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Who knew Rainbow Dash would grow up someday, get married to the one she loves, and have children she can proudly call her own. But what happens when a near-death experience shocks everyone? Even Rainbow Dash herself? What about Soarin, her amour? As time flies by, Soarin is also losing hope. What will happen? You'll find out....

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Wow... I...

Wow... I'm speechless...

Just... Wow...

Okay. Have I said how much I loved this? It was very beautifully written, a wonderful plot line, too! I'm a huge fan of sad, tragic romance stories, especially SoarinDash ones.

Argh... This was so great... I loved it SO much!!!

I look forward to reading more of your future fics!

That was so awesome!!

"Raise your head up high, okay? I don't like it when people I know are sad and low their heads down. They always gotta be happy, no matter what. You got that, kid?"

…heheh, kid…

Hey, I have a suggestion if you don't mind. Put all the flashbacks in italics like you did with the last one.

I would suggest you re-read this and knock out any mistakes you find. But, all in all, this was great! :raritywink:

That was impressive. Well done.

Omfg loved this too much- I've seen your art on deviant art and I can imagine sora and snow's little cute faces! :rainbowkiss: great job!:pinkiehappy:

Wow. I don't have any words.

This. Was. Awesome!

First story? Wow! :pinkiehappy:

.... damn. My heart just DIED of feels.

Can you add some art of some of the Seen's on deviant art that story was AWESOME :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Beautiful. I watched you on Deviantart as Dashie -Potter

6896106 Really? Thank you so much :D it's an honor coming from an awesome writer like you :3

6896778 thank you so much :D

6897302 Thank you for the tips :3 already fixed, but for some reason, the italics won't work anymore :/ so Imma just keep its as it is but thanks :D

6897366 Oh hey! Thank you so much :D I love your art as well

6897952 Whoa really? Thank you :D I can imagine as well.

6898926 I appreciate that. Thank you :D but yours is awesome as well :3

6900093 Don't worry. I'll revive you with more fanfics xD

6905406 Hello :D thank you for the watch

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I am like literal crying

This was a awesome fanfic!!!!! I shed one tear and I took a 'try no to cry (80% will!)' on youtube and i didn't cry so this was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( Or 20% cooler :))

Amazing, love it, followed, (found this from deviant art, so love your artwork) :heart:

"I miss flying with you, Soar. I miss my job and doing stunts. And I have to wear these.. these girly long dresses for 2 more months. They makes me look fat."

They makes me look fat. :rainbowlaugh: I'm sorry, had to post this other comment once I found this line. I laughed. But great job! :D Please write more! Your writing is as great as your art! And I love your art! :twilightsmile: :yay:

Wait Wait Wait hold up. Is the death of Dashie just a dream?:rainbowhuh:Im cionfused:applejackconfused:

This was *yay*ing majestic. I'm having a hard time believing this is your first.

I almost cried at some parts.😢
It was so beautiful!

Very nice story, dramatic and heartwarming both... 💧🌈

They will still fly the path of life together.... ✈

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