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A few hobbies of mine would be animating, drawing, and writing. Wouldn't it be crazy if I got a job that includes one of those in the future? ...Pfft... Naaah....

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Voices in the head, huh.

5717467 I suppose that's the official theme song for this thing.

5717472 I guess so, are you familiar with the song?

5717478 Nope. Until now anyways.

5717480 Well my friend, you've just earned yourself a follower.

5717494 Oh... thanks you so much! Made my day :raritystarry:

5717497 No problem, keep on writing some good stories.

I suppose writing celestia x discord is like a little addictive. I mean there is a person I follow DisneyFanatic2364 whose story most have fluttercord shipping. I guess it's your style of writing.

5718083 Yeah, she writes a lot of Fluttercord. While I did like BoD, Fluttercord never appealed to me, since I never saw it as a relationship that was necessary to be romantic. It all comes down to what kind of stories you like to write though. I'm a sucker for angst, and Dislestia serves much of that in any situation you put them in.

Nice. Beautiful. Good. Quait. Excellent. 10/10 IGN. gr8 m8 i r8 8/8. Good job.

5718101 Well to me any shipping is okay when the story itself is done well. I try not to pick favorites

This was a lot different than I thought it would be. And it was amazing. I feel like I could really get into Celestia's mind, and even Discord's. Everything built up so well, layers upon layers, all coming to the zenith. The progression of emotion on both sides was absolutely fascinating, and I ended up rooting for both of them. And that part where she was looking for his voice, and found none.... it was pretty heart-breaking.

5719852 Eeee, thanks so much! :rainbowkiss: It means a lot to me.

Really glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

5720237 You are very welcome! This is certainly not a story I'll be forgetting anytime soon. ^-^

Good story but when Discord talks, you sometimes forget to add the italics.

5722287 Oh gosh... The italics. Its unbelievable how many times I've had to edit them. :facehoof:

Why did I add them in the first place?

5722407 And I think I once or twice saw italics for Celestia, but I'm not sure.

5738056 Perhaps, but it may have been in her own thoughts... I dunno, I'll double check.

...tomorrow. It's midnight over here right now

5738158 It was about that time of day here too when I made that comment.

6301701 I dunno what more I could write about xD

... Wow. Just wow.

I am interested though, why would you said that it did just take 1 day?

One of the best stories I've read here, and an interesting take on Discord and Celestia.

5738158 I also noticed that I completely forgot to say how awesome the story was. Seriously, this is one of my two favourite stories focusing on Discord being encased in stone.

This Celestiacord story is amazing, the best one I’ve read! Here’s a thumb up and a favorite! :pinkiehappy:

This really deserves more views and praise. I'd also really like to see more of your interpretation of Discords mindscape.

Only 54 likes on this great story? Da fuq?!?

Seven Years later, and this is still brilliant. Showing how Celestia and Discord oh so slowly built a relationship with each other over the years. How much the silence hurt, and how desperate she was to bring him back in the end...

Brilliant, and thank you for sharing this with us.

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