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"We are all born mad. Some remain so." -Estragon, Waiting for Godot


"And so you rise to this challenge expecting that revolution will be simple?" Obsidian snarled, his incredulity clear in his voice. "I suppose it would be, had you not spent your entire life fighting for the wrong side. The Elements of Harmony, my ponies, are not peacekeepers—you are war-enders, and you're going up against another set of the same. And I feel there's no better time than now to welcome you into history's latest horrendous repetition."

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BR #1 · Jun 27th, 2013 · · · One ·

This is cool. Definitely tracked.

This is the most complex magic I’ve ever seen. It has

I'm assuming something along the lines of 'to be Discord' was cut somehow...

Also: It's finally here!

Got it memorized?

Anyway, I read these two chapters as soon and as fast as I could. The wait begins...

I guess I understand what is going on...
No, No I don't.

The cover art is cool though.

Well, that was certainly...interesting. Enjoyable, even. Well done.

I'm somewhat split as to the quality of this fic. The word choice was fantastic, and the dialogue between the characters is sharp, not to mention the description of the surreal concepts embodied in this fic.

However, there are some things that irk me. The fable that Evening Embrace tells her sister is a blatant exposition dump if ever seen one. Now I'm no expert when it comes to writing, but I think it would be better form if the details that the fable conveys be staggered out a bit. Also, I dislike how cryptic this story so far has been. I don't mind a little mystery, in fact, I use it myself. But part of me wants to slap the story upside the head and say, "Get to the point." Maybe this is just a preference thing, but it grates nonetheless.

So that's three positives and two negatives. Not bad. I think I'll follow this fic. Why not? :P

Have a very nice day!


Well, firstly, the beginning is about as confusing as the beginning of Envy and Arrogance, granted with more exposition with the early introduction of Obsidian.

However, I've noticed two key differences, one with the story format and the world itself: 1) the lack of music which, in my opinion, greatly set the mood throughout the first two stories, and 2) the timeline. At the end of every chapter of EA and GH, you constantly reminded the readers that it was set in-between season 1 and season 2 on the show, yet, here, the Mane Six seem aware of Discord's existence right off the bat. Now, I'm not sure if you're trying to convey whether they already knew of Discord but he hasn't escaped his original confinement, or if they've already encountered and trapped him themselves.

I also noticed a lack of a "Tragedy" tag on the story, so I can only hope that certain ponies won't die in this one.

Anyway, have a fave, mostly because I want to see Envy, Arrogance, Deception, Hate, and Guilt get their asses KICKED.

Before I read this I must know: is this continuation of Envy and Arrogance and Guilt and Hate? I don't want to start the last part of a series before reading the others...

2788162 It's a reboot of the whole series.

Half the fun is figuring things out as you go!

Unfortunately, the music had to be cut to due unforeseen circumstances. There are details there but I can't remember them.

Dissonance has arrived!! :raritystarry::raritystarry:
This is getting off to a really good start! I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming chapters!
Can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

Is this a sequel to another story? The description kind of reads like it. I just wanna' know where I should start with this.

Well worth the wait. I don't suppose the background music from E&A will make a return?

Hell ya keep on writing

omigoshomigoshomigsh :rainbowkiss:
Finally the long awaited addition to the saga has arrived.

Excellent so far, but the lack of music is murdering me. I was half-tempted to pull up E&A in another tab and use its BGM while reading. Good to see the story on the front page though, it certainly deserves it!

High ho chapter two~ :pinkiehappy:

Woo! Finally! Ive been waiting for this since..well..G&H went on Hiatus :twilightsheepish:

Now I havent had a chance to read yet..but this is a reboot to the whole thing from E&A -> G&H..so new stuff, yes? Wondering if I need to go back and brush up on chapters or review things so I remember (since its been awhile, lots of stuff to read)

Is this going to be a re-write of Envy and Arrogance, and Guilt and Hate? Cause it's the same people, the same start and everything so far. :facehoof:

And what might THIS be?

I might just tag this for later...

~Skeeter The Lurker

2789463 From what I know about it it's basically that, but with some fundamental changes concerning the villains (Guilt and Hate will become less of a bunch indestructible machines of awesomeness, probably Vengeance too since the general power creep is reduced), less trigger-happyness when it comes to killing characters to make each one count and probably something about the heroes' plan to defeat the bad guys if I had to guess (mainly to give them some semblance of hope I assume because face it, there was no way they could walk out alive from the hole they were at the point where G&H was put on hiatus and later cancelled).

Shame that the music was axed, it was a cool idea.

well thats something you don't see often, a creature made almost entirely of runes and arcane energy (Verba)

I really miss the music, but I guess it couldn't be helped.

Another thing worth noting is that you overused italics for emphasis to the point where it became largely meaningless. I'd suggest toning it down.

Beyond that, I'm kinda disappointed I can't go on to chapter two like when I was reading Envy and Arrogance. I'm actually here for the start, and I'm not sure how I feel about that :twilightoops:

"The name’s Verba. V-E-R-B-A, Commit it to memory.

A reference of Axel from KH? Instant fave.

And I feel there's no better time than now to welcome you into history's latest horrendous repetition."

2789579 Meh, I liked the way it was going with Guilt being both good and evil, and Twilight was starting to see in shade of gray instead of just black and white. I hope there is more of that in this one, instead of it just being Harmony is good, so everything they do is good with no gray thinking at all.

So let me get this straight. Equestria is a so-called 'perfect world,' and, as such, was completely fake. It was created to house the elements of Harmony and to contain them, right? And so the real 'Equestria,' which I infer is called 'Dissonance,' is a wasteland populated by few ponies. It is this wasteland because Order is the only one ruling, Harmony sacrificing herself and Chaos committing suicide not long after creating ponies. The elements should have been taught by this 'Obsidian,' but because of their imprisonment on the moon, the elements were unable to be trained.
Amiright so far?

2790419 I doubt there won't be grey, considering the synopsis says that the elements are war-enders and not peace keepers, also it seems most forgot why the hell they were fighting this war too.

What makes me glad about this rewrite is that Guilt won't be inconsistent as hell about his powers anymore, I also fully expect him working for the good guys this time again, and maybe Hate won't be such a childish tool and realize he can't hate a bunch of ponies that basically inherited powers but aren't the ones that messed up with him in the first place.

2791078 I'm new here. Who's Guilt?

2791159 One of the "bad guys" on the original version, in the begining was established that his power was basically a death stare (paralyzes you and tortures you mentally with it) but for some reason switched to space bending capabilities at some point with no explanation (warping, defying physics, that sort of thing). Don't know what he'll do now since the author made it clear he was completely changed in that regard.


Holy assumption Batman.

Holy tight-lips Batman!

Lol. I like to guess what is happening in stories like this where either A I have no idea as to the background yet or B the readers as a whole don't. It's fun to see if I'm right or not.


I see a very white pony... I am intrigued. :moustache:

I swear I've seen this before ages ago..? :applejackconfused:


This is a reboot of an old series that the Author made, so it is very possible you have seen something like it ages ago :pinkiehappy:.

There will be enough differences that mass editing wasn't enough. You can find the old version under the titles "envy and arrogance" followed by "guilt and hate" in the authors story list though I don't suggest you read them as it might just confuse you since this will not be following the same plot line, and character personalities are liable to be different.
Edit: Will there be music in future chapters or is the use of music as a way to set the mood going to be completely absent from this reboot?

Hmm . . . I wasn't that into Envy and Arrogance--the setting didn't really interest me, and some of the characters didn't seem like they were handled very well. But I loved The Story of My Life, so I guess I might as well give this one a try.

Really interesting start. I really miss the music though, is there any chance that you're going to add it later?

2793283 Thanks man, that was pretty damn informative :pinkiehappy:

2788106 One of das editors made an outline for a book he never plans on writing, simply titled as that, with his take on what happened before this story takes place. If you had read that, you'd probably be rooting for the Inverse. 'Cept your favorite ponies would all die (like five times over), which would ... HNNGBRAIN
The outline I'm talking about will probably be uploaded as a standalone when Dissonance is finished.

This is looking much better than the original, as I only made through half of the original before giving up on it. I will watch and wait and hope that all the problems I had with the original have me remedied, because like I've told you with the original, the story has some great potential.

Tracking, because I'm confused and want to find out more.

You have succeed.

Note: Comments posted before August 5, 2013 were written before a Dissonance update, and may no longer be relevant to the current version of the story.

I've got to say that this revision is better. The repeated appearance of the strange letters really guided me along the first section, and as usual the fight scene was good. Then at the end, I'm stuck wondering about what happened to make one of the five disappear. Was it Verba, or did one just wake up and walk away?

Well I am confused, no matter

My mind is so full of fuck it'll be leaking out my ears for weeks

I wonder if we can really trust Lion. He's been nice so far, but in this wasteland who knows what will happen?

Nice le miserable refrence there

So... Why doesn't everyone in the village outside just live in the warm underground farm area? Sounds a lot more hospitable for ponies...

I don't know man, I'm just not feeling it yet. Liked the old envy and arrogance/guilt and hate more to be honest. Here's hoping my opinion will change, it is very early after all.


He is starting this off slower than the other story which combined with the (relatively) slow rate of updates makes it hard to get into the story than before. For me the other story was already done which made getting into a story really easy. This will be more challenging though if he pulls it off it may be better in the long run.

I really like the section with Pinkie as it shows her defining character traits very well though we do not know what she is going to have to do yet.

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