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I was just hoping to get this last job done, always getting sent to this dimension or that, always doing the interests of others. Unfortunately, everyone's luck eventually runs out, and it looks like mine has ran out as well. Now somehow I got stuck in this place, in a foreign body, and things just keeps getting worse for me. What did I do to deserve this?
Note: This is not a HiE story.
Editors: Discord Kantus (Chapters I-XLII), Hyari (Chapters XXXIV and onward), Fourpony
Art: AlicornParty

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Huh. This is pretty good so far. And I still have two more chapters to go!

Pinkie might be a bit much for our hapless hero(ine).

The language barrier always leads to fun shenanigans.

That's it I'm tracking this. Interesting consept and so far the execution has been near perfect. A few typos here and there but nothing too jarring. Please continue.

Good chapter, keep it up.

I'll be waiting for the next chapter forward.


I wouldn't be surprise

I would change "surprise" to "surprised".

There are some minor spelling and grammar errors but other than that, nicely done.

Good story and concept, looking forward to learning more about the main character!

Finally I get to read someone else have the same reaction to Pinkie Surprise Party as I would most likely have. Now I just need to wait to see the consequences.

All the while I entered a crouching position, my ears flayed against the back of my skull


Other then that, it was interesting...

I still needed more practice with that, as I inwardly hoped that today wouldn't have as many horrors as yesterday.

*hugged by Pinkie

The "AJ Lie Detector" just got a ping.

Mighty fine Chekhov's gun ya got there...

Nice Chapter.


ah yes, the ole' "Poke a strange alien device with a stick and hope for the best" method. Truly, Twilights scientific genius is unrivaled.

I'll be looking forward to the next chapter.

Best deal, although I think Twilight might have taught Aether magic anyways.

Unfortunately, that was how long it was before the Crusaders were released from whatever punishment they were given

I would hate to be him/her whenever that happens, you know Twilight and her rants.

Really good start, liked & followed.

I particulary like the protagonists reactions here. Not freaking out or doing stupid things (coughBrucecough) but remaining calm as they wait to see how things go & what they can do about it.

I'm also intrigued by them not being a Human, & having some experience of interdimensional travel? Interesting stuff.

Rainbow's reaction here over a Foal not caring about stunt flying in general & hers in particular reminds me of the reaction I used to (and still do) get when I tell people I have absolutely no interest in Football, especially since I come from a Football-mad family.

When A.J. said "Understood?" I was kinda expecting Aether to say "No." As how is she supposed to know what's a bad idea or not?

The Crusaders try all manner of crazy & dangerous things in pursuit of their marks, & they have no supervision. If she's to comply with A.J.'s order, then Aether will have to be the wet blanket of the group, running everything by the Adult Ponies, which I can't see her or them wanting.

5904735 A nod can mean yes or just be a nod of acknowledge. She never said she was going to stop giving them ideas...

Awaiting more of this awesome story.

5904133 What do you have against Bruce!!!!


Nevermind. Just re-read that fic.

Nice chapter. Waiting for more.

Besides some spelling and grammatical errors, this is really good! I'm definitely looking forward to more.

Digging the story so far. You don't see language barriers these realistic often, and you're pulling off keeping everything interesting despite such a high-bar really well.

Good work! :pinkiehappy:

I'm quite curious about our protagonists former race, though, since it was apparently a non-human biped with hands. Dwarf? Elf? Something weirder? Oh well, I'm certain it will be revealed sooner or later.

Aether Aura, huh?

Nice name, and I like the alliteration aspect.

Still, does sound like somepony is going to end up with a mark in magic.

And nothing wrong with that, just a guess. And given how methodical and careful AA has been so far, I think that talent would suit her quite well. :twilightsmile:


Besides some spelling and grammatical errors, this is really good! I'm definitely looking forward to more.

...You mean beside the character that is learning a second tongue in-story, right?

Wouldn't nit-pick something like that normally, but so far I haven't noticed any glaring errors, except were it makes story sense for there to be.

I do strongly agree with the rest, though! Really liking this story so far. :twilightsmile:

then my theory on this world being radiated by something would be getting even more proof

To receive radiation is to be irradiated. To be radiated is to be emitted outwards (to be the radiation).

This does not bode well for the story.

Things were going so well with the "stranger in a strange land"-related conflicts and now, 13 chapters in, we're introduced to the potential for a pseudo-epic adversarial conflict which could easily run rough-shod over what the first 12 chapters got the readers used to.

I've been reading fanfiction obsessively for about 15 years now and, in the gigabytes and gigabytes I've read, this is the #1 thing authors unnecessarily attempt and then botch.


It's just a few things like "Before I could make any sense of that, another thought came to my mind, one that stop it dead in its tracks."

They aren't major errors, and they're hardly noticeable. I was just pointing out that this story could use a quick glance over in order to correct a couple of these things, but it's nothing major.


Fair enough.

Just thought the language barrier in this story is so well done I wanted to make sure there wasn't a misunderstanding, since it would have been a shame if that got 'fixed.'


I know. I love how the language barrier is handled.

I'm delighted to find someone actually used the interrobang in their story. :3

5909432 Credits to its use goes to my editor, he introduced me to it.

Who in there right mind would think pinkie would be a good pony to take care of a filly that doesn't even know equestrian xD lol

Actually the younger you are the easier it'll be to learn another language.

Perfect reaction from Aether. Just perfect.


Think I'll actually have to disagree on that.

My own first thought on hearing such a claim would be 'royal propaganda.'

Now, on hearing that and actual proof? Then would be a good point to faint.

Still, a fun ending gag. :twilightsmile:

Ugg.. Pass out for no good reason cliffhanger ending.
I REALLY, REALLY hate this.

School: The bane of all children. And interdimensional travelers.

The pass-out thing was unexpected, but good.

Also, if this message can make it through the fourth wall: Aether, get over it. So many things are weird here. I figured that out the hard way.

Your friend from the other side of the fourth wall,
Star Gazer

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