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Soarin and Rainbow Dash, maried and with a 8 year old daughter named Violet, are assassins working for the Wonderbolts to kill off changelings that are becoming big crime lords in the major cities of Equestria. And after a long days work they like to come home and relax with their daughter.

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When I first read the description I imidiatly thought of Violet Hill. I literally cried when soarin "died"

6431944 I know right? When Soarin "died" I had to stop reading for a day.

aww that was sweet

6431944 it was so sad. When he came back I was like "I knew it!"

Ok, I really like it! :raritywink:
because the drafting is good.
I love the timing of this fic.
And yes, I really love the headcannon continuity of Violet Hill and Til' Kindom Come I was so sad when Toronto cancelled the history and then he left. :pinkiesad2:
But this fic makes me really happy :pinkiehappy:
This is a great history thanks for wrote it!! :pinkiesmile:

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