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An ordinary afternoon at Canterlot's Summer Sun Faire becomes extraordinary when a young filly gets too curious and Princess Cadence experiences every foalsitter's worst nightmare. This is how one Princess discovered there is more to Twilight Sparkle than she ever imagined, and realized she is truly anything but "a regular old unicorn."

EDIT: Featured on Equestria Daily on 12/31/12. It's a New Year's miracle!

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This story was, believe it or not, conceived long before The Crystal Empire aired. I was just able to put certain names to ideas after I saw the season premiere. I've wanted to write a story about Twilight's younger years for awhile, featuring her brother and foalsitter, and this stayed with me in the back of my mind before I finally decided to put it on paper--or word processor, in my case.

I like to think that Cadence played a pretty large role in Celestia's recognition of Twilight Sparkle and how talented she was at such a young age--since Cadence was the princess who knew her when she was very young. But no, she does not tell Celestia about Twilight's personal issues and keeps her word to Shining Armor.

Hope you enjoy this one, because I really and truly enjoyed writing it.

i'll be honest, i don't really care for canon shining armor and cadence because in the world of fanfiction you can basically do whatever you want and fill in the gaps, but this kept it real that even i could believe it. always so tired of those two getting away with a deus ex machina win and nothing ever bad happens to them they can learn from, like normal lessons. so, a thumbs up for you and a fav.

new head cannon acquired
proceed with the rewriting of memory

Okay, will read it later, but its a great start :pinkiesmile:

This story meshes so well with the canon of the show that I wish it actually WAS canon. Accuracy is something I can always appreciate in a story, and your story has earned a place in my heart with its clear evidence of that. Very well written.

Beautiful writing, thumbs up! :twilightsmile: Definitely deserves a feature, hope it makes it to the magic box at the top of the page! :pinkiehappy:

Please, continue!

Very nice.

this is so good it could be canon...

I love reading about Fillie Twilight Sparkle! She's so adorable. I wish the show itself would have more episodes about Twilies past, it would be awesome. A favorite and a like for you my good sir because this story was genuinely adorable.

This is definitely the best fic on the homepage. Liked, Favorite, and you can have a cookie, apple. :rainbowkiss:


Most excellent. I really liked dialogue flow it was very believable and natural. I wonder how Moon Dancer fixes her relationship with Twilight. She gets into Celestia's school too and even invited Twilight to her party in episode one.

1695422 I second that!

Great story!

Good story, really nice job!!:pinkiehappy:

A decent story, with only a few aspects that didn't make any sense.

Some of the drama felt forced, but all in all, a good job.


I would be surprised if this doesn't make it into the feature box.

Edit: well, that was quick

OMG! Where's Regidar?

Headcannon accepted..
Nice job matching the feel of the show

Ah! Another canon changer! Anything is better than the incestuous clop that seems to be so damned popular these days, ew! FOR SHAME, FIMFICTION! This would be a nice Feature Box addition - let's see that happen. I COMMAND IT. WOO!

My medications are strong.


Trust me, we haven't seen the last of that monster... in the meantime:



Now that it's hit Featured... I fear we don't have much time.

I don't think that Cadence should be called the Crystal Princess here. The Crystal Empire only appeared in season 3, and has been gone for over a thousand years. Given how much cadence visibly ages over the course of Twilight's life, she can't be that old. Furthermore, almost nothing is known about the Crystal Empire, even Celestia doesn't know much about it; for them to acknowledge her as the Crystal Princess seems a bit odd.


Huh. Good observation - didn't even notice that, having gotten lost in young Twilight's DAMNED ADORABLENESS!

I am such a sucker for cute. So not fair.

I love it! I hope you have plans on some Twilight: schoolfilly stories. :pinkiehappy:

Better than Darkest Before Dawn, though I do love that title, in my grossly-over-self-valued-and-frequently-broadcast-without-care-to-who-listens opinion. This is perfectly in keeping with my head canon for Filly!Twilight

That's not entirely true. You don't really have to know a lot about an empire like the Crystal Empire to have records that state that somepony is the rightful heir to said empire. It's entirely possible that King Sombra dethroned one of Cadance's ancestors, which would make her the current, rightful Crystal Princess.

With that said, this fic was absolutely wonderful! I hope that you write more, maybe some more involving this conversation between Celestia and Cadance along with covering more of Twilight's life growing up with Cadance and Shining Armor as her closest friends! Not to mention letting us see how Cadance and Shining Armor get more and more into one another, which was just adorbs as it was thus far. :heart:

An excellent piece! I loved it! I love these stories with Twi as a little filly! :twilightsmile:

Dawwwwww. just... dawwww :twistnerd:

Daww this is adorable...you deserve a mustache :moustache:

1695422 Holy cow! there are Regidar meme pics!?

I really enjoyed this story! It also goes really with the backstory I have had kicking around in my noggin.

Ah, that was a nice story. :twilightsmile:

Loved it :raritystarry:
All these great stories involving Cadence and Shining Armor lately are making me want more actual episodes with them. Especially in non-life-threatening situations.

This was really well written, making it obvious from the beginning that Twilight wasn't happy with how her day was going, and the bit of foreshadowing (haha, shadowing :pinkiehappy:) about Twilight being bullied. Which really makes sense, by the way... Twilight may be antisocial, but she's not exactly shy, so chances are she would have loved showing off her skills. And antisocial showoff nerds are just about the best bully bait there is. It also fits very well with how she was terrified of showing off in Boast Busters.

It also fits well with how easily she copied Celestia's shadow spell in Crystal Empire... which is awesome, considering that you wrote this first :twilightsmile: Although it would have to mean she wasn't that badly traumatized by the incident, or she would have had a dramatic flashback and fear of losing control before using it again. But chances are she knows more about it by now, and knows her own strength as well.

I also loved Cadence and Shining's scene at the end. They really do make a great couple. But so heartbreaking for Cadence, finding out that such a sweet and enthusiastic filly has been suffering for the very thing she loves so much :fluttercry: Until proven otherwise, it's going in my headcanon that Shining got his cutie mark by protecting Twilight.

he may have been to busy commenting wars on my story

Very nice work sez I.

Does anypony have a 1900x1200 THIS picture I can put here?

M-m-m-my... my feels....


Just wanna' mention that the the featured box's top stories currently is your fic and Heart to Heart. Normally I wouldn't click on a Cadance fic, but the fact that it had both Twilight and Spike riding her, respectively, piqued my interest.

They were both really good.

Awesome story, very good characterization, especially for a character that, let's face it, needs more character development.

I totally new this would get featured earlier when I read it.

I loved this story! Great characterization. Everything was absolutely perfect down to the last detail!
Now if you will excuse me, I need to see a Doctor.
Because this story broke my feels! BAZINGA!
... Why isn't anyone laughing?


The case could be that though the empire is gone her lineage still gives her the right to rule the land. Her mark after all was a crystal heart long before it came back.

Awesome story by the way.

I completely agree that her lineage gives her the right to rule, I disagree with her being called that in the story at a point in time when there was no public knowledge of the crystal empire, and even Celestia knew little about it.


Ah that is a fair point.

The following is not an attempt to say you are wrong, just a possible explanation that makes sense in my head.

Calling her line "The Crystal -whatever-" could be a holdover; the public has long forgotten why they call them such. The etymology behind even modern sayings are forgotten often why not the history behind a royal family.

As for Princess Celestia not knowing much about it, well let's see how our memories are after 20 years let alone a thousand haha.

Either way it was a great fic, and the up to date references are nice.

I really did enjoy this fic, it's just that one part stuck out at me as sounding non-cannon.


Oh things like that bother me too. I totally get that. I'll often drop a story entirely if it varies to widely from cannon.
Granted I haven't read much MLP Fan Fiction until tonight. And on that note I've been reading for hours. So to bed I go :ajsleepy:.

What a sweet story! I love the little budding romance of Cadence and Shiny - and your version of how he got his cutie mark was very cute as well. Then again, I like cuteness, so I may be biased. Your story was very, very cute.:twilightsheepish:

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