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I'm more of a video and comic maker, but on occasion I'll try my hands at Pony fanfics.

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In the midst of trying to foil Starlight Glimmer's time travel plan, Twilight and Spike land in a future where Equestria is ruled by... one of their closest friends!

Based on an idea that me and my girlfriend came up with in a Skype call

Cover art from the Fall of Sunset Shimmer comic.

Edited by Bryce "The WrestleManiac" Kanyon

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Ever since the Battle of the Bands, Sunset Shimmer has been writing letters to Princess Twilight Sparkle telling of what she has learned about friendship. One day, Twilight gets a peculiar letter and exciting news: Sunset Shimmer is coming to Equestria! Twilight and her friends already have lots of plans for when she gets here, but Sunset has something very specific she wants to do first: something that is long overdue.

*Cover image drawn by shutterflyeqd*

Edited by: FabulouslyCynical

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