• Published 2nd Feb 2013
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The Opera Phantom Discord - Alexandrite Ward

Fluttershy's father is captured by the villianous Discord, Phantom of the Opera! Can she save him while being pursued by the handsome and charming Prince Blueblood?

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Blueblood groaned, his head aching as he held the cold wet cloth to his right temple. There was far too much noise going on in the managers' tiny office, and what he needed now more than ever was peace and quiet.

"Send everypony home!" he growled at the managers who were trying to keep ponies calm and who were running out of excuses to explain what had happened that night.

"We're trying monsieur!"Flam said with desperation. "We're trying our best!"

"Try harder!" Blueblood barked, cradling his head and moaning at the throbbing ache of his temple.

Fleur De Lis was pacing back and forth, fuming at the events of the evening, while Fancypants, like a lapdog, was following her every direction. "The party was ruined!" she cried. "I can't believe you let that happen!" she shouted at all the stallions in the office.

"It was not intentional, my dear," Blueblood grumbled.

"Fleur De Lis is quite right!" Fancypants scolded. "That party was in her honor! It was thrown so that all of Maris would know that their prima donna lives on! And you let that…that mad stallion, steal her glory!"

Normally Fleur De Lis would tell Fancypants to shut up, however, because he was filling her ears with words she wanted to hear, she simply patted her dog on the head while lifting her nose in the air. "The ball was in honor of the whole company," Blueblood muttered. "And once again…everything that happened tonight was not done intentionally!"

Fleur De Lis glared at the stallion who she had shared her bed with for well over a year. "I can't believe you let him get away!" she spat.

Blueblood glared at her. "I'm not sure if you noticed my dear, but I was the only one attempting to stop him before he…he performed that…that 'spell', so to speak! I don't recall seeing your precious Fancypants racing into action to stop him!"

Fancypants sputtered at Blueblood's insult, however had nothing to say as it was true. "And I'm sorry I failed to follow him after he branded me over the head…let alone choke me to death!" Blueblood growled, muttering obscenities to himself while clutching the cloth to his head.

"Madame Luna is seeing out all the guests," Flim declared, before collapsing into his own chair. "Thank Goodness for that mare…"

"And the way she can order ponies," Flam commented, also collapsing.

Blueblood looked at the two managers, his eyes glowing wildly. "Madame Luna…GET MADAME LUNA IN HERE NOW!"

The two managers stared at the Prince as if he were mad. "G-g-get Madame Luna…now?"

"Yes, damn it! Bring her here at once!" he swore as the pain in his head throbbed all the more harder. "Get her in here now!" Flam and Flim exchanged exhausted glances, before they rose from their chairs to retrieve the dance mistress.

Fleur De Lis continued to glare at Blueblood. "Perhaps none of this would have happened if you hadn't been dancing with that…that…that twit!"

Blueblood glared right back. "You can not possibly be serious," he muttered.

Fleur De Lis lifted her chin, securing her fur wrap around her shoulders. "Perhaps if you had been dancing with me instead, rather than that mare, none of this would have happened!"

Blueblood had never wanted to throttle Fleur De Lis more than this very moment. Listening to her high-pitched shrieks of displeasure was more than he could handle. But listening to her lectures was ten times worse. The events of the evening slowly replayed in his head; after the stallion dressed as Red Death had threatened his life, prior to hurling him across the floor, Blueblood watched in horror, hatred, and fascination as the mysterious mare willingly went into the other stallion's arms, dancing with him as if…as if she knew him, and…it caused Blueblood's jaw to clench as he recalled how her body responded to Red Death's touch. He scrambled to his hooves as their agonizing dance finally came to an end. He would have his revenge on whoever the masked fiend was.

And then the loud chimes of midnight could be heard echoing throughout the grand foyer.

"Happy New Year!" Red Death announced to the stunned crowd. The smile in which he wore was one full of cold calculating promise. "Why so silent? After all, you were expecting me, yes?" Everypony simply stared with wide eyes and open mouths. "Well, I suppose there's no need for formalities," he sighed, slowly ascending the great staircase, Fluttershy at his side. "As promised, there is an announcement in regards to the opera season, and since my dear managers appear speechless…perhaps they will allow me to break the news?" Neither Flim nor Flam spoke, they simply stared in awe. "I'm afraid the news is both good and bad," Red Death continued. "What is left of the opera season…has been canceled." Fleur De Lis gave a most indignant gasp that filled the whole room. "However, the reasons for its cancellation are due to the announcement of a new opera…one that will take place at the end of the season: Don Juan Triumphant!"

A great gasp went throughout the whole room, and the two managers paled with realization as who was addressing them. Blueblood on the other hand, who was also in shock, felt his anger flow as the menace who had been causing him so much trouble for far too long…had finally emerged.

"This opera is of my own creation," Red Death explained, causing everypony to gasp even louder, and for the mare in the golden gown to stare at him with wild blue eyes. "And…I suggest my dear messieurs," Red Death directed, his eyes falling on the managers, "that you comply with the list of instructions that I have, here." He then produced a piece of parchment from his waistcoat, thrusting it out into the air. "The instructions are quite clear," he explained. "Therefore it should not be too hard for you to follow them…after all, we would not want any more…accidents…" his eyes fell on Fleur De Lis, who paled and shrank behind Fancypants who stood nearby. "…to occur."

The paw that had been holding the parchment now rose again to his waistcoat. "Thank you Monsieur Blueblood," Red Death saluted with an elegant, as well as mocking, bow. "This has been quite the party…and I do believe it is going to be a most promising new year."

"STOP HIM!" Blueblood roared, pushing past the managers, racing toward the staircase and climbing the steps two at a time. However, Red Death was ahead of him. He removed something small from his waistcoat, threw the object on the ground, which created a small explosion that caused many of the guests to cry out with fear, before disappearing in a great cloud of thick white smoke. However, the stallion had not disappeared entirely, for as Blueblood scrambled through the smoke to find the place Red Death had been standing, he felt a hard thud come crashing against his right temple, causing him to fall backward and roll down several steps.

When he came to, the Opera House was in uproar. Stallions and mares were running around screaming, the managers were trying to calm everyone down, and everywhere he turned, he kept hearing the same words over and over again. "The Phantom of the Opera! He was here! That was him!"

Blueblood was quickly ushered into the managers' office where he was given a cold cloth to press against his head, but all he could think about was the Phantom…and how greatly he had underestimated the situation.

The Phantom was real! That was no stagehand playing a prank. That was a flesh and blood stallion, a creature who dressed like Death, a creature who still possessed a great threat to him and could send him into financial ruin! And, as he recalled the creature's iron grip around his neck, he also possessed unusual strength.

"Here she is!" Flam announced, ushering in the ballet mistress who looked both cold and annoyed that she had been summoned.

"Yes, monsieur?" she sighed, her wings tight behind her back, her expression cold and hard like stone.

Blueblood rubbed his throat once more, before slowly rising from his chair. "Who is he?" he demanded.

Madame Luna's brow furrowed at the Prince's words. "I beg your pardon, monsieur?"

"WHO IS HE?" Blueblood roared, throwing the cloth on the ground. "WHO WAS THAT? TELL ME WHO HE IS AT ONCE!"

Despite the Prince's explosion, Madame Luna remained ever calm and collected. "I do not know, monsieur."

"Horse shit!" Blueblood spat, causing everyone, save for Madame Luna, to gasp. "You know him, you know who he is…and I demand that you tell me at once…or I will see to it that both you and your precious daughter are thrown out onto the street!"

The managers opened their mouths to protest, but were quickly silenced by one of Blueblood's icy stares. Madame Luna, however, did not bat one eye or show any sign of intimidation. "You know who he is monsieur…he did not formally say it, but he made himself quite known tonight."

Blueblood couldn't decide who he wanted to kill more, Fleur De Lis or Madame Luna. "Was that the Phantom?" Blueblood growled.

"What do you think, monsieur?" she asked.

"DAMN IT!" Blueblood roared again. "ANSWER MY QUESTION!"

Madame Luna sighed and lowered her head. "He certainly fits the description, according to what the stagehands say. Mask, cape, tall, dark, and extremely menacing in appearance…it all seems to fit together, does it not?"

Blueblood stormed right up to the mare, towering over her small dark frame, using all the will he had left to not wrap his hooves around her neck and squeeze. "Now listen to me carefully Madame…listen well, for your daughter's dancing career depends greatly upon this answer," he threatened. "Do you know him?"

Madame Luna raised an eyebrow at his question. "How exactly do you mean?"

"YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT I MEAN!" he shouted. "Are you protecting him? Are you a spy for him? ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION!"

Madame Luna ignored the spit that flew in her face from the Prince's shouts. "I have been at this opera house since I was 14. And like all places that are old, there tends to be a history of strange occurrences, and one can not help but begin to believe the mysterious stories they hear, the tales of ghosts lurking in the shadows. Like all those stories, I heard of his too…a creature of darkness that runs everything here–"

"NO!" Blueblood shouted. "I run everything here! Not some…some masked fiend!"

Madame Luna continued, ignoring Bluebloodl's outburst. "For many years, the Maris Opera House ran smoothly, becoming one of the most successful and beloved places of music and art in all of Equestria. However, since we've been under new management," her eyes fell on Flam and Flim who's eyes fell, "problems have arisen…more notes have been written…and there seems to be a growing list of threats."

"And you deny that you are not in league with him?" Blueblood growled.

Madame Luna simply matched his green fire gaze with an even icier one. "If you mean, 'am I out to destroy you' monsieur? No. I have more important matters to deal with; you are not worth the time or effort."

As Fancypants had done earlier, it was Blueblood's turn to sputter in shock. Madame Luna could not repress a tiny smile at this sight. "I know the Phantom of the Opera the same way all the rest of company know him…we know of his presence, we know of his demands, and we know our places and how he likes to run things. But if you mean do I know who he is, and where he is from…I can not answer that for you monsieur, because he is truly an enigma. Like darkness itself, he too is just as aloof."

Blueblood stared at the mare, shocked speechless by everything she had just said. "You're hiding something…" he murmured. "You know more than you're letting on…"

Madame Luna sighed. "If I do monsieur, are you prepared to throw me out, knowing that you will not receive this information? For I assure you, if anything were to happen to either me or my daughter, then the possibility of you learning more…is gone."

Damn the mare! Damn her cleverness and coldness! Blueblood turned away from her, barking an order to the managers to remove her at once from the office. He collapsed once again into his chair, both his hooves rising to cradle his aching head. The Phantom was real…he was no myth, no ghost story, no nightmarish figment…but a real flesh and blood stallion. Crafty Crate had been right; Time Turner had been right; everypony who believed in the Phantom had been right! And tonight, his plan had fallen to pieces; the Phantom answered his bluff, but instead of having control, Blueblood lost it and the Phantom immediately swept it, grabbed it, and announced his opera to the whole of Maris, showing everypony how much of a fool he, Prince Blueblood, was.

Alright, Blueblood thought. If it's war this ghost wants, then war is what he'll get!

"This is that mare's fault!" Fleur De Lis exclaimed after Madame Luna was removed from the office. "Did you not see how possessive he was to her?" she swore. "If you had released her, no, if you hadn't danced with her in the first place, then none of this would have happened!"

Blueblood was ready to roar at the spoiled soprano, but stopped himself, her words catching him off guard. "Possessive?" he whispered.

Fleur De Lis stared at Blueblood as if he were crazy. "Yes! You were there! You saw how possessive he was of her, whoever she was," she muttered.

It struck him then. The hair…the voice…the eyes…everything…

"Fluttershy…" he whispered.

"Beg your pardon, monsieur?" Flim asked.

"Nothing," Blueblood grumbled, rising from his chair once more and walking over to the fireplace, his eyes reflecting the burning embers. The allusive Fluttershy…the old stallion was right; she was the Phantom's prisoner.

But why then, had she gone so willingly into his arms? Why did it seem as if…she enjoyed their dance? His jaw clenched all the more as the images of the Phantom and Fluttershy dancing together floated across his memory. Why was she there in the first place?

"Escape…" he whispered. Of course…she was hoping to escape her captor's clutches! That had to be it! And she was pretending to be a nobody so as to not draw the Phantom's attention! She had found him because, as Time Turner had said, he was the only one who could help her. The Phantom found her before she could escape, and most likely took her with him again. The poor dear…especially since she was filthy rich and had no idea.

He only hoped that the goods weren't damaged; he wanted to be the first to be with her.

"Monsieur?" Flim called out, glancing at Flam with worry. "Monsieur! What should we do?"

Blueblood shook his head, focusing again on the managers before him. "Do? We…" he paused, thinking quickly. "We play his game," he finally concluded.

Both managers began to cough and choke. "W-w-what!"

"Yes gentlecolts, I fully intend to play along, to announce to all of Maris, as our dear Phantom suggested, that the rest of the opera season has been canceled and to make way for…for whatever he calls it," he muttered with a wave of his hoof.

"Yes, and then what?" Flam inquired.

Blueblood stared at the flames as they seemed to roar with a new life. "Then, we set the trap…only this time, we'll use better bait…and we'll know how big of a trap to get."


"DISCORD! DISCORD YOU PUT ME DOWN AT ONCE!" Fluttershy shrieked, her tiny hooves pounding as hard as they could into the Phantom's back, yet she could put a dent in it for all she knew…he showed no sign of releasing her.

After Discord's revelation to the whole ball, and before the Prince could reach them, he threw some sort of vile onto the ground, causing a great explosion and a large cloud of white smoke to be released, offering the two of them the perfect escape. She gasped as she felt his arm wrap around her, no longer that of a stallion but changed back into the creature she truly knew, and bit back a scream as she felt the ground beneath her hooves disappear. Yet as always, Discord was by her side, keeping her safe, knowing exactly what he was doing. She wondered how many trap doors were in this theater.

The fall was not long, and amazingly enough, they landed softly on the ground. Discord said nothing; he simply grabbed hold of her hoof and broke out into a fast-paced gallop. She clung to his paw to keep up; cursing the slippers she wore as well as the beautiful, but very heavy, skirts of her gown. Finally, when they at last came to an area that she recognized, he stopped his running, which only caused Fluttershy to bump into his back, before turning on her, fiery rage alight in his eyes.


Fluttershy shook his paw from her and squared her shoulders, her own eyes returning his glare. "I WAS TRYING TO WARN YOU!" she spat. "UNLIKE YOU, I HAPPEN TO CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR FRIENDS!"

Discord growled low and deep, a dangerous growl which caused the hairs on the back of Fluttershy's neck to rise. "I don't need your help! I am PERFECTLY capable of looking after myself!" he hissed. "I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING! AND HOW DARE YOU CLAIM THAT I DON'T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM!"

Fluttershy turned her back on him, the rage boiling in her blood. She had gone above not only out of concern, but out of love for him, pure passion-filled love! And for one beautiful moment, she was able to forget the danger they were both in, and lose herself in his arms.

But that moment had been shattered.

Reality had come crashing back like the icy cold waters of the ocean. Once again, the creature who hid behind the mask stood before her, the creature who refused to allow anyone or anything to get truly close to him. "Don't walk away from me," he growled, crossing the short distance between them in one easy stride. His paw grasped her shoulders and he swirled her around to face him. Angry at his gesture, Fluttershy pushed against his chest with all her might, her body momentarily free from his grasp.

"Don't touch me!" she shouted. "And don't tell me what to do! I'm not a filly or some…some slave you can command whenever you wish!"

Discord's eyes were growing darker by the second. His paw and claw were flexing back and forth into fists of rage. "You are a thorn in my side is what you are!" he bellowed.

Fluttershy lifted her chin with indignation. "Well, I beg your pardon, monsieur," she said with great sarcasm, offering a curtsy which reflected her tone of voice. "I shall remember that next time you throw yourself into danger–"


"Oh really? What pray tell do you think the Prince was up to? That it was a simple and friendly invitation? That he wanted the two of you to let bygones be bygones?"

DIscord gritted his teeth. "I could tell you enjoyed his company," he growled with loathing. "Perhaps you should tell the truth my dear…that 'coming to my rescue' so to speak, was an excuse to play dress-up and buck the Prince!"

Fluttershy's eyes widened at his coarse language. "HOW DARE YOU!" she cried, her right hoof rising to slap his face, even though the skull mask that he wore would catch her blow.

Discord however moved quicker, grasping her wrist with his large powerful claw, his eyes locking with hers. "Have I struck a nerve?"

Fluttershy screamed with rage and pounded her free hoof against his chest. Without another word or thought, Discord easily scooped her up, and much to her disdain, threw her over his shoulder, ignoring her high-pitched protests and pounding hooves.

He spoke not one word to her as he carried her back to his lair, the whole way Fluttershy screaming for freedom. "PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT DISCORD! PUT ME DOWN!" Yet it was no use, Discord was in one of his determined moods which meant nothing, not even all the angels of heaven and the demons from hell could stop him.

The others heard Fluttershy's screams and came into the tunnels, happy to see their master alive and unharmed, but trembling with fear as they saw the rage written in his eyes. "ALL OF YOU BACK TO YOUR CHAMBER!" he roared at them. "I have a score to settle with Mademoiselle Fluttershy."

Fluttershy heard his words and momentarily froze her hooves wondering what exactly he meant. But then the fire was boiling within her anew and she wriggled her hooves, pounded his back, she even attempted to pull at his hair, anything to get him to put her down. "I swear Discord, if you do not release me, I'll tear up your music and never sing again!"

Suddenly, without warning, Fluttershy came crashing down onto her backside, gasping as she fell, but thankful for the Persian pillows that softened the blow. She looked around and realized they were in his music chamber. His back was to her and he was removing the red velvet suit coat and sash, as well as changing his mask to the one he normally wore. He only turned to face her until he was satisfied that the mask was securely in place.

Fluttershy's anger only kindled more as she felt her heartbeat betray her; it quickened as she took in the sight of Discord, dressed now in a simple linen shirt, the neck wide open, and the tight red breeches he had worn at the ball. Damn him for being so seductive! Damn her heart for loving him with such a passion! She quickly scrambled to her hooves, throwing off the mask that she still wore, her eyes alight with the same fiery rage, although his seemed so much colder…which was all the more frightening.

"Do not EVER treat me in such a way again!" she shouted, throwing the lace gloves on the floor next to her mask. "And don't you EVER talk to me as you did, you vile, loathsome–"

"Beast?" he offered for her, his arms folding across his chest.

"NO!" she screamed with perhaps a little too much passion. "I wasn't going to say that!"

"Ah, but you were thinking it," he growled, turning his back on her and grabbing hold of a wine bottle to which he pursued to guzzle.

Fluttershy hated it when stallions drank as a way to shut up mares. She reviled the gesture, and knew it would only make things worse. She crossed the chamber to where he stood, and much to his surprise, grabbed hold of the bottle from his fist and threw it hard against the wall.

"DAMNATION MARE!" he shouted, watching the bottle's contents drip down the wall. "ARE YOU MAD?" he roared, grabbing hold of her shoulders and shaking her hard.

"Apparently so since I actually cared to come above and warn you!" she hissed.

Discord pushed her away from him and crossed the chamber again, needing to get away from her, not wanting to lash out, but feeling the desire to do so grow by the second. "I told you…" he said through very tight lips. "I–"

"Knew what you were doing, yes, yes, I know!" she growled back, crossing the room to where he stood. "How foolish of me to care! How foolish of me to not have seen through your plans!"

He whirled around and grabbed her by the shoulders again. "WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT?" he roared, giving her another good hard shake. "You want me to tell you…how glad I was to see you there? Because I wasn't!" he said with a hard shake. "I thought we had trust, Fluttershy!"

Fluttershy pushed her hooves against his chest, but he was having none of it, his grip on her shoulders did not lesson. "Don't you speak to me about a lack of trust! You clearly have little for me!"

Discord's eyes widened at her words. "I have shown you EVERYTHING! I have taken you through all my tunnels, you know practically every secret passageway of this theater! I have even shared my music and valued your opinions!"

Fluttershy released a cold harsh laugh. "Except when I try to get you to see reason about the character of Aminta!"

Discord felt the demon within him rise up, ready to burst forth and wreak all sorts of havoc. "Do not even attempt to speak with me about that! You yourself proved all too well tonight how much a stallion can trust another mare!"

Fluttershy stared at him, her blue eyes growing wider at his words. "What do you mean by that?" she gasped.

"Oh I think you know my dear," he growled, suddenly sweeping her up in his arms and dancing around the chamber with her. "Have you so easily forgotten the Prince's dance?"

Fluttershy paled and then felt heat rush to her cheeks. Discord scoffed at the sight. "Even now, the mere mention of his name causes you to blush!"

"I only danced with him so as to not cause suspicion!" she hissed. "You know his personality! If I had refused, he would have pursued me all evening, determined to make his conquest! And by dancing with him, I knew that he could not bring any harm to you!"

Discord threw back his head with laughter, the same cold laughter that echoed throughout the grand foyer not so long ago. "Oh how thoughtful of you!" he declared with great sarcasm. "Dancing with my greatest enemy for my benefit! Truly, your kindness knows no boundaries."

Fluttershy shoved against him as hard as she could, not wanting to be in the circle of his arms, wanting to hate him, wanting to loathe him, not wanting to be reminded that despite how greatly he infuriated her, that she still loved him. Discord was also fighting the same battle, telling himself to release her, that this could only lead to more trouble, but the dance they had shared earlier reminded him once again how right she felt in his arms…and how right it felt to be so close to her. No! He had to be strong! He could not lose his senses as he had done that night when they had kissed.

"I've told you before, I care nothing for the Prince!" she spat.

"Oh yes, your disgust with him was quite plain for the entire world to see," he growled.

Fluttershy glared up at him. "I…am…NOT…Pinkamena!" she screamed between each word. "And don't you EVER compare me to her again!"

"I don't have to! It's quite obvious!" he shouted back. Before she could protest he carried on, his grip around her body tightening all the more. "Do not think that your mask saved you from his suspicions…if I recognized you, what makes you think he didn't?"

"What are you talking about?"

Discord's eyes glowed with a dark fire. "Come now! Arriving in such a gown that was made to catch the eye? All the stallions were leering at you when you entered!" he growled at the memory, never before feeling more hatred towards his own gender as in that moment. "And you think he had no memory of your hair?" he asked, his eyes focusing on the lovely pink waves that sparkled with golden jewels. "Or your eyes?" his own focused deeply into hers, and Fluttershy stopped struggling as they locked. "Or the curves of your body?" he whispered deep and low, and she gasped as she felt him rub against her. She suddenly felt dizzy, and that strange sensation had returned between her thighs. Discord's arms tightened even more about her, pushing her body against his, reveling in the feel of her softness against him, wanting to rip her from the gown and feel her skin touch his, to run his paw over her curves, to taste her flesh, to bury himself deep within her and pour his very essence into her soul.

Fluttershy's eyes were fluttering as she gazed up at him, her lips parted, all manner of speech having been robbed. She clung to his arms for balance, but she felt as limp as a doll. Her eyes kept going back and forth between his and his mouth, as were Discord's. They were only a breath away…if she leaned up on the tips of her hooves…and if he bent his head just a little further…

Discord quickly pushed her away from him, releasing her from his grip, practically hobbling away from her as if he had been burned. Fluttershy almost fell to the ground, her knees trembling violently. They stared at one another, only a short distance between the two of them, but Discord dared not cross it. If he did…there would be no turning back.

"L-l-leave me," he whispered, his voice shaking with…fear? Regret? Sorrow? He was feeling all those things at once.

Fluttershy remembered how events had played out the night they had kissed, and Rarity's words were ringing loud and clear in memory. She stood her ground, prepared once again for battle. "No."

Discord looked at her, his paw and claw gripping the piano for support. "This is no game Fluttershy! I mean it! LEAVE ME NOW!"

She took a deep breath and slowly began to approach him. "No," she repeated.

Discord stared at her, his eyes growing wider and the visible side of his face growing paler at her persistence. "I'm warning you…" he growled.

"I'm not leaving you again, Discord," she murmured, her hooves slowly moving to touch his face, but his were faster, gripping her wrists tightly. Yet Fluttershy continued, knowing this was her only chance. "Yes, I was pretending tonight when I danced with the Prince, but not with you…never with you," she whispered passionately. "I loved our dance…" his paw loosened around her wrist and Fluttershy was free to move it over his unmasked cheek. He was holding his breath as he felt her soft touch make contact; his eyes were swimming with tears of confusion, disbelief…and perhaps…hope? "And when we kissed," she murmured, her voice full with emotion as she lifted herself up onto the tips of her hooves, tilting her head to meet his lips, "I was not pretending then either."

"NOOOOO!" Discord screamed in agony, the emotion spilling forth as he pushed her away from him. "This is not real! This is a…a trick!" he choked. "You p-p-pretended with one stallion…how do I know y-y-you w-w-will not pretend with me?" He seized her then, shaking her shoulders as hard as he could. "DO NOT TOY WITH ME! WHAT REASON DO YOU HAVE FOR DOING ALL THIS?"

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" she shouted, gasping as the words escaped her lips.

She had said it. There was no going back now…and yet Fluttershy did not feel dread…but the greatest sense of freedom she had ever known!

Discord stared down at her, looking extremely horrified by what he had just heard. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. His voice was gone and all he could hear were her glorious words over and over again, words that he had been dreaming to hear from her for so many nights…but that he never imagined she would say. After all…she was an angel, his angel…and he was a monster.

Fluttershy saw the confusion and the disbelief in his eyes. She could feel him drift away, feel his body try to back away from her, but she gripped the edges of his shirt tightly. "I love you Discord! I love you! I wanted you to kiss me because I love you! I came to you tonight because I feared for your safety! I do trust you; I do value everything you've shared with me! And I do all these things, because I love you!"

But DIscord was backing away all the more. "Please…please Discord!" Fluttershy begged, but he pushed her away from him, backing away even quicker. Fluttershy crumpled to the floor, hot tears spilling from her eyes as she watched the only creature she had ever loved drift away from her like a ghost from one of her novels. "DISCORD!" she cried out, her hoof reaching out to him, but he turned on his heel then, running as fast as he could, leaving her there to sob on the floor. "No…" she mourned, wrapping her arms around her trembling body, rocking back and forth. "NOOOO!"

Fluttershy's screams filled the caverns all around him, but Discord didn't dare look back. He simply ran faster and faster, his legs flying through the tunnels until at last he reached his destination…the world above.

It was the middle of the night. And despite the fact that it was now the New Year, the streets were extremely quiet. Discord needed peace and quiet, but he needed to get away from the Opera House even more.

Did she mean it? Was it possible?

NO! He was a monster! A demon! She had seen his face! She knew the horrible things he had done! He even murdered another stallion in front of her, splattering her with that very stallion's blood! She was intoxicated by the champagne at the party; she was thinking of the handsome Blueblood, she was going mad for living underground for so long! Anyone of these reasons was good enough! She could not love him!

But oh God above, how he wanted her to.

He was not deserving of her love. He was not a creature that was meant for love! Long ago, after Pinkamena's true character was revealed, Discord had learned that love was a sickness, a weakness that ensnared one's senses and turned them into blind blubbering fools! Pinkamena had a promising career as a dancer! She could have been great! But she threw all that away for what she called love. And where was she now? Either lying dead in a ditch or working as a prostitute in some God-forsaken place. If that was what love did to someone, then he wanted none of it! You didn't need love to have pleasure! After all, for the right price, you could "buy" love in a manner of speaking.

The sudden familiar smell of a prostitute's cigarette invaded his nostrils. Discord turned his head and saw a mare dressed in a gaudy pink gown leaning against the wall of an ally, her face overrun with paint, her lips cracked from the cold and smoke. She was not beautiful, but beauty was not what he was interested in. He needed to sate this raging beast within him and there was only one way to do so!

"You!" he hissed from the shadows. The prostitute turned her head, peering into the darkness. Discord did not have his cape or hat; he could not conceal his masked face as well as in the past.

The mare looked wary. "Who's there?" she barked, not taking one step towards the ally. "Show yourself!"

"It's me, madam," Discord simply said, not knowing if she was one he knew or not, he never really tried to know the mare he bucked.

The prostitute however seemed to recognize his voice. "Oh! Oh it's you, monsieur!" she said with relief. "I can't see you very well though…"

"That doesn't matter," Discord growled. "Come, we're wasting time."

The prostitute put out her cigarette and sauntered over to the shadows. "I trust you, monsieur, you always pay us well," she grinned, stumbling here and there, the smell of alcohol extremely pungent. Obviously she had been celebrating the New Year for quite some time. "It's been quite a while, monsieur, the mares were beginning to wonder if something had happened to you?"

Discord grunted, quickly undoing his breeches. The prostitute, while she couldn't see him very well knew the sound of a stallion undressing. She licked her lips. "Will it be the usual, monsieur? Or are you interested in something…a little more special?"

Discord said nothing, he simply grabbed her by the waist and pinned her up against the hard cold wall of the ally. "The usual then," she grinned. Discord could not ignore the foul stench that covered her, but he did not care. In fact, it was all for the better, how then would he be able to think of Fluttershy with this wretched creature before him?

"Oh my!" she gasped, and Discord groaned as he felt her hoof on him. "I see you're in desperate need," she grinned.

Discord's eyes fluttered closed as the prostitute continued to run her hooves over him, but it was not her hooves that were touching him…it was Fluttershy's small soft delicate hooves, all because of her, all because of his desire for her…

"Monsieur?" Discord's eyes snapped open at the prostitute's voice. "Are you alright?" she whispered. She peered closer, straining to see his face in the darkness, thinking she could see something white on the right side of his face.

"I'm fine," he grunted. "And I'll be even better once we start."

The prostitute grinned and wrapped her legs around his body. But once again Discord found himself imagining Fluttershy's legs, smooth and slender, wrapping around his body as he drove himself into her.. Yes…he felt his paw being drawn to Fluttershy's thighs, and he imagined her crying out as he teased her…oh how would she respond? Would she gasp? Would she whimper? Would she scream with delight? How would it feel to have her bare and naked, crushed against his chest? Had she been with a stallion before, he wondered? No…not his Fluttershy, she was an innocent, she was a romantic, and she would wait for the dark hero of her dreams to come to her and cover her with kisses before offering him the greatest gift a pony could ever know. She would be true to this stallion, she would love this stallion; only through love would she give herself to another.

"Oh monsieur…I'm dying! Please! Do not force me to wait another second!"

"Fluttershy…" he groaned with a ragged breath.

The prostitute eyed him suspiciously. "You want me to be 'Fluttershy'? Alright, I'll be this mare, call me Fluttershy, monsieur, I'll be your Fluttershy."

Discord's eyes flew open and he stared at the mare pinned against the wall before him. Good God…what was he doing?

"Monsieur? What's wrong?"

Discord suddenly felt disgust at both the mare he held in his arms and the act he had been about to commit.


He swiftly put the prostitute down on the ground, backing away from her and quickly doing up his breeches. "Take the money!" he shouted, throwing several gold coins on the ground.

The prostitute was no fool, she immediately fell to her knees, gathering the coins and placing them in her bodice. However, she had a large pout on her lips as she glanced up at the shadows before her. "Monsieur, is everything alright? I thought…monsieur? Monsieur!"

But she was alone in the ally with the darkness.

Discord was running blindly through the streets, expertly maneuvering himself in and out of dark allies and forgotten passages, feeling the harsh January winds smack against his body from all sides.

He couldn't do it. He couldn't be with another mare while thinking of Fluttershy.

It had been for quite some time now that the only mare he dreamed about, fantasized about, the only mare he wanted or desired in any capacity…was her. But it was deeper than lust. If it were pure simple lust, he could easily have done what that prostitute had suggested, pretend she was Fluttershy and that it was Fluttershy he was bucking.

But Fluttershy was not a mare a stallion should ever "buck". No…she was so pure, so beautiful…she was a mare to be treasured, a mare to be…made love to. He wondered what it was like to make love…the thought alone gave birth once again to his desire.

No…this was more than lust. This was something far deeper, something far deadlier, and something that he had no control over. He had never been more afraid or more hopeful in all his life.

The snow softly began to fall over his head as he sprinted onward, his feet carrying him, flying him to an unknown destination.

Fluttershy had never left the music chamber. She remained, huddled in a ball, her head resting on the organ stool that her beloved often occupied in this room. Of all his instruments, the pipe organ was his favorite. Fluttershy lifted her shaking hooves to the keys, softly running their tips across them. She imagined his paw and claw touching the keys, playing them with expert skill, the music flowing from his heart and soul like one's blood flowed through one's veins.

"Discord…" she whispered, feeling the hot tears once again threaten to burst forth. Her cheeks were red and puffy from all the crying she had done. She had taken the risk, she had told him of her love…and he had run away.

He didn't believe her, it was obvious. He thought her enamored with the Prince; of all the stupid things she had ever done, dancing with that stallion had been one of the worst. She had thought at the time she was doing some good, but Discord was convinced that she was like all the others; he would never believe her.

She turned her face into the crook of her arm, gasping as she felt another sob escape her throat. She hugged the stool to her body, trying to absorb any warmth that it held, but it was a lost cause. It was cold, so very cold. She had never realized how cold the world felt when she was outside his arms.

"Discord…" she whimpered painfully. "Oh Discord…"


She froze at the sound. That voice…that beautiful, rich, deep voice…could it be? Was it possible?

Slowly, afraid that this was a dream, Fluttershy turned her tear-stained face to the entryway of the Phantom's music chamber, her heart coming to a stop, her breath catching in her throat…

He stood there, staring down at her, his amber eyes dark and intense, his chest heaving with each breath. His hair clung to him; there were remnants of snowflakes on him, and his whole body seemed covered in sweat; his shirt was clinging to his body.

"D-d-discord?" she said shakily, hardly believing he was there. "Discord…is it you?"

She pushed herself up against the organ stool, clambering to her feet most ungracefully, but Discord was there in that next instant, his arms sweeping around her body and lifting her to her feet with expert skill.

The two stared at one another, Fluttershy biting her lip as she looked up into his masked face, hardly knowing what to say, simply grateful that he had returned and that she had him in her arms once more. She could feel the warmth flooding through her once again.

Discord stared down at her, his eyes moving all over her face, in her hair, feeling her body come alive against his own. He dared not move, he could not. But he had to speak.

"Did you mean it?" he whispered, his voice trembling the same way her body was trembling. "What you said to me…did you mean it?"

Fluttershy felt a smile tug at the corners of her mouth. "Yes," she whispered. "I meant every word. I love you DIscord…I love you."

Discord stared at her for another fleeting moment, before uttering, "God above, have mercy."

Fluttershy lifted her hooves to his masked cheek. "I love you Discord, I love–"

All other words were lost in the hot sensation of Discord's mouth crashing down upon hers.

Author's Note:

Edited: 4/25/2018