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Luna realizes that her sister has become something of both an idol and a symbol of Equestria since she was -ahem- on forced leave. In fact, Celestia has, perhaps, become the biggest figure in Equestrian history. The moon princess decides that she's going to use her skills in the artsy fartsy to make sure her sister remains the 'biggest' for decades to come by submitting her latest piece to the Professionals' Equestrian Art Contest.

On EqD now too!

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That was a very good story.

Welp, Luna's gonna get trialed for lese-majeste.

I have not read the story but, that artwork is amazing... could there possibly be a larger version?

At the source. I always put in the source of the art. Just hover over it and the link should appear in the bottom right corner.

Okay, I got a good laugh out of this one, amazing work :pinkiehappy:

Insulting royalty, which Luna did

Presumably Luna would be above the law as a Princess herself.

It's a French term borrowed into English

Hmmm. That doesn't look like French, but I assume that's because you don't speak it. Is it 'Les Majestés'? Because that just means 'The majesties'.

Ah, I spelt it wrongly. It's lèse-majesté.

And yes, I don't speak French. Forgive me

That might be old French, then. I've never heard 'lèse'.

lmao ggwp Luna, you made Celestia take the biggest L suitable for a big pony like her

A sizeable icon of Equestrian history.

Whoever downvoted this masterpiece is insane!!!

This is amazing!! I want more!!!

There's the Pinkie Pie story I did eryesterday.

*laughing with tears in my eyes I write this :rainbowlaugh: * Oh this was lovely! A true display of sibling dynamic! :moustache:

Can it really be lese-majeste when the one doing the insulting is A) also royalty and b) immediate family?


Well, if Tia's as huge as portrayed, then Luna should have no trouble avoiding her wrath! 🤣

Too bad she can't avoid it. Because Celestia is still magestic as ever!

Everypony's reaction to the painting was funny. Another great story. 👍

It’s nonetheless a real concept and still a criminal offense in a number of real life countries even today, to say nothing of the times when monarchies were more the rule than the exception.

It's still an offense in Belgium, apparently.

As a Princess Celestia simp I approve of this fic great work

Hilarious. Luna is such a shithead

But Luna is also royalty?

I gotta say, this was a very charmingly silly read. Nicely done, and well deserving of a like.

This was great, Luna and Celestia are best when they are acting as sisters. As a younger brother to an older one, the pettiest of revenge are the best. Also, that picture of Luna and her subject just kills me, I can't stop laughing.

I actually didn't find it until after I got the story idea, then I found it to be perfect. The source is on the image itself, so be sure to look at the rest of what the artist has made. They're extremely talented.

Meanwhile, I can barely draw pony faces :c

now a sequel where Celestia crushes Luna (with or without her weight is a decision that is not mine to make)

If Twilight was in the crowd she would have suffered an unheard of number of medical problems.

Very cute and funny. XD Vengeance upon the big sister is always a delight. :P

But Luna is royalty herself. So that would not even apply. Any judge would be beneath her, after all

And besides, this was a prank. Don't be so serious.

The studying and training in the art of painting were going to pay off, and she herself would have to give a good 'bonus' to the pony who had the courage to train the 'big and scary night princess'.

What do you mean, Luna is all cute and adorable. Right? Right?

"Hehehheh. You'll see my work soon, dear sister," Luna said before imitating Nightmare Moon's raucous laughter.

Is that Luna imitating Nightmare Moon, or rather Nightmare Moon imitation Luna?

"I call it 'Cake Eating Champion for a Thousand-and-One Years in a Row!" Luna declared. "In thanks and celebration for the biggest figure in Equestria's history!"

Alternative title: "The Blob, devour of Cakes".

"It's my revenge, sister!" The moon alicorn cackled maniacally at the reddening mare before her. She dodged a hoof swipe and dove into the crowd while laughing. "Enjoy my work!"

It could be worse, though:
Edit: this is not supposed to be Celestia banished to the moon, but rather a painting of Celestia being banished to the moon.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

One question though:
What did Celestia do once she finally caught her sister?

Glad you enjoyed it

Who said she caught up to Luna? Being such an imposing and large figure comes with a lot of work and becomes quite exhausting at the end of the day.

Revenge is sweet. :pinkiehappy:

That was a very fun read ^^

And so from that day forth, Celestia banned anything sugary in Equestria. Those who broke the law were sent to the moon. She implemented a massive exercise program that lasted 16 hours a day for her and trained herself to become the swollest princess of all. She also destroyed the painting her sister made and made sure no other copies of it were made.

How come this story got popular again? I didn't do anything to it.

Also, she decided that 16 a day wasn't enough and changed it to 25 hours a day.

That.....I don't know at all. Maybe because it got featured on EQD and it drove traffic up?

Also, as a result of what she did, Celestia laid all royal work onto Luna while she trained herself endlessly.

But the feature was a long time ago.

And became a pillar mare.

I really don't know how then.

Celestia then wiped out Equestria's enemies with her brute strength alone and did it by herself.

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