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Experiment 247: Day 1

Subject of study: Why does Rainbow Dash keep crashing into my library?

Hypothesis A: She thinks it’s fun. Disproved because Rainbow prefers staying in the air and hates helping me clean up.

Hypothesis B: She’s clumsy Rainbow is extremely graceful in the air

Hypothesis C: None . . .Further study needed.

For the Abyss' competition.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 106 )

Actually a pretty decent read, sure kept me reading from start to finish, and nice and short, how I like it. The only thing that stuck out is "hooffull" which I think is two words, but othe than that good job, you've earned a f9llow.

Oh cool first time I was the first to like something:yay:

Will you make more chapters? I know the rules were for it to be a one shot, but after the competition, I'd like to continue reading this. That's just a cliffhanger that won't stop haunting me.

6290367 Thanks, but I'm going to keep this as a one-shot. But if it makes you feel better, I see this as sort of a spiritual succsessor to "It's not Mine". I always wanted to do another chapter to that, but instead I wrote this.

6288299 Quite the experience, is it not?:moustache:

6288014 Thanks:twilightblush:

6290849 btw, I stopped reading Doctor Whooves to read this story. I'm more attracted to twidash than the Doctor it seems.

6290980 well after all the sales and time Wars are done, its nice to grab some jelly babies and read about some snuggles

A nice fluff story— I'm not a huge TwiDash fan, but it was still amusing. I get that this was done quickly for a contest, but there were a number of glaring errors in there—missing and/or wrong letters and the like. You ought to get an editor.
Not bad enough for a downvote, but enough glaring errors that I can't in good conscience upvote it. Sorry. :fluttershysad:

She’d interwove a tracking spell along with a very intricate mapping spell and voila. A detailed model of Ponyville, given form by her magic, was laid out across the library floor, complete with its own miniature version of Rainbow Dash barely three high (Also a town hall that had been turned into a sofa chair for her viewing pleasure).

Barely three what high?

6291218 There, fixed most of the most obvious ones. There may be a few specific things I skipped over, but too tired right now to really go in depth.

It doesn't go Boink?

6291359 Not when copy right laws are involved. :scootangel:

Almost as if Celestia had heard her prayers or Discord had been messing with her all day and decided to stop, Rainbow suddenly leapt out of her seat.

See this is why we need a Discord emoticon. This :trollestia: will have to do

Unfortunately it's supposedly complete. I would've continued with more chapters

That was fluff of the highest caliber. Had it gone on longer, it could have easily powered Flufflepuff's orbital pillow cannon!

Reference to scientific progress goes boink maybe?

She’d chosen this day specifically to start her experiment because—according to prior records—it was the type of day of day Rainbow was most likely to ram straight into her library.

Nice one shot. :twilightsmile:

Hypothesis A - Twilight Sparkle is an excellent researcher, until it comes to personal relationships. :rainbowlaugh:

6292822 And Pinkie. Don't forget Pinkie.

So true.:twilightblush:

:yay: Ah, life is good.

Mad scientist Twi is a little over the top, but the ending is sufficiently adorable. Carry on.

6292881 Pinkie is beyond understanding. You do not understand the Pinkie, you WORSHIP the Pinkie. (:pinkiegasp:)

But if science listened to any of those things ponies still wouldn’t have figured out how to... actually, now that she thought about it a majority of pony society ran on magic. But science had it’s place still, and she would prove it with this.

But magic is science...

Dear Princess Celestia.

RE: Latest research project.

More research is required. With that in mind, I am enclosing a requisition for two (2) tickets to the Las Pegasus Wonderbolts air show, along with lodging and meals for an entire week. Transportation will be by wingpower, as to avoid any unnecessary expenses, and in order to take in several of the more informative points of interest on the trip. If the research I plan on conducting during this trip is still inconclusive, I am prepared to repeat it with similar trips to Neighagra Falls, Pearis Prance, and Roam Istally.

Your student and fellow princess
Twilight Sparkle

6291864 Calvin & Hobbes ftw.

Well that was cute. Inconclusive, yeah right. Lol.

Preposterous! Science solves everything in a quick and conclusive manner, after all! She must have applied it wrong, mucked it up a bit, and the like.

Some scolding is needed. SHE'S THE BEST, RIGHT?

6293096 If Friendship is Magic, and Magic is Science, then Friendship is SCIENCE!
So this means that I'm allowed to make a frankensteinien monster to be my friend, right?

I loved this. It's a very creative idea and your execution was very well done. I particularly liked the part about the ethnical implications. It became a bit foreseeable somewhere half through, but that didin't hurt the story in the slightest. Have a like and fave.

6293677 It would be your frankenfriend, yes.

Hmm. Lets see... Take magic and minus the morality... Carry the science and multiply by friendship... And we end up with... Yes. Yes you are.

Dammit people, what did I just say... make me one too.

is the title of this book a reference to Calvin and Hobbes: Scientific progress Goes Boink

6294227 Sure thing! And don't worry about having more than one of us work on it at a time. More contributors means more parts, and more parts means more friendship.

I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

6294554 Well, if we're approaching this logically, then yes, that means we also need a wider variety of sources for body parts.
Because that means there's a larger amount of potential varieties of friendship our Frankenfriend could exhibit, as you stated. But does someone have a spare slab and on-demand lightning storm we could borrow?
... And now I'm discussing how graverobbing enhances friendship in the comments of an adorable oneshot romance fic.
I thought it was friday. Why's it Tuesday already?
Edit: And now I should tweak my icon to have "Friendship is Graverobbing" in rainbow lettering in an arc. Or maybe Friendship is Mad Science?

:rainbowhuh: Ah Twilight where's Spike?
:twilightblush: Same place as usual, Why?
:rainbowderp: Raritys?
:twilightsmile: Of course!
:rainbowhuh: You know he's a typical guy don't cha know?

:duck: Spikey what's Twilight doing?
:moustache: experiments same as usual Why?
:raritywink: Like ours?
:moustache: Of course!
:raritywink: more champagne precious scales?
:moustache: from one of your shoes?

>>DeviousNights Isn't handful a word though? :trixieshiftright:

That was cute. :twilightsmile:

Not bad, and I liked the title reference...
Although, Scientific Progress goes Boink, not Crash...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

It tends to go more "BANG! ...tinkle, tinkle" where I'm involved. I swear, I don't know why my test tubes tend to explode so much.

6295708 You obviously haven't read much Calvin and Hobbes...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Nope, none at all.

6295764 Well, for a little exposition:
Calvin and Hobbes is a classic satirical comic series written by Bill Watterson, originally put in newspapers but eventually made into several books. One of the books was titled "Scientific Progress Goes Boink", which was reference to one of the strips inside the book, where Calvin makes a "Duplicator" (A cardboard box with "duplicator" written on it), then used it. When it activated, it made a boink sound, at which point Hobbes questioned that scientific progress apparently goes boink...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Well, you learn something new every day. I really would prefer the occasional boink. It sounds like there is less acid involved.

I could see this being written into an episode:rainbowlaugh:

6295787 Wrong kind of "acid" :D

Now I'm expecting a TwiDash fic from this. Very cute.

Uh... Mega?
*Takes of sunglasses* What is it, Bonnie?
You do realize you're talking to a wall, right?
P.S: Is the title a tribute to Calvin and Hobbes? If so, imgsrv.legends1027.com/image/wlgz/UserFiles/Image/Wiki%20Corner/brownie-points.jpg

Now this is more like a good TwiDashie throw.

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