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just here to write and let them juices flow :P


Discord's suffering from night terrors and its happening more and more to the point it affects his health Fluttershy tries to help but she cant do it alone. will the mane six be able to help Fluttershy's newest friend or will he be lost to the nightmares forever?

(the cover was done by me 100% me and not by the magnificent celestiathegreatest.
ok seriously the cover art was done by her so make like a changeling and give her all the loves!)

special thanks to Jyuuma
for being such a great beta reader and idea helper! so give him some love!
Featured on 2/16/2015!
Thanks guys! :D

Chapters (9)
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You sir have my attention :moustache:

thanks working on ch 2 as we speak ^_^


well since i updated my other story ill work on this one and the other main one now X3

oh noooo
this story is so awesome

THAT WAS SOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
oh man so epic haha
but there was one thing that i didnt understand

“More like a foolish foal playing a princess.” A voice said from behind them. Razor froze as he recognized the voice. Celestia face hoofed as she groaned loudly.
“The one thing I wanted to avoid, the ONE thing.” She said still groaning, cursing Discord’s name.

why is Celestia cursing Discords name there ? o.0

because Discord is chaos so this situation is nothing but chaos so she curses him its like saying "God damn it" only it would be "Discord damn it" X3

More please. This is awesome! Although you might need a grammar editor; there are a lot of punctuation and capitalization errors here.

already do i guess we just missed both of them X3

That chapter was nothing but epic.

Discord, take a chill pill. This is to much chaos, even for me! :rainbowlaugh: Can't wait to see more!

So, when can we expect a update? There is no rush, but I simply want to know.

YES!!! UPDATE!!~ I'm very excited for the next chapter, I wonder what the plant will do...

snickers a bit as i continue writing

Also, Coffee Morning of Crusading? Do you mean Morning Coffee and Crusading?

hey i did say the title was a bit misleading! i could of did worse like "Discord im pregnant" i bet that would make everyone spit take! >:3

I love this story. Looking forward to next update.

finally a new one O_O
now waiting time again *cry* xD

Holy crap, all this time and not a single dislike? Wow. Props to you!

Edit: "I love how one pops up right when I post this."

it was out of spite!
also holy crap i dident notice that! XD

Congratulations on getting your story featured! :yay:

Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Oh boy, CMC, what have you gotten yourselves into?

Wonderful chapter as always! I do always look forward to this story~

yeah thanks! so far im having a hard time with this next one but i did just write the ending XD
so spoilers. its funny :P

Poor Discord, it looks like he's found some ponies who could outmatch him!

Hopefully Rarity, AJ, and Rainbow don't find out about all of this...

"she knew she would lose."
The S needs to be capitalized. Good chapter.

whistles innocently making a few notes

thanks i thought i caught it XD
oh well lol


really now?
i've saw that written wrong many MANY times
but this is by far the funniest/stupiest (sorry xD)
its draconequus !! xDDD

“I mean you need to go out and talk with him first. Go out chat and have a simple dinner.” Cheerilee said with a smile. “that and remember the most important thing. Listen to what your heart is saying.”

Should be:
“I mean you need to go out and talk with him first. Go out chat and have a simple dinner,” Cheerilee said with a smile, “that and remember the most important thing. Listen to what your heart is saying.”
“I mean you need to go out and talk with him first. Go out chat and have a simple dinner.” Cheerilee said with a smile. “That and remember the most important thing.

“Give our new friend the secrete crusaders goodbye!”

"Secrete" is a verb.

Discord in a room full of children... I can't wait for the horrors are are about to unfold!

may god have mercy on equestria :P

the filly. hearing him call


I'm happy this story updated. I loved how cheerlie was having a fit when discord came. I hope I can read the next chapter soon.

Well some one likes DBZ abriged. I know I've heard squeedly spooch just cant remember where.

Google it filthy human scum.

and yes thats another hint right there~

“Ah! My squeedly spooch!”

Invader Zim reference :rainbowlaugh: XD

“Ah! My squeedly spooch!”

Invader Zim reference :rainbowlaugh: XD

Hopefully, you'll update this story again some day. Just some ideas for if you do.

If you want some way to explain Discord's reign without making him look like a tyrant, you could instead explain it as Discord ruling through inaction. Maybe have ponies coming to him during his reign complaining of natural disaster and whatnot, and have them ask Discord to fix it, but have him refuse time and again because doing so would upset the natural balance. Discord holding back the winter cold for one season could bring it back twice as hard the next winter, while having him bring the rains could curse the land with drought following the rain. This could, of course, go on and on throughout the centuries until the ponies view him as a tyrant and Celestia and Luna forcibly remove him from power despite all the hardships not being his fault.

If you want a way to explain the upset to the natual balance caused by Discord trying to enforce control over nature, then you could have so that in Discord's youth, when he first discovered his powers, have him try to lead the world into a golden age by blessing the land and everyone in it with bountiful crops, fair weather, no sicknesses, and all other manners of good fortune. You could even use this moment to have Discord literally place the sun and moon in the sky in order to light the world. All of this could go well for several years until nature tries to balance itself out and the resulting disaster as all manners of droughts, plaques, and death are unleashed on the world could all but drive life extinct faster than Discord could save it. After this, Discord could then swear to never again try to enforce his will on the world in such a way as he did in order to ensure nothing like what had happened ever happened again.

Another idea that could be great when having Discord explain Equestria history is having him take it literally and haveing him show the class how he litterally built every mountain, river, and tree in Equestria at the bequest of ancient ponies looking for a home free from oppression and danger caused by other species, such as Windigos and Gryphons. You could start the idea off by having Discord ask the class if any of hem had ever been outside Equestria and having Cherilee say she had. Discord could then ask Cherilee how forign lands compared to Equestria with her answering that the zebra lands were very hot and arid with little vegetation. Discord could then further elaberate on what Cheriless said by saying that all lands outside of Equestria are harsh and difficult to live in, such as gryphon lands being cold with little to no fertile land and minotaur lands being a swampy, humid land filled with acidic bogs and deadly diseases. Discord could then ask the class how it was that ponies got, and managed to keep, what ammounted to a figurative paradise when ponies are, for all intents and purposes, harmless. A student would, of course, then answer that the princesses protect them which Discord would counter with how the ponies survived before the princesses came into power. The class would, of course, be stumped and Discord could then show them his memory of the day ponies came to him and begged for him to protect them from those that would hurt them. You could take this a step further by having Discord activly confront and defend the ponies who had come to him from an invading force of Windogoes or Gryphons. Afterwards, Discord could build Equestria into the paradise it is in canon and the ancient ponies could elect to make Discord their ruler, much to his relucense as he doesn't want the responsibility. He could eventually agree, but only to deter outside forces from invading, thus opening the story to Discord's rule through inaction. Discord could then enforce this further by showing the class a memory from several decades in the past where Gryphons almost invade Equestria, but abstain due to DIscord's prescense and their fear of accidently freeing him.

As a small idea, you could, later in the story, have archeologists discover ancient ruins with archaic writings that predate even the princesses by several millenia, leaving them stumped as to what it all is. That is, until Discord comes along and informs them that it was once a temple built in his honor, back when he showered the land in good fortune, but that it had fallen into disrepair after the disaster that almost drove almost all life extinct. The archeologists could of course refute this, saying that the temple has to be tens of thousands of years old and predates all recorded history. The archeologists could then further explain how it was 'impossible' for it to be a temple to Discord as it predated his reign and went back to before the "Great Disaster"(what ponies refer to the time during and after all life was nearly purged from the world). Discord could, of course, prove them all wrong by showing them the past. Discord could even make a funny quip about how ponies seem to care so much about their history, but no one had seen fit to ask him, despite the fact that he had lived through it all and probably caused half of it. This could be the point in which you reveal some of Discord's tragic past to the more general public and even place his age at several tens of thousands of years old, such as 70,000 years.

Next, you could potentially have Discord be his own worst enemy and have him be the one that turns Celestia and Luna into alicorns. For instance, during his rule, a lone earth pony mother could come to Discord and beg him to save her daughters(who are Celestia and Luna) who were born without magic of any kind which was causing their bodies to slowly die. Taking pity, Discord could gather the magic and gifts of the three different pony tribes and give them to Celestia and Luna, turning them into alicorns. This idea could even be extended to the elements of harmony. What I mean is, you could perhaps have Discord protect pony kind(and the world at large) from some horrible enemy, such as invading creatures of chaos from the chaos realm. Fighting them at first, Discord could realize that his chaos magic doesn't work against them for obvious reasons, so, in a desperte ploy, Discord could attempt to 'pull' the chaos from his magic and condense it into a solid form outside his body to prevent it from becoming corrupted by the chaos within him. This could be the birth of the elements of harmony and show Discord as the first, and true, wielder of harmony.
My final idea is how you could have Discord be something akin to a teacher/big brother/friend to Celestia and Luna and have him be the one to teach them how to raise the sun and moon when they see him raise them one night.

Essentially, all of these ideas all cumilate to portraying Discord as something of a tragic hero who got shafted by the ponies due to misunderstanding.

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