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S'up, folks! I do pony fic for fun, and I hope you enjoy it! Give me a shout on Twitter @DMDash71 if ya feel like it!


What if Rainbow Dash had a musical solo where she had to sing about something really important to her? A sort of "open your heart up and show what's going on" sort of thing? In front of everyone.

Since the time she met Twilight Sparkle, this little pony has gone through some interesting times and is not quite the same personality that we started out with, in my own opinion. Something about an honest "me" song from Dash was just something that kept popping into my head over and over and I had to get it out into verse. And then had to come up with the story that would get her to open up and actually sing it...

At any rate, here it is, for your enjoyment.

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Comments ( 25 )

I demand more! Cant wait to see how the 'contest' will go:twilightsmile:

Thanks! I'm working on it. We're almost there, I promise. :)

This is really great! The characterization is great, the pacing is nice and it has the feel of a real episode! Perfect!

*Leans forward in anticipation*

Thanks, I'm glad it works for you. :) Working with an established character is tough; you can't make them do what you might like to, because it grates wrong. And with somebody like Dash, you're liable to end up chasing after her, your original idea unraveling behind you as you fight to catch up. Still, it's fun. I LOVE fun things! :rainbowwild:

That was such a perfect ending! I love Celestia's talking to Rainbow.
Rainbow's song was so sweet and it just proves that she's beyond awesome!
The addition of Scootalove made it all really cute and adorable. I like to think that Rainbow Dash has hidden depths, which are always fun and interesting to explore.

Great job!

Very good, but it's a shame it's only a fic so I couldn't actually hear the song. Reading the lyrics to a song just isn't the same unless you know what it actually sounds like:(.

Very true; one of the limitations of text, I'm afraid. :/

Thanks for reading, though!

I love fanfics like this that show a deeper side to Rainbow, well done good sir :moustache:

Was I really the first to put a dent in the ratings? Huh.

I just... I can't. That was too beautiful. Complete adoration over here.


You know, I totally forgot about the ratings. You are first pony! And thank you for the kind comments. :)

Seventy-nine weeks since this went up?? Wow, I've been missing it all this time.

This fits SO WELL with the pitch of the first/second seasons, and it's a wonderful story. I've only started, but I wanted to pitch in and say how disappointed I am that this has not gotten more attention. LOVE IT! :rainbowdetermined2:


Thanks, dude! I'm really glad you like it; I tried hard to keep it authentic.

Seriously, glad it works for you. Thank you so much. :pinkiehappy:

You rhymed comes with come?

Regardless, This story doesn't seem half bad. Could use an editing pass or two, but every story can always use one of those. Consider me following you :derpytongue2:

pinkie says 'somebody'.

However, I have to go to bed because Army. Will read more tomorrow, hopefully.

Oh, wow. This was as beautiful and unexpected to me as it was to everypony else. I teared up a bit.

3581302 Thank you. I really liked trying to stick with what felt almost like an episode in this; I've dived out of my comfort zone since then, but this still has some of my favorite feels.

Mainly RD coming up through the clouds and seeing everything spread out below her...a private image I tried to share just a bit. :rainbowkiss:

You know... I started this over a year ago. At the time, the opening premise didn't grab me, and I got distracted, The pace was measured when I was looking for something exciting off the bat, and I think I dug into CouchCrusader's "Wingmares" and then Bronius's "At Home On The Range."

I really regret that, because the ending was a wonderful study of what Rainbow's character can be.

This is one of those fics that I'm going to come back and re-read every once in a while because it resonates with me and does really nice things with a character I like, but who is often left sort of two-dimensional. And, also because it's a good way to learn how to flesh out the characters I want to create. There's a smoothness, a well-roundedness that I can't achieve yet, that speaks of a LOT of thought and refinement.

For all that some people say this or that part of the show has shown "character growth," all of it pales besides how you've given depth to her character without changing it.

4327615 I really should read my story comments more...honestly, I kinda wrote this one off (wrote, ha ha) because it was my first fic effort and didn't get a lot of traffic.

I'm glad I checked back...thank you very much for the compliments and even more for just coming back to try it again. I'm really glad you found it worth the read! :rainbowkiss:

One more time, Pinkie shows why she's best pony and why the show is called "The Pinkie Pie and Friends Show."

I thought Flutter felt comfortable around her friends, but she seems to be much more insecure than usual. Also, the sneaky little thing didn't tell her friends about the events at the gala.

Applejack sounded even more cowgirl-ish than usual, but I like it. Also, loved the continuity and linking with events from the show.

Finally, I personally think that being awesome is like being a lady. If you have to say you are, you aren't.

I never understood the appeal of the chick... I mean, Scootaloo, but I kinda get it now.

The contest still feels like an excuse plot, but so what?

I wrote a review of your story. You can see it here.

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