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My name is kamijeceleek, but you can just call me Kammie. I have been a fan of MLP since I was eleven years old (I'm twenty now) and I can't wait to share all my ideas with all of you!


This story is a sequel to Prelude to the Dawn

When Luster Dawn moved to Ponyville, she didn't expect to connect with an unlikely group of friends: excitable Kirin Half Moon, cool-calm-collected dragon Alex, shy griffon Gemma, rough-and-tumble changeling Stinger, bombastic yak Magnus, and reluctant pegasus Aurora. However, she doesn't have long to get used to her new situation before she and her friends are called far beyond the borders of Equestria to deal with a long-thought vanquished foe and discover a long-forgotten and dark chapter in Equestrian history...

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Wow what a way to start the story very sad and interesting poor Aurora must been so hard reminds of my friend who lost her mother from sickness 😔

Thank you! I hope you keep reading!

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