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What does Diamond Tiara's cutie mark actually represent? And what happens when she finds out?

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I thought her cutie mark meant her personality, a spoiled brat.

4406018 I simply provided a simple spin on the idea~ After all, a pony's cutiemark is supposed to represent their talent, and it would absolutely suck to have a talent for being a brat. :twilightsmile:

Wasn't Cadence a pegasus to begin with, not a unicorn?

4406163 Not that she minds in the show. In fact, she bucking revels in that fact. And she's darn good at it. Which is bad.

4406189 Not in the pictures I found!~

4406214 well, technically if you're counting the crystal heart spell book as canon, she was. Which, sense it was commissioned by Hasbro, I think that means it is. Then again, so are the comics so... Meh.

4406308 .-. I couldn't quite decipher that, but in Twilight's flashback in the show, Cadence was a Unicorn.

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4406337 huh? No, she was an alicorn. She just didn't have the purple highlights on her wings.

According to the comics, Cadence was originally a pegasus, yes, but I don't think anything's been established show-wise, and they may be seperate universes, so you're free to write it however you like.
I liked the idea behind this. Thumbs up :3

4406469 Yeah. In the show, Twilight had a flashback of her childhood with Cadence, and she was only a unicorn, I thought. ^^;;;

Nah, her hair was covering them a little, but she clearly had wings, hence why Twilight refers to her as a Princess despite eye rolling.

“You’d also have to be the princess of SOMETHING. Twilight is the princess of friendship, Cadence is the princess of love, Celestia is the sun princess, and Luna is the moon princess. You can’t just be a princess for the sake of being one. There has to be some sort of deep reason behind it all!”

Cue very, very sad Blueblood.

4407047 ... Good god, stop giving me good ideas for Fan Fictions!!! I have too many already!! xD :heart:

4407601 TL;DR, At this point, it doesn't really matter to me what Cadence was, because canonly it obviously don't matter ^^ I'll stick to my headcanon, and you stick to yours~

Well, that was a pleasant twist. For all we know Tia can still be whatever she wants to believe her destiny to be. She just has to put a lot of hard work into it :raritywink: I guess.

Silver had some great lines. Nice story. Cute ending.

4413541 Thanks for the compliments~

Cadance was a pegasus before she ascended, but that aside, I really like this story.
First time I've seen Diamond Tiara in a positive light. :twilightsmile:


Smooth moves, Silver. :twilightsmile:

5338465 Yeah, I rather liked her skillful advice giving~

It was tough already to hate her after CotLM now your just being mean!!!

What actually disappointed me that episode was the CMC's cutie marks.

6577579 I did have a little bit of distaste for their cutie marks at first. I would have liked to see them do an episode about what happens when you have a different destiny than your friends. However, think of the possibilities! (I'm talking about that new fic Trinity. They got to the idea before me)

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