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Twilight improves upon the portal mirror to allow her and her friends to see alternate universes. They quickly learn things that may strain their current relationship with Rainbow Dash.

Awesome art by AnimeStrife009 on DeviantArt!
Chinese translation was done by Green Onion Nutritious and can be found here: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3972797172
Russian translation was done by GrandCat and can be found here: https://ponyfiction.org/story/13869/
Thanks, you guys are amazing!
Made the featured box on July 14/15! Thanks everyone!

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This was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Tales of interest

I would have to say that was pretty funny but my problem is if the thingy "Not sure what its called" was only shippings how did cupcakes happen. Other than that it was really good.

Take #4 · Jul 14th, 2015 · · 1 ·


I feel as though cupcakes was it's own twisted shipping story between Rainbow and Pinkie.

At least that's the excuse I'll use for the inconsistency :raritywink:


Because I am a horrible human being... :fluttershbad:


Thanks! But if you feed my ego too much, it will get too big for my body and I'll explode.

Just kidding. You may continue your praise.

I think that line with Sunset was unnecessary. I know what you tried to do, but I think it would have gone better if you simply let Celestia visit Twilight with a bouquet of flowers. That would have done the trick. Or maybe Twilight's journal getting kicked over, opening a page where she wrote how much she loves Rainbow Dash and maybe has a cute drawing inside of it. Or better, accidentally hit a switch, which opens a Rainbow Dash shrine.

I really do like Sunset, but that ending was just so satisfying.

Great story! ♥

Far away in a distant and now unreachable land, Sunset Shimmer was writing her newest letter about the importance of friendship when her journal suddenly and inexplicably burst into flames, caught onto her clothes and hair, and gave her third degree burns.


6203106 Stories, plural? I see only this one. Where are the other stories? Are they invisible?

6203235 I'd like to read the invisible stories, pls.

Dash still got lucky, at least didn't see one of the story where she fall in love with Scoottaloo

I don't know why that other character caught fire at the end, but I approve. ^^

"I've never felt like I've fit in with the rest of this world. So I was wondering... What if I was 50 feet tall?!"

This machine must have browsed fimfiction alternate worlds.

World line, divergence, those numbers on the nixie tube. Looks like someone is a Steins;Gate fan.

If you look at the numbers here," she pointed to a Nixie tubes set with the numbers 0.2239. "That's how different the world will be from ours. The higher the number, the higher the difference. You girls ready?"

Steins Gate reference?

"No!" Twilight seethed. "We are going to find a perfectly ordinary world where Rainbow Dash is pursuing ordinary goals not involving in a romance with one of us!"

You're IN it, stupid.

You are entering into a realm not of sight or sound, but of wish-fullfilment and overly dramatic relationships between a rainbow maned Pegasus. You are entering,,,into the Shipping Zone.

6203352 :rainbowderp: That would scar her for life.

I... buh... whuh? What the... alright, I have to admit, this was amazing :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Sunset in the end though. I am torn between laughing and feeling sorry for her.
I'll just do both.

Thanks for this story, made me laugh a lot!

Alternate title: "the Mane Six discover brony fanfiction":rainbowlaugh:

6203352 I'm thinking she was more lucky that she missed most of Cupcakes.

And then....left field!!!

Och dammit, this story would be a great premise for a less comedic kind of plot, I mean think about it, take away the shipping and all, and the build up to disaster, then we could have had a great story of looking into other worlds.

I mean, Pinkie from Cupcakes? That could have been one of those bad dimensions they found, it would be emotional, and others would be funny and completely illogical, sometimes embarrassing, and other times it could be AWESOME AND INSPIRING!

Still, for what it is it made me fall over laughing as they traversed the realms of fimfiction, favorite and like~

I would love to just have it be them seeing other fan fiction worlds through it. Twilight seeing herself and nyx. Rarity seing herself with nightmare moons power. Pinkie geting the cupcakes universe and something else. fluttershy seeing a world where she married discord or something. the posibilites are endless! though i had a hard time figuring out what applejack and rainbow dash would see...

Someone get to making that!

also if someone knows i once read a story a bit similar to this where twilight made a machine that would with a high probabilty ansver any question asked to it and each of hte main 6 ask it a question. applejack asked what her life would be like if she was a dress maker. does anyone know what that story is named i can not find it.


One of the ideas for the ending was having this particular world turn out to be one where everypony loved Rainbow Dash and then she would live in a polygamy nightmare (cause, y'know there are stories like that lol). The reason why I didn't use that, which would be the same reason why I wouldn't want to use your ending suggestions, is because I feel as though it would undermine the genuine reactions of horror and confusion that Dash and the others went through.

But thanks for your thoughts, I do appreciate them.


Haha yes! You guys got me :derpytongue2:

:twilightsmile: There, it will harm nopony ever again.

:pinkiegasp: But with the mirror and book destroyed, won't that mean you'll never see Sunset again?

:twilightoops: .......

:facehoof: Buck my life...

Rainbow and Rarity were-

"NEXT!" Twilight switched screens before anypony could utter a word in response to the image now burned into their retinas. She angrily turned to Rainbow Dash, her wings extended in righteous fury.

Part of me wants to know what they were up to. The world may never know.

"I know I only really met you yesterday but... Pinkie gave me her blessing and I never felt like this with anyone else before. I.. think I'm in love with you." Rainbow placed her hoof on the kitchen sink basin and stroked it's shiny chrome plated surface. "I want you to marry me, Sink."


"Everything except the Kitchen sink."


Pretty good! I don't usually check out stories this new, but I'm glad I did. I kinda wish there were more worlds, but it's probably for the best it was kept short. It had a much better impact and satisfying delivery. Shame about sunset, though. ...Though, you could make a mini sequel or add on of the main six looking though the contraption, watching their horrified faces as another twilight burns the machine. That would probably result in a unanimous "Eenope." and the deactivation and refusal to continue the experiment. I'd almost say that would have been a hilarious end toi this rather than poor Sunset losing contact with her home... and her hair. Your thoughts, Take? But that's kinda my meta humor acting up. I've read a few hundred fics, only a third of which I save as favorites. (This story now one of them.) And the urge to see a more meta version of this fic with a baseline version of our heroines seeing versions of themselves from all kinds of the better stories of this site. There's sorta already a fic like that, but its not quite what I'm thinking of... Anyway, awesome idea, fantastic execution! New or not, your off to a wonderful start.

6204149 It's a reference to trollfic where Rainbow was shipped with Pinkie's sink.

6204156 So um... Everything except the alligator Gummi then? :pinkiecrazy:

This is a great fic, shame I didn't get to accidently link it while you were on chat :D

This is too awesome!!

6204318 I did find that from the author's notes. Was just too f-ing weird.

Well everybody Welcome to the Mindfuck

That is exactly what the main 6 would think if they saw our shipfics.:twilightoops:

This is what art looks like. And it is beautiful :rainbowlaugh:
(Thank you for including the sink story)

I know you were going with a theme, but I would've loved to see how they react to other genres beyond romance. I know you briefly showed Cupcakes (I didn't catch on until I realized the earlier tricks scene, that was clever) but there was so much that could've been shown. Stuff like the multitude of fics where Twilight becomes an evil Tyrant that rules Equestria, or that story where everyone discovers that Discord is actually a child and start treating him differently. Oh man. Celestia hates tea story. That would be fantastic. Or Twilight Sparkle fixes everything. :rainbowlaugh:

Regardless, this story was very amusing. Well done, that last scene where Twilight destroyed everything was the perfect ending. (claps)

Did we have to get a reference to that nasty fic?

And the 'take that!' to Equestria Girls felt, well, petty.

You get a thumbs-up just for the Nixie tubes. :twistnerd:

Twilight's last thought.


That last one with Pinkie was...suitably disturbing.


Its. So. Cheesy!


it's been awhile since she went into mad scientist mode and Spike missed it.

a while

Rainbow placed her hoof on the kitchen sink basin and stroked it's shiny chrome plated surface.



Fixed! Thanks for catching those.

If this video was ponies it would be perfect...


Thanks for giving my story a shot!

Your mini-sequel suggestion reminds of a thought I had while writing this story. I was halfway through a scene which explained that unless the numbers on the Nixie tube were high enough, whatever they would be watching would basically be themselves watching another world since any differences would be too minute to tell. Then my mind started thinking: Wait, could they start talking to their other selves? Except the conversation would be so weird because though they may be able to see and communicate with their alternate selves, their alternate selves would be speaking to alternate alternate selves, and even if they were all saying the same thing, it would be different.

Uh. Yeah I think I botched that explanation. Anyways, as you can see I scrapped that idea due to its complexity. I'm actually quite satisfied with the ending here and I don't feel as though anything else should be added. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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