Celestia has finally found her eternal partner in love. Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic, savior of Equestria, and co-ruler of the nation. Celestia feels nothing but pride and love for her student, friend, and lover. However, a secret remains hidden in her heart, hidden from herself. Why did she choose Twilight, of all ponies, to be her student?

Unfortunately for her, Discord knows the answer all too well.

Got the art from the greatly talented StePandy. Go check them out for even more awesome art!

Thanks to my prereaders/editors Skeeter the Lurker, HellRyden, Vexine, Ghostwriter95, Cozmosus, Flint Sparks, Merc the Jerk and SpaceCommie!

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Jake8765 #3 · Nov 5th, 2013 · · 12 ·

inb4 Skeeter

"Even the best teachers can have failed students, as you well know.”

Ouch! :fluttershyouch:


Read the thing before saying such drivel.

This was a good and dark tale, bud.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3446127 Ah, ah'm sorry, just couldn't resist~ :pinkiesad2:


>mfw you get banned for firstposting

3446138 Please tell me you're joking :trixieshiftright:


I am a parabot and thus have no sense of humor.

What's up with the AU tag? Take out the romance, this happened!

Well that was very very good:twilightsmile: you write some of the best stories RainbowBob

3446181 ??? Sunset naturally became a dick (in EQG terms) while in this universe, Celestia is the asshole (Although I do love a nice little tale of manipulation) and Sunset was the victim.

Discord can easily twist the truth, but then again so can Celestia... :unsuresweetie:

A blush appeared on Celestia’s cheeks. But this blush didn't have the rose hue from before—more like the blazing red one would see from a fire. More like the blazing red one would see from a fire.

I think an extra sentence got past the proofreaders.

Actually, that's my bad. I added it to the end without seeing the part before it right upon submission. :facehoof:

3446204 A pony with the traits of someone who is a borderline manipulative sociopath? Exactly what I look for in a woman!

3446193 I always felt Celestia threw Sunset away when she got Twilight. I don't think we have any idea when Sunset 'left' Celestia.


There's a comic from Hasbro showing how Sunset was always a greedy, evil little bitch of a bully, or some other cliched caca. naturally, no one cares about it.


and they all lived friendshiply ever after

3446252 Welp, didn't know that.

3446272 Except Bob,because he didn't feed his proof readers enough stories,and was devoured by the hordes. Remember:Only you can prevent proof-reader attacks.

3446281 We have to go deeper...

3446285 mmmmm yes. deeper :raritywink:


and deeper into the void of your venomous love

Some of the turns of phrase used in this story could use a little fine-tuning, but really, this was great. It feels like Discord drags on his tormenting of Celestia a bit, but it also feels like he's dragging it out because he's just having so much fun twisting the knife in Celestia's gut.

And I'll admit, I have a weakness for stories that explore the moral ramifications of Celestia's teacher/mentor/princess status in Twilight's upbringing when they later become lovers. Celestia comes off as someone who can't accept or even think too closely about what she's done to Twilight. which feels really compelling.

Holy balls that was dark indeed. And I loved every minute of it. :pinkiecrazy:

Even had me blushing a few times too because, well, Dislestia feels and such. Plus I also enjoy Twilestia so this was a fantastic little word twister you came up with.

I see this as more of a one shot then a continuation but if this does somehow get more chapters, well then... I'll be eagerly waiting~

Pretty good, Bob. I felt that it was a little vague in some ways (i.e. what Celestia exactly did to groom Twilight, other than what we've seen in the show) but that was probably done on purpose to add to the dark background. Well done. :twilightsmile:

Oh, yes, this was fun to read. I guess the only thing constant in chaos is truth.

Nothing like a story with a dark tag that involves manipulating others at a young age to help me sleep at night. :pinkiehappy:
Loved the story!

Is this a one-shot? Because it really shouldn't be.

I agree. I can imagine the second chapter beginning from Twilight's perspective, glazing over the changes to her physical appearance, as well as her magic getting stronger, happenings around the castle, her thoughts on Celestia (maybe even a blurb or two about the Crystal Mirror), perhaps Spike looking a little older and larger as well, her friends taking her becoming an alicorn and so forth. Sounds like we could even have Discord try to poison Twilight against Celestia, see how that works out. :applejackunsure:


This was excellent.

discord is badass as fuck

Congrats, you magnificent bastard.

xTSGx #41 · Nov 5th, 2013 · · 6 ·

I have to say, and it's nothing against this story, but these dark, sad Twilestia fics are really starting to get old.

3446127 Why are you everywhere?


Why not?


Needs to finish a few things FIRST before working on this...

~Skeeter The Lurker

>New Twilestia :pinkiehappy:
>Written by the king of hating on Celestia :unsuresweetie:
>Involves Discord :ajbemused:

The flaw in Discord's reasoning being, of course, that Twilight was madly in love with Celestia since the moment she first saw her. Celestia had nothing to do with Twilight's conscious decision to obsess with being as good as Celestia was when she first saw her at the Summer Sun Celebration, or, as Twilight puts it, to devote her life to her.

Also, Celestia doesn't use slang or contractions. It's a weird little character tic of hers, but she doesn't, even when her composure is shattered, like here.

Interesting. I like this.

3446845 she uses contractions. just watch when discord first appears.

3446870 two fairly common ones, but fair enough. It's just that she starts to speak like a regular pony here, which, while it is a clever bit of symbolism, doesn't fit her personality when dealing with stresses, even Discord.


Agreed. She definitely seems much more typical stalker-y than the ruler of equestria defending her position on being a stalker.

3446880 "Discord" also seems more like "RainbowBob". That said, Celestia kind of is a stalker. She has a cave filled with video loops of Twilight's entire life. But Twilight is Twilight. She'd been obsessed with Celestia since the moment she knew of her existence. Celestia didn't have to lift a hoof to do that to her, it's just how she is. They have something of a codependency thing going on, and I don't think Bob really covers that here.

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