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New Editor for Cosmic Rifts · 6:28pm Sep 7th, 2018

Yeah... since I left this fic alone for so long, I guess I need a new editor for it if anyone's willing.

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Distorted Fate Audio Reading · 11:11pm Jul 24th, 2017

Well, thanks to Spore Harvest, Distorted Fate has a reading of it on youtube, hope you enjoy: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LQxhrym0IuY

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Anthro Aether · 1:30am Nov 15th, 2016

You seen her in a bikini, time to see her in proper clothing

Art by Senseidezzy

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Book III of the Aether series is up · 3:12pm Apr 9th, 2016

Well, what can I say, the story, Cosmic Rifts, is up.

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Azure Memories needs an editor. · 6:38pm Mar 26th, 2016

I once said in the comments that I had a potential editor for the story, but turns out that things didn't turn out well in the end. So hence I need an editor for it. Not sure if anyone would be up for it, but can't hurt to make a blog post for this.

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Azure Memories is back · 5:18pm Mar 1st, 2016

After a year of neglect, I'm bringing back Azure Memories. Yeah, people are still waiting for Aether's third book, which is being written too, but I thought it was high time that I bring back my first fanfic from the grave. So... I hope everyone enjoys it.

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Time (part 2) · 11:09pm Feb 9th, 2016

As per the complaints that have been piling up due to the timeskips and what not, I will inform everyone of what is planned next in regards to the timeskips, but it will be in spoilers. So you can choose to read it or not.
There is one last timeskip, upon which the plot of Aether's story finally takes hold again and time progresses at the story's original normal pace.

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Time · 1:06am Jan 2nd, 2016

Another chance for readers to affect my story, but this time, it's more of whether or not anyone would mind a large amount of time being skipped to allow the story to advance again, or end up being bombarded with real filler. Cause compared to the previous time skips, which were just weeks, this one would be years. Yeah, I know some stuff may be skipped as a result, but one must take some sacrifices to move a story along. So what do you guys think on that matter?

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Story or Filler · 2:18am Dec 12th, 2015

As I saw in some comments, some people would like to see Aether in episodes like the Hearth's Warming Eve one. However, at this point in the story it is more filler than story. So in this case, would people want to see filler bits in Astral Aegis, or just keep it plot focused. However, if not included into the story, I probably will instead make a side story that would cover those events, but no promises.

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Anthro pony art... in bikinis · 5:50am Dec 3rd, 2015

Whelp, after asking a few folk, I might as well take up on one of my readers suggestions. Enjoy some of my ocs in an anthro form, or plot my demise. Hopefully the former. I really hope I don't end up regretting this.
Aether Aura

Sapphire Rain

Read More

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