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Post Nuptials reading! · 12:40am Jul 20th, 2016

So, yeah, that fic I wrote that you all like has a reading now. You can see the first two chapters here, along with a reading of the short story Wedding Blues:

Hope you enjoy.

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PN Animated Adaptation Canceled · 11:55pm Sep 12th, 2014

Yeah, you might remember a year ago, when I announced that there were those interested in making an animated adaptation of my first MLP fic, Post Nuptials? If you do, you might be wondering why news on it petered out.

Well, we wrote the script and just about finished it. Then they started another project and communicated with me about it less and less. Then, last night, BronyRanger PMed me and gave it to me straight: he lost interest. Everyone else pulled out.

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