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S'up, folks! I do pony fic for fun, and I hope you enjoy it! Give me a shout on Twitter @DMDash71 if ya feel like it!

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Sunset Shimmer has had a long day. Intending to relax and blow off some steam, she has an eventful encounter with a recent diary entry from somepony she didn't expect.

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Set over a millenia before the first episode of My Little Pony:FiM, this story explores the events that caused the descent and fall of Princess Luna and her taking the form of Nightmare Moon. We're familiar with what happened, but this story explores the possibilities of how and why things might have occurred.

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When their clubhouse is damaged in a storm, the Cutie Mark Crusaders set out to earn enough money so they can fix up the damage. Work is tough, however, and they aren't always suited to the task at hand. Patience isn't their strong suit, either, and it remains to be seen if the trio can hang tough and achieve a goal that seems almost as elusive as their cutie marks.

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What if Rainbow Dash had a musical solo where she had to sing about something really important to her? A sort of "open your heart up and show what's going on" sort of thing? In front of everyone.

Since the time she met Twilight Sparkle, this little pony has gone through some interesting times and is not quite the same personality that we started out with, in my own opinion. Something about an honest "me" song from Dash was just something that kept popping into my head over and over and I had to get it out into verse. And then had to come up with the story that would get her to open up and actually sing it...

At any rate, here it is, for your enjoyment.

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