
Think of me waking,
Silent and resigned.
Imagine me,
Trying too hard
To put you from my mind.
Recall those days,
Look back on all those times,
Think of things we'll never do–
There will never be a day, when
I won't think of you!"

Their eyes were locked with one another and Discord continued playing, for this was a large orchestral interlude in the middle of the song. Her voice was like heaven…he had never known such exquisiteness, that such purity could exist in such a world. And while their gazes were focused on each other, Fluttershy didn't miss a beat, she continued singing when the interlude ended, closing her eyes and feeling the music wrap around her like a blanket.

"We never said,
Our love was evergreen,
Or as unchanging as the sea–
But if you can still remember,
Stop and think…"

She paused. In the song, she was supposed to continue and end like she had earlier, but instead she seemed to be lost in her thoughts. Discord was both puzzled and worried, and his playing immediately came to a stop. But before he could ask her what was wrong, her voice, like a crisp clear bell, rang throughout the cavern.

"A-a-a-a-ahhh! A-a-a-ahhh! A-a-a-a-a-a-a-ahhhhhhhhhhhh…." She carried the notes out as if she were performing a scale and Discord was at a loss.

Then, his instinct for music kicked in, and his paw and claw came crashing down on the piano, matching what her voice was doing for a large climatic finish.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhoooof me!"

His paw and claw hit the final cords of the piano, and they both let out long ragged breaths, each surprised and startled by what had just happened.

Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes, the spell of the song coming to an end, and her lips curled in a beautiful smile. She had no idea what had just happened, but it was like the music had urged her to make the song her own, to possess it, to lose herself in its passionate cords. She looked at Discord, her smile bright and wide, but it quickly disappeared as she saw the dark expression on his face. He was displeased.

"I…I'm sorry," she whispered, her cheeks turning a bright shade of red. "I…please, forgive me, I don't know what came over me…I just…I thought…"

"That you would improve the song?" he asked, lifting his unmasked eyebrow.

Fluttershy paled. "Oh no! No, it's beautiful the way it is! I would never dream of-"

"There is no need to apologize," Discord interrupted, his voice entirely sincere. Fluttershy stared at him, trying to read his eyes, to see if he meant it…and was surprised to see that he did! "It was beautiful…" he whispered. "You did something that I had never dreamed possible…and I am extremely humbled."

Fluttershy opened her mouth to protest, but Discord lifted a claw. "No, I mean it. You improved the song, greatly, and I don't want you to change it at all. I shall rewrite it tonight and add your valuable correction to it."

Fluttershy was unsure what to say. She was flattered by his words, but she also felt embarrassed and disheartened for what she had done. Did he now think he was horrible? Far from it! His music was so moving, so captivating; let people say what they will about the great composers, Fluttershy was convinced Discord was one of them. "Discord, I…I want you to know…"

"I think we have had enough rehearsal for today, my dear," he said shortly, his eyes not meeting hers. Fluttershy bit her lip, feeling that she had indeed done something wrong.

"A-a-already?" she whispered. In the past, they would sometimes rehearse the whole day. "But it's only been two hours-"

"It was wrong of me to force you to sing all that time before," he simply said. "A good tutor knows when it is time to end for the day, and today is a perfect time. We have reached perfection my dear…there is no point with trying to out do it."

Fluttershy could understand what he was saying, but she still felt responsible and guilty for what she had done. "But-"

"Please," he whispered, raising a paw and rising from the piano bench, his height and width towering above her. They were so close that they could feel the other breathing. "Don't apologize for what you have done…" his gloved claw reached out to brush away a few curls that had fallen across her cheek. Fluttershy stood frozen as she felt the gentle brush of his leather-clad paw and claw. Discord himself could have sworn that despite the glove, he could feel the softness of her coat. "I want you to promise me something…" his voice was rich and silky, his gaze hypnotic and locked with her own. Fluttershy knew that no matter what he asked, she would not be able to deny him. "I want you to promise me that you'll never hold back, that you'll always share your thoughts, your ideas, and your feelings when it comes to music," his claw gently continued brushing her cheek, his own eyes drowning within hers. "I want there to be truth between us…will you promise me this?" Fluttershy read the plea in his eyes, and more than anything, she wanted to wrap her arms around him and tell him she'd do anything he wanted, that she could never deny him, especially when he looked at her that way, and spoke to her so gently, and touched her as if she were made of hoof-cut glass.

Somehow, she found her voice, and quickly answered him. "Yes," she whispered. "I promise you."

Discord felt relief flood him at her promise, and reluctantly withdrew his claw. He had been lost in her voice, in her song, and now simply in her presence.

And it frightened him.

"Now," he cleared his throat, moving away from her. "I suggest you go and rest your voice, and we'll begin again tomorrow."

Fluttershy watched him as he gathered his parchment together and continued to move further and further away from her. She suddenly felt very cold, and wrapped her arms around her body, knowing that she must go, but wanting to stay more than anything. She was scared; scared of the feelings he was stirring within her, and scared of what it all meant. Could one's opinion, one's outlook, and one's very feelings towards a person change overnight or within a week? She would have said no once upon a time…but now, as she stood in the presence of the Phantom of the Opera…she had to admit that yes, it could happen. She did not see this creature as her enemy anymore. She wanted to call him friend. And her heart…she was so confused with how her heart wanted to know him.

"Good day then," she whispered, giving a small curtsy, to which he responded with an elegant bow. She had hoped he would reach out and take her hoof once again and kiss it, but he made no such gesture, and it was just as well, she thought. But before she left, she turned to him and said, "I just…I want you to know that…you may come and visit me whenever you like…" she felt the heat rise in her cheeks, knowing how foolish she must sound, but wanting him to know that he was welcome. "Good day," she quickly said, before rushing out of there before he could say anything to her.

Once upon a time Discord had told her he was not a princely hero at the end of a storybook romance; that day, Fluttershy realized how greatly she disagreed with that thought.

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