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My very first (self-published) book can be found on Amazon Kindle for 5 or 12 paperback! If you love dragons, give it a look! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CSM7QQ2M


For those wondering why I haven't been doing anything lately · 9:46pm May 5th

I've been checking the second book I'm going to publish called Lux Locus: The First Awakening. I won't give details right now, but it's a sci-fi fantasy hybrid in the same vein as Warhammer 40K, but with (If I did it right) a balance between grimdark and noblebright with a lot of grays. For the UNIVERSE (not this one book) I have at least 20 alien species (humans included) that will be main contenders with their own cultures (no planet of hats), forms of space travel, and sometimes gods. Also,

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For my next project · 11:00pm April 2nd

I want to start writing the sequel to my self-published book Reverting Scales. I was going to wait, but it seems it isn't progressing that much in sales, and I don't have the means to pay for advertising.

However, I also want to completely rewrite Singular's Demise since White Sun charged me up, but as a new story. You'll get to see a bunch of brand-new evil bug horse queens and hives with adaptive mutations.

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EXTREMELY Important Announcement Regarding my Authorly Endeavors · 9:23pm January 18th

Reverting Scales, my book starring a dragoness named Naydrus, has finally come out! It took a lot of work from me and especially my artist Nightbridge to get everything in order.

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I finally finished the Helluva Boss fanfic · 1:15am Nov 21st, 2023

It was pretty experimental since I was in uncomfortable territory, but it's finally finished and I shall now finish the pony project I put on hold then get back to Sunny Disposition.

If you're interested in reading it, you can find it here. There are 24 chapters, each averaging to around 2.2k words.

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Boom! Big Reveal! · 6:05am Nov 18th, 2023

Almost done with the Helluva Boss fanfic. Sorry for taking so long. Started working as a...dishwasher. One chap left.

When it's done I'll finish a project I put on hold here then resume Left Behind: Sunny Disposition (it already has two chapters finished, and the third should be done quite quickly).

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A very extremely VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! · 9:02am Sep 23rd, 2023

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Dark Symphony did a reading of the rewritten chapter of Magic's Birth · 11:15pm Sep 8th, 2023


Darksymphony reviewed Magic's Birth · 5:39am Sep 1st, 2023

Which you can find here

I should've made everything in the one story but I thought I should keep the one-shot as a one-shot.

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Darksymphony777 did a read for Do u kno da weh + Helluva Boss fanfic reminder · 11:31am Aug 15th, 2023

A blast from the past you can find here

Also, reminder that I'm writing a Helluva Boss fanfic over on DA. I'm going to get into AO3 (maybe...eventually) so it'll be posted there as well. You can find it here.

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In an attempt to vary myself, I wrote a Helluva Boss fanfic · 8:06pm Jul 13th, 2023

No, I'm not abandoning Fimfic nor the fics I started. I just need to try and vary what I write since I've been writing nothing but ponies since 2012. Maybe this'll get me out of my slump or at least delay it.

I know it's not ponies, but if'n you feel like reading it, I'd really appreciate it. (I would've posted it elsewhere, like Ao3, but that site doesn't allow new accounts right now and Fanfiction.net has a shit layout)

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