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Dawn of a New Era - kamijeceleek

Friendship can bring you together and take you places you never imagined...

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An Ancient Threat

Luster double-checked her packing list with what she had in her saddlebags.

"You're sure you have everything?" Starlight asked her daughter.

"Positive, Mom."

"Book of spells?"


"Warm clothes?"




"Essentials for heigine?"

"Super check. Mom, I've got everything, I promise."

"I know. You're organized. I just..."

"Worry about me going so far away?"

"...yes." Luster hugged her mother.

"I'm worried, too. I'm going further away than you and Princess Twilight ever have. But I'm your daughter and her student. This is going to be fine."

Starlight sighed. She really didn't have any choice here but to trust her daughter's judgement as Twilight had trusted hers so long ago.

"We're not even leaving until tomorrow," Luster continued, smiling. "That gives you plenty of time to say goodbye."

"Let's just get going now. You'll be leaving for Tír na nÓg bright and early and we want to get there in time for you to have a good night's sleep."

Luster grabbed her saddlebags and tightened the straps with her magic before they left the building and headed to the train station. Sunburst and Firecracker were waiting for them along with the rest of Luster's friends. Aurora was standing with her father, stepmother, and half-sister, the latter of the three clinging to her big sister's back hind leg. The others were alone, their families waiting for them in Canterlot.

"Why do you hafta go, Rora?" Starry asked, her dark blue eyes full of tears.

"Starry, I'm sorry. But these guys need me, too. Plus, I'll make sure to bring you back a souvenir." Midnight coughed slightly and she rolled her eyes. "And you too, Dad. And maybe Honeycrisp if the Sidhe have anything that might interest her."

"You really don't have to bring me anythin'," Honeycrisp assured her. "Just you comin' home safe is enough."

There was a screeching sound as the train pulled into the station. The entire group got onto the train and took their spots, Firecracker choosing to take the seat directly beside his sister. It wasn't a long ride, but they were happy to be greeted by Gallus once they arrived in Canterlot. Gemma, of course, immediately rushed forward and hugged him. Luster had learned that like Gallus, Gemma was an orphan. Unlike him, however, she'd had the good fortune of being adopted by him as a little sister.

"Come on. Twilight sent me to escort you all to the castle. Niamh is ready to go for tomorrow."

As the sun set, she felt her power growing and returning.


It had been many years since she'd been allowed to freely roam. Since the 'good ones' of the Aos Sí had imprisoned her she hadn't seen natural light in centuries. Now she and the other Ouphes were free under the reign of King Sombra. All he asked in return was that they do tasks he was unable to perform himself. It was the least they could do in return for his help in letting them have their freedom.

She was Grania of the Ouphes, and she was going to make sure the Aos Sí never took their control back.

As she stood outside of the city she felt a sense of pride and joy. These ponies and whatever other creatures resided within did not know of the Aos Sí, much less the Ouphes. They weren't prepared in any way, shape, or form for her. Her target wasn't any of them but instead the lone Sidhe that was within the walls and could lead to the king's downfall.

Silently and invisibly she crept through the gates.

The evening meal was winding down and as Niamh took one last bite of her food, she felt it—a dark presence approaching the castle. It was a feeling of nausea in her gut, one that wasn't from any kind of illness.

"Does anyone else feel that?" she asked.

"Feel what?" inquired Rarity.

"Something is coming." The Sidhe got up from the table and followed the feeling in her gut. Before too much longer the door opened to reveal a dark-colored mare with an evil grin.

"Heileo, Aos Sí," the mare hissed.

"Cé tusa?"

"Níl sé sin tábhachtach."

"Um, can somebody please translate?" asked Rainbow.

"Oh, I see," the dark mare snickered in Ponish. "The Sidhe are so weak they go ta the ponies I am meant ta rule!"

"Ya daft gombeen!" Niamh snapped. "Get out!"

The mare, rather than leaving, instead leapt upon Niamh. The two began to tangle, fighting hard for control, and Twilight quickly used her magic to pull them apart. Niamh had a scratch on her face and bruises from where the stranger had kicked her savagely.

"What do you want?" Twilight inquired of the newcomer.

"I need ta get rid of that shtate. Wasn't expectin' ya ta be awake, honestly." Suddenly the mare teleported back to the door. "I guess I'll wait until—"

A beam of magic hit her in the side, causing her to fall over and freeze. Starlight had her eyes narrowed as she used more magic to restrain her.

"Who are you?" Starlight snapped.

"I am Grania of the Ouphes and ya won't win against us!"

Guards rushed forwards and took the mare into custody, dragging her off to the dungeon. However, Niamh looked unnerved by her last statement.

"Niamh?" whispered Gemma.

"The Ouphes are free? No..."

"I've never heard of them," Midnight commented.

"That's because the Sidhe sealed them away ages ago. They are a dark reflection of us that want nothin' more than destruction and death."

"Like niriks!" gasped Half Moon.

"Kinda, but they are not the same thing as us."

"If they're coming after you," spoke up Thorax, "then you need to leave as soon as possible."

"Before first light."

Nods were had. The situation was getting more dire.

And before the sun rose, the families of those going on the journey gathered in the throne room. Starlight felt a little more worried than before about the journey, but that was somewhat assuaged by a gift Discord had given each of them in the form of magic mirrors. He'd explained that it was easier than letters and these mirrors had been enchanted so they would never break.

Luster, on the other hoof, was excited to be setting out. Niamh had explained that Tír na nÓg was far to the west, a journey that would take them quite a long time to complete. Once it was done, however, the Sidhe would be freed.

She could only hope they would hold out that long.


The mare with a white coat and beautiful golden mane looked up as an older one came upon her.

"There ya are! What are ya doin, daft girl?"

"I am tryin' ta see Niamh."

"She's been hidden fer months. Ya ain't gonna find her!"

"Granny, I have ta know she's okay!"

Below the princess's hooves, the small pool she was standing before began to swirl. Ciara and Eimear stared at the water as an image appeared. It was Niamh, accompanied by a griffon, a Changeling, two ponies, a dragon, a yak, and a creature they didn't recognize. But they were traveling west, from what Eimear could tell, and her heart quickened at the thought that perhaps she'd be able to one day rule the Sidhe like she was meant to do.

"The sun'll be risin'," Ciara added. "We'd best head back before the others wake up and yer uncle has a fit."

"All right, I'm comin'." Eimear cast one last glance at the pool. "Hurry, Niamh. We need all the help we can get."

Author's Note:

Starting here, I'm going to try to make chapters much longer. Please be patient.

Feel free to leave any and all questions down below!

Also, something that will become evident is that this story is a combination fanfiction and research piece into Irish mythology and folklore. For instance, while researching monsters for this chapter (my original choice made no sense once I looked into it), I thought I had made an error in naming when it came to Niamh and the Sidhe. In folklore 'Sidhe' refers to the mounds that are thought to be the home of Aos Sí, which is a collective term for the fairies of Ireland. But they can also be referred to as the Sidhe, which I am thankful for.

(And in case you were wondering, my initial choice for monster was the Dearg Due. Unfortunately, this vampiric siren only goes after males and I really didn't feel like messing with that.)

As for the term 'Ouphes', this is one of the terms I found to regard 'evil fairies'. Another option was Urchins, but I went with a cooler-sounding option. The Aos Sí or Sidhe (just two of the options I had) are the good fairies.

That make sense? Good.

It gets more confusing from here.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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