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After a long trans-Atlantic flight Marcus T. Longbottom, a middle aged avid scientist, comes across an odd girl dressed almost entirely in purple in a London Underground station. His rather less than pleasant encounter with the girl winds him up as a casualty in a horrible accident. Then, a month later he encounters the same girl yet again, though this time things got weird to say the least; alternate universe kind of weird. Marcus finds himself trapped inside another body and forced to serve the Royalty of a land filled with nothing but colourful talking ponies and other magical beings. But hey, things can only go up from here, and at least the laws of physics still exist... right?

Rated Teen for swearing and mild violence. As a reference; if you can handle Futurama then you can handle this.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 21 )

he missed a perfectly good BOO moment

3466932 but he did make use of a very good "Scaring a Goddess Shitless" moment... twice (though once inadvertently).

I still need to apologize for causing you severe emotional trauma!"

do you mean just now or with the train? I assume he wasn't talking about the yelling at her about Spike thing

3466955 Marcus was apologizing for basically everything, I would imagine that he's referring to everything in general as trauma.

Awesome sounds like equestria sexuality or other age transformation hope to see more some just ask if you want other stories that have a similar plot . Love to see some crazy thoughts go through the mains mind http://www.fimfiction.net/story/108087/equestrasexuality

Sorry to disappoint you, but there won't be any snu snu in this fic; this is just your average, run of the mill, Human has his soul brutally torn from his body and slammed into a reptile kinda story. You know, just the plain Jane comedy/adventure kind of story that doesn't come together into some badass combination of Bill Nye and Lord of the Rings. Nothing special.

3505590 well I wasn't implying there was going to be snu snu Just the transformation part being involved other then that hope to see more

Thanks man, and I've already started on the next chapter.

Is there a reason why the ponies don't think that Spike actually understands the little "dragon"? I mean I'd be one for asking what he was saying on the off chance it's a dragon thing.

Probably because it was sudden, and that the ponies don't really know all that much about the dragons... Don't worry, I'll get to that in the next chapter; I suppose I missed that chance to put that thought in there...:twilightsheepish:

I'm rather enjoying this story. Enough so that I was quite disappointed that this chapter didn't really introduce anything but a perspective change. Ah well, keep it up.

Don't worry, this is going to be the only real perspective change chapter in the story, mainly because I needed it to fill in some blanks. Everything from here on is going to be linear. :twilightsmile:

Maybe if this comes back, I'll read it.

(Lucky, from the sounds of it your hole to hide in is like fifty times better than mine.sheer and impotent rage grumbling

now that I've said it out load
Loud. It is vary inapropriet to make a mistake 3 sentences into your story it doesn't look vary nice.

I've been going over my old stories and I've found quite a few more mistakes. Things like this should really have been picked over by my editor, but I guess he never even did his job. I don't like it when people don't do their job.

This looks like a great start to an interesting story, but I have a question & a suspicion.

The question is whether this story is going to involve any time skips? Luna wants to raise the protagonist as a companion & assistant, so are we going to have a blow-by-blow account of her struggle to do so, or is it going to be the highlights? I think it would work better with the latter personally, but it's your story so it's up to you

The suspicion is that what Luna & Tender will discover in those books will lead them to believe that Zeke & Spike have a kind of instinctive hatchling rivalry & should be kept apart, at least at first, thus stopping Spike from blowing his cover, & this further leads me to believe that by the time that Zeke is in a position to tell them who he really is, he will have decided not to, & will instead be trying to live his new life, but not necessarily on Luna's terms & will have his own plans & goals.

If I'm warm, that's still a story I'd love to read, & if I'm cold, I look forward to being surprised.

Those are some good points, and I could use a time skip or two, but it won't be more than a few months at most. No, I was originally planning on having a dragon's ageing process be much faster than a humans would, since most animals need to develop fast in order to survive, and for a hatchling dragon that's even more so a reason grow up fast. I have this opinion that Spike would have grown up like this had he not been raised by Twilight, like how if he listens to his instincts and becomes greedy he grows to Godzilla proportions, but instead Spike follows the slower pony method of adolescence which focuses more on developing the brain like us humans. Zeke however doesn't fit into either mold since he's a grown man already so his body would use the dragon method to keep up with him. I'd give him a month before he's giving the ponies an ear full.:trollestia:

To answer the question about if Spike will blow the cover or if they're gonna be kept apart I'm planning on sending Twilight back to her castle since she was mostly kept in Canterlot so Celestial and Luna could look after her while she recovers.

looking at the last updated chapter and the last comment, how is it that you have not updated this story yet? i would really like to see some more development.

This was beautiful! Please keep it up!

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