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My name is Vetnern and I write stories!


I will be writing multiple short stories about characters from the show going on adventures. Please note that this story is meant to written like this, it's not for anybody with a very grammar strict lifestyle.

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It's so horrible it's funny!:eeyup:

Well... this was random.

Funny, but random.

2384051 I hope nobody thinks I'm actually this bad xD

OH GOD THE PAIN! :raritycry: Reading this was like reading a Dolan comic. It hurts my brain. Thank you, Vet, for making me proud of my ability to use proper grammar in my (currently unfinished) fanfiction.

writing multiple short stories

Its not bad.
Its so bad, that its funny.

Oh my gosh. This is gold. :pinkiehappy:

ART. At least Appleblum wasn't unbirthing all over the place this time.

So thanks for that.

Wut. :rainbowlaugh:

“Why hello there Knock, is Twarity home?” said Haywick.

“I do not know, I am window,” said Knock who vanished into the night.

“Hello there girls, I came to point at various objects around your home and leave, I hope I am not leaving now.” said Haywick as he left.

That's my OC! :twilightsmile:

...My brain is full of fuck right now...I am okay with this...:rainbowhuh:

2401322 It's a terrible masterpiece.


Comment posted by The Accursed One deleted Mar 7th, 2015

For lack of better word, I shall simply say 'LOL'.

Wood plus marbles equals key. Sounds like Team Fortress 2 crafting to me.

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