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Do fairies really have tails? Do they even exist... Like them, this place as an eternal mystery... A never ending adventure

Home to all who share a common interest in the magic of friendship.

Rules are as follows.

Respect your fellow Wizards regardless of rank, Though fights may happen they should only be treated as a heated voicing of opinion. Treat you fellow members as family.

Should you leave by any means you are expected to follow three rules:

You must never reveal sensitive information about Fairy Tail to others for as long as you live.

You must never use former contacts met through your being in the guild for personal gain.

Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignificant, and you must never forget about your friends for as long as you live.

I'm looking forward to meeting you, for we are Fairy Tail Wizards!

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jan 7th, 2021

Not a single story here has anything to do with Fairy Tail.


Thanks for wasting my time, asshole.

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