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Arreis Of Avalon


Discord, after Tirek has gone back to his prison, has trouble dealing with his own inner demons. He knows what he did. He knows what he did was wrong. Unable to cope, he does the unthinkable.

He loses his mind.

Now, once things seem right again, Twilight is sent on a quest to discover what really happened to Discord, and moreso, how to save him from his worst enemy. With unexpected aid from unknown forces and a mystery to solve, will they be able to save the day in time? Or will all fall to Chaos?

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Comments ( 58 )

I found this story to be very interesting good job

4368710 Thanks. Dunno if I'll continue it or not, yet.

I like this, it's interesting. Would love if you continued but of course that is your decision. (And I have a feeling that that bouncing ball is his heartbeat. Dunno if it is, doesn't matter if it isn't, but I thought it was once I had finished reading this. (I think it's cool if it is)).

4371193 Thanks for the comment~ Also, the bouncing ball represents both his heartbeat AND his Sanity~

Yes very interesting. I think you should continue, love to see how bad Celestia will handle this.. Since Tia might sorta like him.. #rainbowflowers. Anyway I think this story will soar.

4381023 Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I think I might continue it.

OMG! This is great! Please write more. :3

5176637 I made a big update post about everything. ^^ Reasons are on those. http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/390541/finally :raritywink:

DON'T TRUST HIM! *Groan* It's so frustrating to know something nobody else knows. Also, wonderful chapter!


I'm so glad to see this story update!~

My favorite pony prince has arrived! I'll bring the royal cracker with cheese snacks and earmuffs for him. The snacks so he won't be hungry and the earmuffs so he can drown out any of rarity's whin----sorry I mean her complaining.

6040894 xD Yeah, I absolutely love Blueblood. I wish there were more things showing him as I'll portray him in later updates~

6825167 Well, it's taking me awhile to figure out the storyline for it. See, I made the mistake of writing the first chapter and intending it to be a one-shot - but, then, well, I wanted to SAVE Discord as well. So then I just... kept writing. And it took me to the latest chapter to realize that I actually had NOTHING PLANNED. So yeah, I need to work more on this. ^u^; Apologies for it taking so long since the last update!

6825220 Rereading the previous chapters, I just realized - all of the 'we can only speculate,' wasn't about the story as much as you just didn't know what the answer was yourself at the time.

The cliffhanger is even worse for me because I don't know which of my ideas, if any, you decided to go with! :raritydespair:

7051380 Oh nooo, you caught me! Yeah, you're totally right. Though, it certainly helped the latest chapter.

7051437 Mwahahaha! That was the plan. I didn't want to spoil you with the plot. That's why I didn't include the text or picture description - I'll leave the mystery for the journey~

When does Prince Blueblood first appear?

7051691 Blueblood appears at the very end of Loneliness and Secret Meetings, part 1.

Woohoo! it's back!!~

Also, you can tell that you suck at making friends when you basically have to get possessed by a demon verson of yourself to make any

7051753 Man, I really want to use that line in an Undertale fanfic now... But also, a casual reminder than Discord and his demonic self have been together this entire time.

7051784 Hmm, is this other Discord something that he was born with or something that he's simply had for a really long time? I'm not really sure if this situation would be considered possession or just power over a body being swapped between the two beings that control it ( Don't tell me if it's a spoiler! :3)

Also, you're making a Undertale fic? I! If you've uploaded it already, could you give me a link?

7053063 Hmm... How to tell you this without spoilers... Discord has been with his other part as long as he can really remember. It's been thousands and thousands of years. Technically, it was something he was born with, though he had no concept of his birth or conception; to him, he has always existed, though perhaps, he will admit, he has changed over the years. As for Possession VS. Power, you're wrong on both regards~

And as for my Undertale fictions, I have plenty! Probably over 20 at this point. I've only posted a few of them, however, and since none of them are MLP, they can't go on this site. I have them posted over at http://archiveofourown.org/users/ArreisofAvalon! Fair warning, they get kiiiinda spoilery (because what's life without some spoilers?), so I suggest you only read them if you know about the various plot lines of the game.

I wish more people would comment. The after-discussion is the best part. :ajsleepy:

And I think I see some traces of one of the ideas I gave you, but taken to the extreme. Interesting. :ajsmug:

7595108 I wish more people would comment as well. Honestly, it's one of the reasons I love writing. I need feedback, or else I feel like it's a waste of time and no one's reading it :twilightblush: Kinda silly, I know, but that's how it feels. :) Thanks so much for the comment, and all of your advice. You're right, I definitely look back on our conversation for inspiration to work on this one! I'm also willing to join in discussion of the chapter (I try to reply to every comment I receive), though it'll be mostly vague hints of what's to come!

7595316 Most people miss at least a large portion of their feed, so when you post a new chapter, it might be best to put some advertisement out there. It might bring in new people too.

7597317 The most I could do here is just a blog post. Would that really be enough? Because I never check those, if I'll be honest.

7597882 You could advertise in groups.

7598036 I might consider doing that. I don't know... ^^; I'm not super great at this sort of thing. I'm only good at the writing part.

7598184 Start by writing an intro summary that will hook people speeding through their feed and make them want to read the story.

7597882 Just found this story and I am hooked! I've always been intrigued by the concept of there being more than one draconequus to have ever existed, and your story has left me with anticipation for the big reveal of Dracon home. As a side note, I read through all of my feed, stories and blog posts alike, so if you blogged more I would totally see it. I eagerly await your next update! :pinkiehappy:

7844027 Oh goodness, thank you! Comments drive me to write, and I've been in a huge rut since Christmas trying to get stuff done. This just brought me back to the plan for this one and wow, is this a great story! I'll get to work on it right away. :)

He scowled softly, huffing. “It wasn’t I who deemed it necessary to attend the Gala. I cannot believe Auntie Tia made me go. She knows just how much I detest nobility.”

And in various homes throughout Canterlot, nobles of different stations began to cry. For they were detested, despite doing so little to deserve it.

7844345 Your comment has made me laugh quite a bit, so thank you very much for that! :)

The first chapter, just clicked so very rightly, to this just hitting so jarringly that I just stopped. I'm sorry, the rest may have been right, good, and wonderful. But this just completely broke the immersion you built up in the first chapter. It was elucidean and mercurial, and so very right, and yet so rightly wrong. Good luck on writing this to completion.

7844583 So happy I could juxtapose the two things properly, and though I'm disappointed that it broke the immersive quality for you, I am happy you gave this story a try! Thanks for the comment :)


The Mane 6 have never defeated Chrysalis.

Oh god, I can’t be late

I'm not so sure a pony would ever say "oh god" :unsuresweetie:

I feel that the travelling group could use some more detail in the surroundings/setting department. Basically all I gathered from that was that it was gray and rainy.

7863645 I'll just go ahead and address all 3 comments in a row! For one thing, in Rarity's eyes, the doing away of Chrysalis using the power of love was a defeat for the changeling queen. Thus, in Rarity's eyes, Chrysalis is lumped in with the other villains they have defeated. For the God comment, sorry I broke your immersion with that, but ponies have gods too. Why wouldn't Twilight say "oh god", especially seeing as she wasn't saying God as in "God almighty, lord above all, hallowed be thy name"- she was just using it to express surprise ^^. As for the comment about my description, well, you're right on that one. That chapter was a bit rushed because I was excited. It was also mostly told from the Griffon's point of view, however, so I suppose I didn't think to add much description of surroundings based on the character who had seen those surroundings time and time again.
To clarify, the surroundings aren't much different than your average path leading from one town to another. It's a bit more rocky here, and a few less trees; there isn't much shade to go around, and the ground seems more... brown and grey than green. The ground gets increasingly rougher as time goes on.
Don't worry - next chapter/chapter after next will have more description! Thank you for your comments :)

7863774. Thanks for replying :) The bit about Twi saying omg I only mentioned since I've never heard it said in the show; naturally I was expecting something more along the lines of "Sweet Celestia!". But that's mostly just slightly annoying, minor stuff.

I know my comments so far sound complain-y, but I actually am enjoying the story so far. :twilightsheepish:

7864959 Oh gosh, I'm sorry I took it the wrong way. I'm just so used to seeing streams of comments like that with people complaining about my writing style, and I let my emotions run away with me. :) I'm really happy you're enjoying the story so far. I hope it only gets better from here!

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