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When one ends up dying in battle, one expects to move onto the afterlife. Not for me though, for I ended up as a filly, being taken in by the ruling family. Now this sounds all nice and dandy, but there is one major problem, I wasn't the first one to be taken in, and the prick who's going to be my cousin turns out to be in a similar boat as me, except that he and I belong to separate organizations that can't stand each other. Well, at least this will be an interesting foalhood.

This is a collab story, with its partner story, Time Problems with the Sun, being written by AandWguy.

Chapters (35)

This story is a sequel to Azure Memories

As Sapphire recovers her memories, she is tormented by the visions of monsters that nopony has ever seen before. As she wondered what experiences has she suffered through in her youth that created these nightmares, she struggles to continue to piece her memory back together, yet one nagging thought remained in her mind. Why do all these beasts seem so familiar to her?

It is recommend to read Azure Memories first.

Art by Reynaruina

Editors: AandWguy

Chapters (62)

This story is a sequel to Astral Aegis

We had almost fifteen years to prepare. We have a world that would be a shield for Equus when war finally comes to us. We have new weapons, armor, and vehicles for this war. We have the Aegis Guard, which I trained to the best I could, a force that would serve on the front lines and more for this war. I just hope that is enough.
Editors: Personal Gamer Chapter 1-6
Rozen Knight Chapter 10 and onward.

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to Distorted Fate

After enduring the task of adapting to being a filly and helping to stop a potential disaster from occurring, one would think that things are finally turning around for me. Sadly... fate will never be that nice to me. Now I have deal with ponies knowing that I was originally an alien, Twilight's desire to learn everything I know, as well as training a team of ponies to handle any interdimensional issues that could come to Equus thanks to Celestia's recklessness. My life just keeps getting worse.

Oh, and everypony said I'm also going to have to go through something else, but I didn't understand the word. Just give me a moment as I look it up. I think it started with a p.

Note: It is recommended to read Distorted Fate first. Also may contain some gore.
Updates Tuesdays and Fridays.

Art: WildSoulWS
Editors: FourponyChapters I-XXXV), Hyari(Chapters I-XIV) PersonalGamer (Chapters XXIX and onward) RockstarRaccoon (Chapters XXXVIII and onward), PinkieThePrankster (Chapters Chapter LVIII and onward)

Chapters (67)

I was just hoping to get this last job done, always getting sent to this dimension or that, always doing the interests of others. Unfortunately, everyone's luck eventually runs out, and it looks like mine has ran out as well. Now somehow I got stuck in this place, in a foreign body, and things just keeps getting worse for me. What did I do to deserve this?
Note: This is not a HiE story.
Editors: Discord Kantus (Chapters I-XLII), Hyari (Chapters XXXIV and onward), Fourpony
Art: AlicornParty

Chapters (51)

A unicorn mare wakes up in Ponyville, with all her memories gone into a haze that prevents her from recalling them beyond her own name after suffering an injury. Now, with nothing from her past to rely on, she must start a brand new life in Ponyville as her life starts all over. However, while she is gaining new memories to cherish, will she ever remember the memories she lost, the past life that she once lived?

Art by AlicornParty on deviantart : http://alicornparty.deviantart.com/
Editor: AandWguy

Chapters (27)
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