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Da Joestanator

I'm more of a video and comic maker, but on occasion I'll try my hands at Pony fanfics.


Homestar Runner meets My Little Pony · 7:21am Nov 6th, 2015

behold as me, my good friend DaWillstanator, HewyLewis, and ToucanDLM present our MASTERPIECE!!! :3

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Updated thanks to new editor · 2:23am May 8th, 2015

And As the Sunsets on the Past has been edited and updated, thanks to FabulouslyCynical

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A little help please? · 10:40am May 4th, 2015

Hello FIMFiction, I hope you guys liked my very first pony fiction. Since I can't escape the plague that is grammar issues, and I want to be able to show off better art, I was hoping people might be able to help me with two things:

1) is there anyone who knows where I can find an editor to make this story as awesome as it deserves?

2) is there anyone who is an artist who can make good cover art?

and again, I really appreciate you guys reading my story :pinkiehappy:

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