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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety. Some of my stories are available as books; see my userpage for details.



This story is a sequel to Geoverse Prologue: The Last Of His Kind

Now available as a book!

While walking home from work one night, I was nearly killed by a careless driver; when I complained to him, I ended up getting more than I bargained for. After waking up in a strange new place, I found myself in the company of some unique individiuals — all of whom were ponies.

I soon found my counterpart in one of them, and love blossomed.

But Fate is a fickle mistress...


Part One of the Geoverse. This story has gone through several rewrites since it was first published. The original version is now available as a book.

Cover Art by Anoymousperson123.

Comments contain spoilers.

Rated Teen for violence, swearing and sexual themes (the actual sex is written as a seperate story).

Chapters (15)
Comments ( 399 )

Even though you're going to rewrite it :rainbowlaugh: i'm still reading it and i must say it is very interesting :moustache:

GeodesicDragon im sure as well that that is and awkward name even by human standards:trollestia:

I don't see the difference between this fused chapter and the other two it came from.

So did geo's parents hate him, or did you actually think that making his name the same as your username didn't just spell out "Mary Sue"? Seriously, If you're gonna make him an obvious mary sue, then you could have at least used a name that isn't as stupid as "Geo".

1996987 If you go back and read it again you would relise that he thinks he's in a dream or another world. So I think making up a name like GeodesicDragon "Geo" would kinda fit.:pinkiehappy: and yes I know that's the authors name.


Geovanny? Geo Is short for that? Right?
Or something?

I'm liking these revisions:pinkiehappy:


I didnt know that was going to happen?!?!?!

But seriously yeah what he said--------------------------^

Humans have been in Ponyville before???

Granny Smith should know about this (founder of Ponyville)

Luv this, my friend

"I'm pretty sure that sooner or later, you will all become prisoners of love. And when you do, you will appreciate it just as much as we do. Right, Twi?"

I see what you did there...

"Afraid that you won't find somepony to ignite that spark within you?"

And there...

"I shall not give up. I shall continue hoping that my special somepony is just waiting for the right moment to reveal himself."

And there...

"an' Ah'll continue ta hope Ah meet a stallion who's as honest as Ah am. Of course, knowin' mah luck, he'll turn out ta be the exact opposite. But as tha old sayin' goes... opposites attract."

And there...

"Ooh, I hope to meet somepony who's sweet!" Pinkie chimed. "Ooh, and smart! And brave! Basically just the best guy ever."

And there...

"What about you, Fluttershy?" I asked. "I'm pretty sure there's a guy out there who's just as kind and caring as you are."

And there...

And I think that just about covers all the references... Do I get to join the smart party now? :rainbowlaugh:

Turning my head skyward, I watched the birds flying past, each of them tweeting away.

So, how many times can one fit "My tree!" in 140 characters?

Tis a good rewrite! WIll the sequels also get a rewrite or was it for this one part?


Just this one. I don't think the sequels need a rewrite, to be honest.

Alrighty! I didn't think they did either, but I figured I may as well ask al lthe same! :)

A few things don't make sense. You acknowledge the horror of the last two episodes of the 2nd series but you don't acknowledge Family Appreciation Day? You suggest humans were commonplace in the pony world during the existence of Equestria? You have Celestia taking the 'it's hostile until proved otherwise' rather than 'indifferent until proved one or the other'? I fail to see the justice.

2029898 what there are sequels arter i first finished it at school i was yelling FU***FU***FU***FU*** IT CAN END LIKE THIS and everybody in the room gave me the middle finger and said shut up the fuck up tony


:eeyup: There are five sequels. :rainbowwild:


A few things don't make sense.

Okay, let's see.

You acknowledge the horror of the last two episodes of the 2nd series but you don't acknowledge Family Appreciation Day?

What does that have to do with anything?

You suggest humans were commonplace in the pony world during the existence of Equestria?

And that's a problem because...?

You have Celestia taking the 'it's hostile until proved otherwise' rather than 'indifferent until proved one or the other'?

You didn't read the story properly, otherwise you wouldn't have said that. Read the chapter again and you will see that there is a reason why Celestia is taking this stance.

I fail to see the justice.

And I fail to see the point of your comment. Most of what you are saying doesn't even make sense. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking.

For the style of introduction you seemed to have taken rather a long time to get to this point.


This was my first story. I didn't know any better. :facehoof:

"PS3 is my favourite, especially Killzone 3." he grinned and held out his hand. "I'm John."

Bro fist. I have the same exact game & system

Again with the she saved all of us. She

"She saved all of us, darling." said Rarity. Ahem..He:ajsmug:

Well done on the rewrite. Gaps have bin filled and many thanks for the story:pinkiesmile:

"There is somepony out there for all of you." I replied, waving my hand across the room. "I'm pretty sure that sooner or later, you will all become prisoners of love.

First time I read this, which is ... [checking your profile for my comment] 12 weeks ago pretty much, though I didn't get around to comment for different reasons.
Hm, oh well. When you did the rewrite I pretty much instantly decided that I'd reread the entire Geoverse when you're done, and, here I am, after some hours I've read the first part in the series, heh :twilightsmile:

Thing is .. I really like your apporach here, but I can't point out what I really like the most.
What I mean is, you are writing all the characters well in character. Geo is also well-described and pretty much everything the reader needs to know about him is there, toghether with an interesting and well-written personality.
The storyline is interesting too. Let's forget that I've read the series once (I've not yet read Season of Adventure, it'll be the final step of this 're'read :twilightblush: ), and say that Geo got randomly transported to Equestria through beeing shot. Such an act of violence lead him to such a peaceful world, heh, almost poetical and stuff like that :twilightsheepish:
And, then the story with earlier humans in Equestria is a nice touch, and, evenmore that Twilight gets intimidated by Geo early on when she thinks she'd upset him.

So, summing things up, I cant put my finger on anything that I like the most in this fic, but, it's all in all a really greatly-written story. Therefor, this story is liked and faved since the first read. ^^

Now I'm off to recall what happens next ;)

Comment posted by Witty Joke deleted Feb 18th, 2013

prepare to be friend zoned!

Annnnnnnnd I was wrong. F*ck

Like Brony Dragon said, Granny Smith should know about humans if there was a battle of Ponyville. It's even more impossible considering that Luna was also present for the battle. If I can make a suggestion I would change the name in Battle of the Everfree. That way it doesn't matter that Ponyville not yet excisted when the battle took place.

Nice chapter, the only complaint is that 3 months hospital is a d*mn long time. Even if the doctors want to study human anatomy. And it sounds implausible that Pinkie would wait 3 months for a welcome-party.


"The humans had claimed the territory Equestria was founded on as their own, and they saw our presence as an invasion. They declared war on us and began a campaign to drive us out. Many lives were lost over the next few years, but the humans were no match against our warriors. The day came when they attacked what is now Ponyville. The fighting was fierce, but we held out. When it was all over... the humans had been completely annihilated."

Did you ever stop to consider that the battle might have taken place on the land Ponyville was built on? Or maybe that a town existed there, but was destroyed during the fighting and Ponyville was built in its place?

WHY WHY WHY :pinkiesad2::raritycry::raritydespair::raritycry::raritycry:

Comment posted by A Chiller State of Mind deleted Mar 3rd, 2013

Hey tuckerisms Bow Chicka Bow Wow!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

As we ate, I kept asking myself how I could have possibly mistaken 'mating' for 'dating' in Twilight's journal. Confound her bad horn-writing...


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