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My name is kamijeceleek, but you can just call me Kammie. I have been a fan of MLP since I was eleven years old (I'm twenty now) and I can't wait to share all my ideas with all of you!

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To many, it's a city of lights and sounds, fashion and theater. Ponies from all over come here to try and make it in one way or another, seeking a way to become famous and beloved like so many that have come from there. And in some ways, it's true that Manehattan is one of the best places to make something of yourself in industries like fashion and acting and even in politics. But fame is fleeting and Manehattan is forever a place that has become over time a cesspool of crime and violence.

That's where we come in. The Sunlit Detective Agency. I'm half of a brother-sister detective duo seeking to solve crimes that the police can't handle due to lack of leads or delicacy in a particular case, which has become more and more common. We love our work, but this isn't an origin story. No, this is a story of murder, of drama, sibling rivalry, and romance. It will take you all over Equestria and make you question who you know.

—From the desk of Detective Sunset Shimmer, Sunlit Detective Agency.

Inspired by a love of mystery novels, true crime, and Law & Order. Rated for violence, slight profanity, and suggestive moments.

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Sunburst has a massive crush on Starlight that he's had since he was a foal. Trixie is aware of it and pushing him to confess while teasing him every step of the way. Meanwhile, Double Diamond comes to Ponyville to visit Starlight and Maud wonders about his intentions.

Title comes from the song of the same name from "Jem and the Holograms".

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Exactly what it says on the tin, this is a series of shorts based around how our favorite characters spent the early days of Twilight's reign over Equestria. From adjusting to the change to figuring out where to go in the world, it's a new type of adventure that nobody was quite ready for.

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After Grand Pear disowned her at the wedding, Buttercup began to fear that unconditional love was now limited to her husband. Her worry was only expanding with the addition of expecting her first foal and an Apple Family Reunion coinciding around her due date. But when she received a letter from her long-estranged sister in Manehattan seeking to reconnect, she was surprised when Granny Smith encouraged her to invite Pear Blossom—now Orange Blossom—to the reunion.

That was when Buttercup realized that the Apples were the family that she always wanted... and never quite had.

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This story is a sequel to Prelude to the Dawn

When Luster Dawn moved to Ponyville, she didn't expect to connect with an unlikely group of friends: excitable Kirin Half Moon, cool-calm-collected dragon Alex, shy griffon Gemma, rough-and-tumble changeling Stinger, bombastic yak Magnus, and reluctant pegasus Aurora. However, she doesn't have long to get used to her new situation before she and her friends are called far beyond the borders of Equestria to deal with a long-thought vanquished foe and discover a long-forgotten and dark chapter in Equestrian history...

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