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My name is kamijeceleek, but you can just call me Kammie. I have been a fan of MLP since I was eleven years old (I'm twenty now) and I can't wait to share all my ideas with all of you!


After Grand Pear disowned her at the wedding, Buttercup began to fear that unconditional love was now limited to her husband. Her worry was only expanding with the addition of expecting her first foal and an Apple Family Reunion coinciding around her due date. But when she received a letter from her long-estranged sister in Manehattan seeking to reconnect, she was surprised when Granny Smith encouraged her to invite Pear Blossom—now Orange Blossom—to the reunion.

That was when Buttercup realized that the Apples were the family that she always wanted... and never quite had.

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Did you happen to base this off of a previously written story also called "Buck Up Buttercup" which also had Aunt Orange previously being a Pear and Buttercups sister? If not, that's an insanely amazing coincidence and really awesome that it worked out so well and exactly the same as the story they did for her.

No, I didn't. I have read that story but I just titled my chapter after it. And the only similarities between our stories is Orange Blossom. Thanks for commenting! This is the first comment I've gotten on this site!

This was a very nice story. I was especially moved by the letter at the end. Well-done, very well done.

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